Friday, February 11, 2011

Sorry, John, I'd Have To Disagree With You!

I know that John Malott, former US ambassador to Malaysia is a good friend of Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

So, it stands to reason that he would defend his friend. I understand that.

But, his take on Malaysia published in the Wall Street Journal, "The Price of Malaysia's Racism", is a misrepresentation of facts. Yep. There is such a thing as a misrepresentation of facts. You cite facts, and then you misrepresent them. Like THIS.

Reading his piece, you'd think that Malaysia is a terrible country, torn apart by racial clashes.
We should all be packing up and fleeing to some wonderful civilized country.

I take exception to his portrayal of Malaysia. But well, he is free to say what he likes and the good part is, I don't have to agree.

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Old Fart said...

I presume you posted this piece after having read all the news items about Valentine's day. Especially the sermon read in the mosque today.
Considering there is a fatwa on just about everything, I wonder if there is a fatwa on corruption!!! Really, how far is John wrong in what he asserts?

Anonymous said...

So you get your info from jebat must die blog? No wonder they gave you "Datuk". I am still wondering what the fock you contributed to this country anyway? Just write some crap and lick umno's balls and thats it?

Awang Sidek said...


To be constructive and useful to yourself and your blog, (i) state which points you do not agree to, (ii) and tell us why.

It is pointless to put up a hand and say "I disagree!", then keep quiet.

Most importantly:

As a journalist and a top editor, you should have by now understood the nature of information and informational discourse.

It follows that in understanding information, we shouldn't worry about who is who's friend.

The main point is just this: is the person's argument true or accurate or not? And then why?

It is precisely those who cannot defend themselves who resort to comments like "he is saying like that because he is a cow, or he is the son of Zeus" and so on.

So let's keep our eyes and mind on the facts. Where do you not agree, and why is he wrong?

Let's hear it from you, Nuraina. You don't have to write an essay. Dot points will do.

Anonymous said...

Nuraina, you are a person of words and literature, try to get real and live the life of ordinary people, see how racial politics effects day-to-day lives simple folks.

Anonymous said...

Nuraina, you are a person of words and literature, try to get real and live the life of ordinary people, see how racial politics effects day-to-day lives simple folks.

Anonymous said...

Like him you also have "reason that he would defend his friend". Rarely I see you have strong opinion in your blog. Normally just regurgitating stuff. Question: are you saying that that Mallot was saying is 100% not true?

Anonymous said...

Good work datuk... 20 writes up like of this "quality" will certainly qualify for tan sriship.

Anonymous said...

Are you so insulated from the realities around you (probably more so now after being wrapped up in the Datuk title) to just brush aside what MANY (may be majority but definitely not minority) tend to believe about most of the thing this guy said? Suggest you rise above the 'Utusan Malaysia mentality'.

Ravin said...

Truth hurts.



yes...the truth always hurt. but this one isn't, so...tak sakit pun.


Old Fart, dear,

actually i don't think i've read all the news items about Valentine's Day. I might even have missed those that quoted the ulamaks.

As for John's assertions, well, I've said what i want to say -- that I don't agree with his view. And it's not because it's his. It happens to be his.

Anonymous said...

ur a stupid dick really!

muniandy said...


I do agree with you. John Mallot's article is unfair, to say the least. His assessment is biased.

I'm an ordinary citizen. I have no dislike for Datuk Sri Anwar ibrahim or Datuk Sri najib or Tun Mahathir.

i'm looking at mr mallot's views from a neutral stand. and yes. i find it offensive. I can coutner his claim one for one. but i have no time.

so, as a believer of free speech, i'm telling mr mallot to go take a hike. he has no credbility or standing to be talking about malaysia. just like some of the malaysiakini columnists (including that mat salleh) who run down our country.
and i'm supposed to believe malaysiakini is what mainstream media is not.
You got that don't see the equivalent of malaysiakini columnists in NST attacking oppsoition leaders the way malaysiakini columnists attack BN leaders.

Talk about neutrality and objectivity! Bah!