Friday, October 15, 2010


ok there'll be the naysayers...but heck -- no rise in toll rates at PLUS highways for the next five years. That's good news.

But that Warisan Malaysia including a 100-storey tower for KL? Hmmm... to rival Petronas Twin Towers? Or simply because we can.

But wait...didn't they complain and criticize the KL Tower and PTT projects those days?

Anway, at this moment, the PM is delivering his Budget speech.

Here's NST pre-Budget report.

Will update later


Here's the PM's Budget speech.


Anonymous said...

hello, what u mean no toll hike'ah? The government will still have to PAY PLUS additional money, everytime it does not allow PLUS to increase the TOLL price as stipulated in the toll agreement. And where is the government getting the money? From the rakyat lah missy, so there is no any real saving from not having any toll increase.


VP said...

Sorry this Budget doesn't jive!OPEX is higher than deployment,meaning same old same old.Where is the benefit to the rakyat interms of greater medical care,tax relief(the increase in service tax is baffling as we don't hv a service culture!more money into the govt pocket).Nothing on Skills enhancement,education benefits(don't talk abt the scolarships as they are not transparent ,as a parent i know).Spend,spend,spend and assume the private sector picks up the tab???Most importantly nothing on achieving UNITY,,,,V need that urgently wht with the morons v hv in govt now.And 5 bil for a tower and 2bl for Sabah n Sarwak infrastructure???they are being taken for a ride again... a clueless budget by a clueless govt.

Namlas said...

Happy with no toll hike for the next 5 years?? Check again who owns 49%(if the deal gets thru)of PLUS?? KWSP right? Why deny KWSP who owns by KWSP contributors who is the rakyat to make a bit out of the venture??? Something fish going on?? Hope I'm wrong..

Solicit-successor said...

I am so not looking forward to the announcement of the budget because of rampant corruptions and the fact that Rosmah is allocated 11 million for her project despite not being an MP..I mean who the heck does she think she is and why does Najib always seem to concede to her whim and fancy. Who is the PM here? I don't get it. If this trend continues dont blame the people if the power to govern is short-lived.

Anonymous said...

Apakah sebenarnya peranan Rosmah. Beliau menteri atau isteri Perdana Menteri ke, apa jawatan rasmi beliau yang sebenarnya? I don't get it. Can you shed some lights on this issue?

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, the 2011 budget was created to fish votes for BN especially when PM announced the increase of salary payment. I do not see anything good about the budget but favouring only the rich. All BN politician were giving their "Thumb up" to the budget including those from Sabah. As a Sabahan, I thought I could hear something good, but was very disappointed. The PM preferred to build Mega project rather than giving more fund to improve transport system in major towns of Sabah. Do you know that we do not even have a decent Expressway to the nearby populated towns like Beaufort or Ranau from Kota kinabalu! Believe it or not Sabah joined Malaysia in 1963 and we are still 20 years behind West Malaysia. What do you think the driving time for a distance 92 kms from Kota kinabalu to Beaufort? 2 hours 15 minutes more or less!

Anonymous said...

NS >

don't try to be so even handed a spade a spade....we need a 100 storey tower at a heritage site like we need a hole in the head.


Walinong Sari said...

Not many people like this budget.

Anonymous said...

I like this budget. Becoz I am rich.

Ayam Human said...

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