Friday, November 04, 2011

We Got It Wrong, says The West Australian.

...over its report on Monday that the (Malaysian) Prime Minister's daughter went on a AUS$60k shopping spree at a shopping centre - David Jones - in Perth.

Good that the newspaper quickly published the correction.

But, c'mon, mate. No sorry? You published a false report.


Below is the newspaper report that appeared on Monday, Oct 31.
You know, while her dad was busy at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), she was with the Commonwealth leaders' spouses shopping like there's no tomorrow.

Oooh...nice juicy colour story.

But, it was not true.

And, oh, a little naughty on the part of the newspaper for mentioning that First Lady, just before mentioning Najib's daughter.

So, some people who've got a problem with Najib being the PM and Rosmah being the woman behind the power, or just (with) Rosmah because they are convinced she is the power, happily and so readily accused Rosmah of being that first lady who bought those darn pearls.

Tsk tsk..

Anyway, the daily, in its letters page, has acknowledged its error and that Najib's daughter was not in Perth at the time. This followed a letter sent to the them by Malaysia's Consul-General in Perth, Hamidah Ashari, to say that it was not true that Najib's daughter went on that shopping spree in Perth at that time.

She said her office was appalled upon reading the article.

"The consulate-general wishes to put on record that the daughter of the prime minister was not part of the prime minister's delegation attending CHOGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) 2011 nor was she ever in Perth at that time.

"Therefore the allegation of her making the purchase is not true," Hamidah said in the letter.

Below is the Letters page of The West Australian. The correction is at the bottom right under the heading "Corrections & Clarifications".

I remember reading the report (when in Perth for the CHOGM) and was wondering who it was that The West Australian reporter thought (or was convinced) was Najib's daughter because we all knew that she was not in the city.
Najib, (everyone knew), was accompanied by Rosmah, besides the Malaysian delegation among whom were two Cabinet ministers -- (foreign) Anifah Aman and (International trade and industry) Mustapa Mohamed.

How did the newspaper get it wrong? Did they really see someone resembling Najib's daughter and assume it was Najib's daughter or did someone feed them that wrong info?

Whatever it was, the newspaper did not check their facts.

Anyway, Najib who is in Mecca to perform the haj, was asked a question in twitter on Wednesday. It was from @LawRyan34.

The tweet was: "@NajibRazak according to news, your lovely wife purchased a neckless worth a whopping 150k. Your daughter spend bout 60k."

He replied on the same day:"@LawRyan34 ....Don't believe n spread lies. My daughter was not even in Australia n my wife did not buy any jewellery."

Naah...he didn't threaten to sue anyone.
He didn't even bark or create a damn fuss or made a political issue out of it.

Some people must be really disappointed that the report was not true.


Anonymous said...

Utusan gets it wrong 100% but no apology

Anonymous said...

ANON 4.41 AM,

when did utusan gets it wrong?
does utusan ever publish news such as these??
does utusan ever publish news such as 'mat sabu dan kekasih hatinya normah berbelanja sakan di Danok Thailand'??
does utusan ever release news on ANUwar saying something ridiculous & absurd like this 'ANUwar menghabiskan jutaan ringgit wang rakyat untuk kroninya dan perempuan simpananya'??
So anon 4:41am,don't twist the fact here!
we are talking about west australian which give totally incorrect & fabricated facts about our PM & his family!
i believe you are another malfunction PR supporters :P

Anonymous said...

Relaks lah Anon 3:27 AM.

marah nya....

Utusan = tahi lembu

Anonymous said...

Baru cerita Shopping dah naik angin.

Yang Utusan keluar cerita budak kena raba tu, apa cerita? Tak mintak maaf ke pada budak pompuan tu?

Anonymous said...

TV 3 gets it wrong on LGBT and riles MM and AS and get away with it.

One standard for the australia and another for us at home.

What say you NS?

Anonymous said...

Utusan is the biggest culpirt..that is true and the only but true..

Anonymous said...

maysiakini the worst culprit being backed by corrupted-minded pr leaders supported by jews funds & members like anon8:06 AM. damnn!!

Yellowrabbit said...

Dear NS,

May God save the poor souls who are malicious and practise 'The end justifies the means' without fear of retributions .......Ameen.

Anonymous said...

apasal mau gaduh.?
suka hati dia la , mau beli apa pun itu dia punya suka laaa. Duit dia.