Saturday, June 30, 2012

Looming Water Crisis in Selangor

 Contrary to statements by the Selangor Government, the Klang Valley is heading towards a major crisis worse than the 1998 water shortage.

(During the 1999 water shortage seven districts and 1.8 million people were affected over six months)

Here is te NST repor:

Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya Water Association vice-president Aldric Loong Kim Yew said water reserve levels were nearing zero because of prolonged spells of hot and dry weather.

According to the most recent data by Syarikat Bekalan Air Selangor (Syabas), the average water demand in Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya has risen to 4,364 million litres per day — close to the water treatment plants’ maximum operating and distribution capacity of 4,371 million litres per day.

“This shows that there is near-zero reserve capacity to cater for any rise in water demand, particularly during peak periods.

“Very low levels during peak demand will mean our treated water reservoirs cannot be replenished during off-peak demand periods, as they would have been under normal circumstances,” Loong said in a statement yesterday.

He said the situation was set to worsen for consumers if the stalemate between the Selangor government and water suppliers remained unresolved.

He criticised the Selangor government’s assertions that dams in the state were full and consumers would not face water shortages.

“The state government is obviously confused. It is referring to the seven dams in Selangor which act to store surface water or raw water, when Syabas is referring to the reservoirs storing treated water for supply to consumers.”

Loong also said the Selangor government had no expertise to take over the state’s water supply as the entire operation had been privatised.

“At the very least, they owe a duty to the citizens of the state to listen to the authorities and operators who know of the true situation and to act responsibly in the interests of consumers.”
Syabas said 134 areas were expected to experience water disruptions this week, including 86 areas in Shah Alam, Klang and Hulu Langat.

Consumers who need water supply through tankers or wish to get more information on disruptions can contact the Puspel customer service centre at 1-800-88-5252 or SMS by typing Puspel complaints/inquiry and send to 39222. They can also lodge complaints by typing “puspel” or “puspel syabas” on Facebook and Twitter.

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Anonymous said...

This is what will happen when all and everything is politicised. This is what happen too, when public utility is being privatised and given to would be or implicated to be a crony. When government change hands, they might wants their own cronies to run this utility. Is it all about Rakyat's welfare? Or is it about the MONEY that comes-by, running these public utility?

For the sake of Rakyat, this 'businesses' are not suppose to go broke, you know.

Khazanah, GLC, KWSP, Tabung Haji, Ananda Krisna, Robert Kwok, or the gomen is very eager to be of assistance. You know la, where got honey, sure there must be a lot of flies.
Karam Singh Walia knows best, how to quote it in Malay.


Anonymous said...

In Kelantan couples defer from having sex becos theres no water to circumbulate aka mandi junub..the bath ritual one must undergo after sex before can do prayers..esp the early morning prayers.Some well to do will check in hotels, who appraently have heavy dust pumps and booster pumps that sucks all the water in the recticulation to the hotels storage tanks.the poor neighbourhood have only air when they put the taps on. Lets hope this dont happen to Selangor.Then we move to Johor

IT.Sheiss said...

According to the Meteorological Department's long range weather forecast, July will be the driest month and if nothing is done very soon and we in the Klang Valley are without water, I wonder whether the people who the of Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley will vote for at the next GE.

These apparently small things in the minds of certain politicians are the most important things for ordinary people.

Like every Saturday in Selangor is a no plastic bag day, in reality an environmental/ecological measure of questionable impact and effectiveness but which inconveniences the public on the day when most of us replenish our stock for the following week ahead.

On the other hand, what has the Selangor State government done to encourage recycling by providing the required facilities for drop off and collection and how much as it done to encourage conservation.

Instead it wants Selangor to appear like Australia but not do like Australia.

Anonymous said...

does your comments gave any inkling to solving the water problems (or anything)? ....and you talk about politicising everything and anything!
Let us hope and pray that our (elected?)leaders stop thinking about us voters as robots who does not need to wash or drink. So YABs YBs please solve the water problem asap!

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:13
You don't get it, do you? I explain clearly. Here goes.

Gomen must take back this 'business' for the sake of the Rakyat in Selangor.

But wait...... Not easy to decide. A lot of red tape, you know.........After some time, then PM decide, OK Gomen take back..........
Then next GE14 coming again........OK, everybody go search for campaign issues.

How much gomen compensate the concessionaire?
What race is the owner? Chinese, Indian or Malay?
Any consultant involvement? What fee paid. Check transaction, any corruption or not? Who is the consultant? Chinese? Indian?, Malay?
Use KWSP, Khazanah's money? Tabung Haji....Hey! That's Rakyat's money. Gomen is also Rakyat, you know.

Hold Protest Rallies, Make tents and sleep on Dataran merdeka. DBKL/Police Brutality. Take to Dewan Rakyat. Call for RCI.
BAR & Suaram also champion for the Rakyat. Take to US courts, Protest I Mekah, BN corrupt use rakyats money to pay crony.

Then come the pro-BN protesters, Butt Exercise, Eat ice-cream at SUK Selangor. Perkasa all also can join, come, come, come.

Things like that already happen. Already familiar.

Moral of the story is:-

In Malaysia, everthing is racially motivated. The job of the opposition party, on behalf of the Minorities, is to oppose anything & everything, the Majority Elected Government do in running the country.

If we all, irrespective of race & religion, can sit together, be considerate, don't be too greedy, be patient, give suggestion / ideas. When you ask for or do anything for your own race, please think about the other races too. Help each other to succeed. Then our country will grow faster. Everybody happy, racial harmony good & really good.

At the same time:-
Remove the 'crutches' slowly & quietly, very very quietly. Don't worry, the Malays easily forget one. If possible do away with the 'bin & binti'. Of course Indians can remove the 's/o or d/o' much earlier. Malays cannot use Arabic's names. Remove religious doctrinication in government schools. Those who wants their children to learn religion can go to religious schools. Everybody must speak Malay. Of-course at home can speak mother tongue. Dont worry, no abolish SRJK(C) & (I). Then we all change names which sounds & looks international.

Then we can become really Malaysian-Malaysia.

My suggestion only

Anonymous said...

Must be Kuala Langat 2 project still no go, kut? or the tunnel channelling water project fm Pahang also no go , kut.

Wonder whose interests is at stake here?