Saturday, April 06, 2013

ABU's Scare Tactic

I am wondering whether I'll be a target of this hate group - Anything But Umno (ABU).
 Lawyer Haris Ibrahim of ABU, just the other day issued a warning to foreigners who hold MyKads.

"To foreigners who have been given MyKads, please hear this. ABU has issued warnings to all of you to stay away from our polling stations on PRU13 day. Please take this warning seriously. On polling day, ABU squads will be patrolling all polling stations and they will deal with all foreigners who are intent on defying this warning. Please, I emphasize again, take this warning seriously.

You know my IC has got a 71 which means that I am foreign-born. So, should I be worried?

Can Haris' ABU Tahan squads tell the difference - whether I had just got my IC or naturalised or whatever -  if they stop me to check my identity?

Ok..How does ABU plan to do all this?

They will be patrolling? What? like policemen? Rela? By whose authority? Their own?

ABU is a law unto themselves, is it?

Sure doesn't make it right -- at all!


bruno said...

Nuraina,no need to worry.Bro Harris has your back.He is just an angry man thats all,but only to the Umnoputras and phamtoms.I am sure he will say that he has no quarrels with you,when you guys finally bumped into each other.

the gaffe guy who know's said...

Harris,please do not look so fierce and serious lah.You sure scare my kak,Nuraina lah.Behave man,okay?

You are a lawyer by profession.Lawyers show their mettle in courts,not threatening any Jane,Mary and Julie,lah.

Anonymous said...

Why scare of Harris Ibrahim?He joking only.Abu?Abu what?Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

if they ever tahan me to check my IC i definately tumbuk them...