Tuesday, June 07, 2011

A "Home" That's Not a Home...

When a landslide killed 16 people including orphans of a home in Hulu Langat two weeks ago, the first thing on our minds was the precarious location of the orphanage -- which was at the foot of a slope.
Then of course, we started asking whether the home was registered, who owns and run it...and all the details that we all immediately wanted to know.
Other details emerged in the course of obtaining information, including the fact that there are so many unregistered homes and the long process of getting orphanages, old folks home and so on, registered with the Welfare Department.
Understandable that the department has got to make sure that people are not setting up homes to make money and exploit children and old people.
At the same time, the department does not hastily act against unregistered homes because of the fact that these homes do provide shelter and food for needy kids and the elderly etc...
However, it does not mean that these homes should escape supervision and monitoring.
In an ideal situation, we would like to see orphans, the elderly, the disabled and so on, well taken care of...
There is little sense in us going for all the benefits of a high-income nation when these groups are neglected..

And that is why we must prevent bad and evil people from setting up shelters and homes.
read this. If it's true, then it is a classic case of really bad people exploiting the misfortunes of others....

A WOMAN who was sent to a welfare home by her husband had gone missing when he came by for a visit, Malaysia Nanban reported.

M. Bhaskaran, from Kajang, said he had left his wife and their three children at the home in mid-May.

When he went there to meet her, the home's administrator told him that his wife had been transferred to another branch.

Not satisfied, Bhaskaran investigated and found that the home had sent his wife and two other inmates elsewhere to work as maids.

He lodged three police reports after the home's officials refused to disclose his wife's whereabouts.

It was learnt that two other inmates claimed that they were given stale food and treated harshly by the caretakers.

They also said that single mothers were sent out to work as maids and their salaries were credited into the home's accounts

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Wake UP! said...

Salam. The burden is on the person who approve the building in the first place.

Anonymous said...

where are you when so much is happening to our country