Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Is There A Manhunt for Nurul's Killer/Killers?

Nurul Nadirah Abdullah is gone. Murdered and her little body burnt beyond recognition. DNA tests of bone fragments match with that of her mother, Roselyn Alan. They proved that the remains were hers.

Is there nothing we can do now?

You and I can hope and pray that what happened to the five year-old will never happen to our children or those dear to us.

And you and I can hope and pray that Nurul's killer or killers will be caught and dealt with severely by the law.

But the police can do a lot more...they can start looking for the killer(s).

The police have now classified the case as "murder".

I am hopeful that Nurul's killer(s) will be caught.

We were not able to save Nurul. Let's hope that the perpetrators will pay for their crime.

I do not want to believe that in this country there is no hope for kids who go missing..

Either they are gone never to be found, or they are found dead.

And their killers are never caught.

*Nurul was reported missing by her parents after she went to a grocery store to buy instant noodles near her home at Seri Delima flats in Bandar Seri Alam, Johor on March 1.

Four people, including her biological father, are still in custody to assist police in investigations.

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