Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Undi-Lah" Okay, What!

Well-known and popular personalities took part in the now controversial "Undilah" video.

If people had not known about Pete Teo's video, many do now because of the unnecessary fuss caused by the Malaysian Communications and Multi-media Commission's directive that broadcasters not carry the clip.

The video - a very catchy public service announcement - was launched on Sept 16, Malaysia Day.

Some people said that it had "underlying messages and supported the opposition". Maybe so. I suppose if you scrutinize the clip, you can assume a lot of things.

Personally, I see a lot of fun in getting that message across. maybe I'm thick-skinned, a little blind for not seeing the subtleties in the provocative political messages.

I'm not sure whether people would rush to register to vote (for the opposition) after seeing the video.

Anyway, here is The NST report.

MPUR: Politicians and local artistes described Pete Teo's Undilah video as one great way to stress the importance of voting.

The video, launched on Malaysia Day on Sept 16, however, was withdrawn by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission because its public service announcement (PKA) has yet to get the approval from the Film Censorship Board for broadcast on television.

Those interviewed by the New Straits Times agreed that the four minutes and 42 seconds video, featuring politicians and celebrities, carried a clear-cut message for the people to register as voters.

The video shows politicians from different political parties and celebrities encouraging the people to exercise their rights as voters, said Puteri chief Datuk Rosnah Shirlin.

MCA Youth chief Datuk Wee Ka Siong said the MCMC owed the public an explanation for withdrawing the video.

"It was said the organiser did not go through the regulator. If that is the case, MCMC should have advised the organiser right from the start."

He said the withdrawal prompted more people to watch it via YouTube. "Now, people think there is an agenda and MCMC's action may be wrongly interpreted."

Singer Reshmonu said the video was a great way to highlight the importance of voting, disagreeing with the statement by Kota Belud member of parliament Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan that the video had underlying messages and supported the opposition.

"It is pro-government because it tries to educate the many unregistered citizens about their rights and roles to elect the government of the day."

Actor Afdlin Shauki said the video aimed to educate Malaysians to register as voters. "If we love the country, we must act fast for the future of our children and peace of the country."

Undilah producer Pete Teo said he and his team approached both Barisan Nasional and the opposition leaders before filming the video.

"It is not intended to favour anyone over the other. It is simply to spread the message of democracy and so that the people will exercise their rights as voters."


Anonymous said...

Generally the video is ok. The only thing I can see why people are seeing red is because the words Ku Li said in the video... "Negara kita ada banyak masalah"... and I think he said that at least twice in the video, as if suggesting "you better go register and come out voting to change the current problemetic government". That was the underlying statement.
The rest of the video, like encouraging people to register, to vote, to not tidor on voting day, etc are universally accepted by both divide.
Anak Pak Deris

Anonymous said...

yeah... apa masalah? these so call masalah can be the following masalah:
- masalah trafik jam
- masalah parking
- masalah banjir
- masalah kemudahan OKU
- masalah jerebu
- masalah pengangkutan awam
- masalah bohsia

banyak lagi la, masalah-masalah