Sunday, April 17, 2011

A New Dawn In Sarawak?

Or business as usual?

How about a bit of both with more weight on the new dawn?

The "much-hated" Abdul Taib Mahmud won a thumping victory in his Balingian constituency, beating his closest opponent by a 5,302 vote-majority.

Taib was later sworn in as chief minister.

Of course, not quite a new dawn, that his opponents had hoped for.

Amid the vitriol and venom against Taib and his adminsitration, the Barisan Nasional won its two-thirds majority.

The results : BN : 55, DAP: 12, PKR: 3 and independent: 1.

I bet you thought that the DAP was going to make a clean sweep of all 15 seats it contested. Going by their campaigning and confidence, yeah, it looked like they were going to..
And going by the opposition parties' campaign, you'd thought that they'd form the next state government. Yeah...
Still, it was the keenest and fiercest state election. And, yes, it was a good show by the DAP. They know where their support lies and who they can depend on to give them the votes -- the urban Chinese.
Thanks also to their aggressive "Ubah" (change) campaign. That said -- the DAP is what Sarawak needs -- a strong opposition.

PKR contested in 49 seats and won in 3. Better than the 2006 elections where it won 1 seat.

As for Taib Mahmud, his victory in Balingian was thumping. He obtained a 5,302 vote-majority.

At 8.55pm, the BN won a simple majority.
A little later, it was official, that it secured a two-thirds majority, with 48 seats.

Once again, Taib delivered. His party won all the 35 seats it contested, a repeat performance of the 2006 state elections. That's 100 per cent, man. And that's the BN fixed deposit.

SUPP had some heavy casualties, among whom was its president George Chan who lost his Piasau seat to a DAP newbie Ling Sie Kiong.
The 74 year-old seven-term MP lost by a 1,590-vote majority to the 28 year-old.
As predicted, SUPP won only 6 of the 19 seats it contested to DAP (won 12 and one independent).

Shortly after the final results were made official, Taib Mahmud, wasted no time and was sworn in as chief minister -- his seventh consecutive term..

So, Sarawak woke up today to the same CM but who has promised to bring more development to the state through SCORE, and to step down from his post at a date he will disclose in good time. Could be mid-term, could be after the 13th general election...

It is, nevertheless, a new beginning for Sarawak. It has to be. The same dawn, perhaps.
But certainly, a new beginning.
Some things must change in Sarawak - for better or for worse. Even Taib knows that.

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Wan Sharif said...

Harap dan takut.. itulah yang di ajarkan..
Kalau beramal kita harap amal di terima.. kita takut amal tertolak..
Here is wishing for a better future for Sarawakian and Malaysian as well..
May we see less corruption an more charity.. ;))

Kian Ye said...

Put it short. Here it goes:

1) DAP success: The CHINESE had totally abandoned BN regardless whether it's in Semenanjung or Borneo. Some suspect there could be some sort of CHINESE BACKLASH from now on. Some even said CHINESE are going to be OPRESSED from now on.

2) PKR: Only won 3 out of 49 & that's a MEGA FAILURE. However, PKR argued they did better than 2006 but any DONKEY will they you that if they did WORSE then 2006, then, they might as well just join Anwar Ibrahim whom I foresee will be CLOSING SHOP anytime soon.

3) PAS: Totally wiped out. Sarawakians regardless of ethnic background REJECETED 'Taliban like' ideology in Borneo.

4) SUPP: Can follow the foot step of MCA & GERAKAN. Not relevant to the CHINESE anymore.

5) Pek Moh's party: Still very, very STRONG despite heavy attacks from Semenanjung Oppositions. However, Pek Moh managed to "HALAU" these Invaders instead of letting them "UBAH".

liyas said...

Why that fast? sworn in.
Something fishy?

Anonymous said...

well congrats BN..weldone..but sure do rings da bells in my ears..promises should be kept..

Anonymous said...

Its a new dawn for the incumbent CM for without him the timber tycoons in Miri and Sibu, the business traders in Kuching will not be where they are today.They to answer to him why they were unable to deliver. The excuse is we are already old and the business is run by our children.Already told them but they think we are of the old school.They think they will produce better results after their fathers have built the foundation with the CM's help of course. I am not surprised because it is all in their character,if you know what I mean, since the dynasty days in their former homeland. So learn from Sun Tzu like they did.

Anonymous said...

we shall wait for Taib mahmud to make way for a new cm. but if he really take his time , what can najib do?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


To secure one's position in a rush
Trying to do personal things in a hush
Will not defend Jericho's wall with a brush
When it starts to crack with the final crush

(c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Mon. 18th Apr. 2011.

Poetic Ammo said...

I realized this OLD MAN by the name of SAMUEL GOH KIM ENG always like to rhyme. So, here I go for his reply:

A win for BN is indeed a WIN,
No point of you feeling DIM,
Cry all you can like a WHIMP,
This is my advice to you as a HINT.

Get it, Samuel???

Lee said...

It is not a new dawn.But, it is definitely the beginning of a change
for the better.The new dawn will only appear after the majority of the Sarawak bumiputras community change their mindsets and realized the changing political landscapes in Malaysia.Presently the majority, especially in the rural areas, are not well informed and do not realized the power in their hands!
They are yet to be convinced of the advantages of a two-party system!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


At the breaking of the new dawn
Don't fall asleep after a deep yawn
Never treat the populace as mere pawn
Or as deposit fixed, nothing more than a lawn

(c) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Tue. 19th Apr. 2011.

Anonymous said...

Poetic ammo, learn how to spell

Anonymous said...

The BN in Sarawak got their two-thirds majority with only 54.5% of the popular vote. Hardly a victory that one can crow about.