Thursday, December 10, 2015

Embattled Najib Faces Umno

It is that time of the year again when Umno holds its general assembly at the Putra World Trade Centre.
Every year cynics will dismiss the assembly to be yet another unproductive sessions of grumbles, grouses and growls.  Same old same old.

Yet, every year, there is something new. Or an expansion of what has happened since the last session.

Just look at what has happened over the past year.
To say that Umno is under siege is an understatement. This party has been that in the last two decades (and longer).

To say that the position of party president Najib Razak is shaky is so mild. But nothing unusual because his predecessor Abdullah Badawi had been in an almost similar position but different circumstances.

Former PM and Umno president Dr Mahathir was up against rebelling and dissident deputies and colleagues during his time - Musa Hitam, Tengku Razaleigh and Anwar Ibrahim.

Najib is faced with attacks no less vile and malicious than Dr Mahathir when he held the reign. Reformasi was raised from the wave of discontent and dissatisfaction during Dr Mahathir's  premiership. That is history.

Najib is embattled. He is attacked by his former boss and former deputy. He has been dragged through the mud by Umno members themselves.

So now, he faces his party and the taikos and the makcik2, pemuda2 and puteri2.

Let's hear them

Interesting to follow the goings-on.

Yes -- another session. Detractors and critics will continue to vilify or mock the assembly dismissing them as a circus full of clowns.

I have my own criticisms but I wouldn't go so far as to say that. It is always so easy to do that -- you know, being all so intellectual and high-and-mighty and arrogant and all that.

I've been critical of Umno leaders -- in open discussions and writings - since my NST days. I've always believed that you deserve the leaders you get.

I am from the outside looking in. Thank God for that.

One thing for sure -- Umno has to evolve and be realistic of the new Malaysia that we are living in.

Meanwhile -- selamat bersidang.


Wakil kampung said...

Berjuang untuk Melayu tapi kenapa yahudi, cina dan india yang kaya dapat 42 bilion?
Ketua Cawangan kampung tak tahu ke berbilion projek pergi kepda Gamuda, MMC etc.

Mereka mempermainkan orang kampung yang jadi ketua cawangan. Tapi orang muda dalam Pemuda dan Pemudi pun tak heran. Kenapa Cina dan India jadi bilionair sedangkan UMNO yang memerintah selama ini.

Sorang pun tak tanya...puas hati dapat tepukan je..hahaha cakap berdegar degar, lepas perjumpaan wakil wakil balik kampung makan pagi kais pagi.

Tinggal lah pemimpin mereka untuk buat projek mega untuk cina dan india lagi

Tahun depan jumpa lagi, gelak ketawa, erl mrt 80 bilion bagi cina gamuda.
Bestari bagi ytl,

Gelak lagi, tepuk tampar balik kampung kais pagi makan pagi..

MT tersenyum bangga selamat.. projek

Anonymous said...

The guy asked for it, he wants and indeed perceived he is popular as a brand compared to UMNO so, he became the centre of attention but all for the shit reasons!

Pardon my expletive....err still conservative though.

Melayu Benua Amerika

PS. Kita sekampung dulu kut 60s-70s Jalan Sudin, tapi aku dah lama blah dari kampung.