Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...

We have them among our people who employ maids.
(Cambodian maid may have been starved to death....)

And we have more of them among the maids.
(Businesswoman's two maids allegedly fled with her jewels and cash....."I was kind to them and treated them well..."

The thing is when an employer is done in by her maids, there is little or no recourse even when a police report has been made.

In Malaysia, say what you like, the law will get the perpetrators who mistreat, ill treat or/and torture their maids. They will be punished!


Anonymous said...

aiya...people still keep their valuables and jeweleries under the mattress ka?? Its really asking for trouble as you simply CANNOT TRUST ANYBODY nowadays! You can still be decent with the maid but no need to put 110% full trust lah. Get a safety vault installed or keep it at the bank. Not 100% guaranteee safe but at least you're not serving it on a platter for the taking.

Anonymous said...

Just stop employing foreign help. Train and pay our people better, make a decent profession out of it, not slavery. This I am nice but ... is BS!