Friday, May 03, 2013

Pas-DAP Theatre of The Absurd : Dr M

PAS is  insisting that it will implement its version of hudud when Pakatan rules Malaysia.   DAP, not only Karpal Singh, but now also Lim Kit Siang, is equally adamant that it will not allow Pas' hudud laws to be used in Malaysia.
Both are bluffing because both know that Pas' hudud will never be made a part of Malaysian laws.
This is because Pas is contesting in less than half of the parliamentary seats. To change the constitution in order to introduce hudud, Pas would require a two-thirds majority in Parliament.
Only if DAP and PKR vote in favour will the constitution be changed. But DAP and PKR will not give their votes for this constitutional amendment.
For Pas, appearing to stand up against DAP on this Islamic issue is good for convincing Malays that it is still fighting for its version of Islam.
That it cannot succeed without DAP support need not be mentioned. What is important is the appearance of being Islamic. The Muslim voters can be hoodwinked by that.
DAP, which also knows that Pas' hudud will never be implemented, the appearance of fighting against Pas' version of Islamic law will convince Chinese voters that it is fighting for their cause. For this stand the Chinese will support the DAP.
It is all a sandiwara or "play-acting" by both Pas and the DAP. Both believe they can hoodwink Malay and Chinese voters in this election.
Unfortunately, the average Malay and Chinese voter may fail to read between the lines. So, the issue will stay. It is good for Pas and good for the DAP.
Then there is the sandiwara of the party symbols of Pas and DAP.
DAP announced that it would use Pas' full moon symbol in the election because the Registrar of Societies might not allow it to use its rocket symbol. The idea is to intimidate RoS.
For DAP, this is a good strategy as the members of Pas will think that DAP is now close to Pas and Islam and will vote for the DAP candidates.
Unfortunately, DAP members did not think this was a good idea. Their leaders may want to be close to Pas for political reasons but the members reject Pas and its Islamic pretensions, totally.
The DAP leaders still thought it was a good ploy to hoodwink Malays.
Pas on the other hand saw in this DAP move to use its symbol as a good way to convince its members and supporters that DAP has now understood Islam, which they had been claiming is their reason for co-habiting with the anti-Islam DAP.
Pas leaders may even really believe that they are near to converting Karpal Singh and Kit Siang. Self-deception is characteristic of Pas. They have had difficulty explaining why they reject any reconciliation with Umno, a Malay Muslim party.
The willingness of DAP to use the full moon on a green background symbol of Pas is useful for convincing their members that the DAP has become more Islamic since it is willing to use Pas' symbol.
Both DAP and Pas know all this talk about using the Pas symbol is so much nonsense. It is not the intention of DAP to do so or Pas to permit it. But it is good for politics, for hoodwinking the Malays to support Pas' virtual love affair with DAP.
Unfortunately, again Pas members resent the idea of the kafir harbi DAP using their symbol.
It was a relief for all when RoS declared there was no ban on DAP using its rocket symbol in this election.
And so ends another sandiwara, another false stage show. Still it was good while it lasted. - The New Straits Times

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