Thursday, November 04, 2010

BN's Double Victory -- Galas and Batu Sapi

Something for the BN to really shout about.

A quick look:

Batu Sapi -- so expected. Linda Tsen was on her way to victory from the word "go".

Galas -- Tengku Razaleigh (Ku Li) was -- whether you want to admit it or not - decidedly THE factor in helping BN's victory. Also the Chinese factor. And that's also because of Ku Li. He crafted the campaign style and tactics (no big loud campaigns, no sudden projects seen, low-key affair, talk to the people).

A landslide win for BN's Linda Tsen in Batu Sapi. She got 6,359 votes over her nearest rival, PKR's Ansari Andullah.

Her margin was even bigger than her late husband Edmund Chong's in 2008 (3,708-vote majority).
Tsen obtained 9,773 votes while Ansari got 3,414. The other contender in the three-cornered fight was SAPP president Yong Teck Lee who obtained 2,031 votes . So much for earlier "victory" projections.
Voter turnout was 61 per cent.
In Galas, Abdul Aziz Yusoff helped BN recapture the PAS state seat with a majority of 1,190 votes.
He garnered 5,324 votes against his PAS rival Dr Zulkefli Mohamad who got 4,134
Voter turnout was 83 per cent

The results also indicate that the Chinese voters have returned to the BN since the 2008 general elections.

Only this for now...I'll give an analysis later.

But everyone's asking -- a general election soon?


Ahmad Syafiq said...

I wouldn't exactly say that the Chinese voters are coming back to BN in droves. You said earlier that Ku Li had brought in the Chinese votes, not BN. And you said later that the Chinese are coming back to BN? How contradictory. I don't think BN would have won in Galas if it wasn't for Ku Li. In this case, it is Ku Li's victory, not BN's. And your claim that the Chinese are coming back to BN can only be substantiated by a GE, which I hear will be held soon next year. If BN can win back their 2/3 majority, then you can even say that everyone has come back to BN. But these are just by-elections, not really a good indicator of what is to come. Just remember 2007. BN won all their by-elections that year and held the GE on 8th March 2008, and what happened then? BN lost their 2/3 majority and lost 5 states (although they eventually regained Perak in the not-so-moral way last year).

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This comment has been removed by the author.

ahmad: sorry. i wasn't giving an analysis. just a brief look at the results.
the chinese vote in the chinese-majority areas has shown an increase since the GE 2008. this has, without a doubt, significantly contributed to the increase in votes for BN.
i didnt say they have come back in droves.

as for what i said about Ku Li being the factor for the chinese voting, and the chinese coming back to BN -- i really don't see the contradiction.
it is a logical sequence. Ku Li as the election director, defined an effective campaign for the BN to win the hearts and mind of the people (including the non-malays) in Galas.
I think the low-key no fanfare style set the mood and tone of the campaign for BN. it was a gentleman campaign. no maki hamun or brutal attack on candidates. Save for that incident involving the Pas guy and Puteri Umno leader, i think it went well.
you are right, BN would not have won if it was not for Ku Li. Yes, it is ku Li's victory. but why is it not the BN's? of course it is BN's as well..
i didnt say that the chinese are coming back to BN in a general sense. just in galas. becos we are talking about galas here.

as for a general election. i'm not saying it. everyone else is speculating.

thank you.

i agree. a victory in a by-election does not mean BN can win back all that it has lost in the 2008 GE. but a double win is certainly very encouraging for the BN.

Ahmad Syafiq said...

Encouraging for any party that wins by-elections. =) I can guess PAS was easy on Ku Li because Ku Li decided to help the state gov't of Kelantan in its efforts to receive the oil royalty from Petronas. But yeah, we're just talking about Galas. Oh well, the general pattern of voting is certainly open to speculation (I agree with you on that), except for Sabah. ;P