Thursday, October 17, 2013

Chin Peng

When opposition (read:DAP) supporters, members and some of its leaders came out making a controversy of Malaysian Communist Party leader Chin Peng with suggestions that he was a hero as much as those who fought in the struggle for independence from British colonialists, I was stumped. 

I was even more stumped when people actually bought that rubbish. Hey, I am still alive. I was around when we were still under threat of communist insurgency. Reports of people killed by communist terrorists were not figment of anyone's imagination.

How they and their self-serving "intellectuals", "academcians" and "thinkers" bent backwords to rewrite history.

The things they do to instigate hatred.

I will say no more because Anak Si Hamid has articulated it well..couldn't have said it better myself.

Here is an excerpt of her posting:

History, as we know, is written by the winners. So, our analysis of history, its events and personalities, needs to be considered within a clearly-stated context to be understood.  In particular, who stands to benefit from the writing?  And who defines the terms: who defines the crooks and the heroes, the monsters and the saints, the terrorists and the freedom fighters?

Take those last two labels.  They have been bandied about, and manipulated (implicitly and explicitly) to fit into many different agenda by accredited academics and other opportunistic 'rogues, rascals, and scallywags'.   "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"- how many times have we heard that cliché?  Often, no doubt, when talking about Palestine. And increasingly, nowadays, when talking of our own recent history here in Malaysia.

Now that LCP has departed, there seems to be a revival of the urge to rewrite Malaysia's history - most especially that of the period from 1930, through the Japanese Occupation and the 'Emergency' to Merdeka. And especially the role of LCP.  So how do we make sense of the various events and personalities that make up that history over that time?  Perhaps we need to look at the context - the context of both time and space.

In particular, the time of the post-1948 Emergency (or perhaps 'Insurrection" is a better word) coincided with the demands and wars for independence from European imperial powers.  It was also the period of the Cold War between two competing ideologies, Communist and the (so-called) Free World - and it especially saw the rise of Communist China and the war in Korea.  But the 'Emergency' had a longer  (and more particular) formative history than this.
You can read the full article HERE.


Anonymous said...

Hellooooo...ketingalan zaman, we are done with that, we are now on issue of ALLAH, succession of Sabah and Sarawak, the silence of the WIMP Najib as Malaysia is torn apart. Can you Malay Muslims really really think?

Anonymous said...

Chin Peng sudah mati, apa lagi Nuraina mahu ? Janganlah lagi nak tarnish orang yg sudah mati, let the history judge him ok.

Now, Nuaina can go on and spin the ghost story of DAP,the agent of communists are going to take over Malaysia and make it into either a kristian country or a communist country.....and the ghost story continue until the next GE !!

Anonymous said...

LKY has made a big mistake when he allow your father to enter singapore. Agree?

The man is dead. Why are you so revengeful? Did Chin Peng kill your dad politically? I thought it's LKY


anon@8:53PM: another racist pig who has squat to say..a cowardly one at that.

anon@9:10PM : sigh...another moron. typical of those who cannot accept anything else but..

looes74: see how you all think and speak...typical.

Anonymous said...

You must be a naive & relatively young person,to state all these misgiving lies.... When the British surrendered,& left all Malaysians vulnerable to the Imperial Japanese armies suppress during WWII, who waged war against the occupiers? Who kept sabotaging the Japs so that your grandparents could enjoy reproduction,thus giving birth to you?You wouldn't have been born if your grandparents didn't enjoyed all that,while the Chin Peng fought!