Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Israel - An Apartheid State

Israel's atrocities against the Palestinian people are reminiscent of the Nazi genocide of the Jewish people. One is reminded of the Holocaust. And one cannot help but wonder how a people of the Holocaust could unleash the same kind of evil and horror on another.

I have always wondered about that. Did the Jews not suffer so cruelly under Hitler's Nazi?  So how could thee the heart to treat the Palestinians so cruelly? Why has Israel  been so relentless in trying to wipe out the Palestinian population? Targeting women and children seems to be an apt strategy.

Lenny Lapon was given an automatic Israeli citizenship in 2010 by virtue of the fact that he is a Jew. Yesterday, he renounced his citizenship.

He wrote:

"As a serious student of the Nazi Holocaust, I can only be horrified at the disgrace that the State of Israel and its Jewish supporters continue to bring upon the memory of Jewish Holocaust victims. It’s a moral abomination to emulate Nazi tactics in the name of the Jewish people and their alleged security: cowardly massive bombings and slaughter of civilian populations who have no air force to protect them, collective punishment and torture, mass incarcerations, destruction of thousands of homes, and the vicious blockade and ghettoization of Gaza.

Israel is not becoming an apartheid state—it already is one with separate and unequal laws and policing for its Jewish citizens on one hand and for its non-Jewish, mostly Arab citizens and victims of the occupation on the other hand."

His is just one of the many stories of Jews who are against Zionist Israel's  genocide of Palestinians.

Read his article in  Mondoweiss  HERE

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