Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Things Indonesians Love About Malaysia ...

Indonesians angry at Malaysia maybe baying for our blood but they'd want to save their adored Siti Nurhaliza, our singing sensation.

She is one thing they love about Malaysia and wish that they could claim her as their very own.

And then there are Upin & Ipin -- five year-old twins in the computer-animated series that's been a hit in Indonesia since its debut in the republic last year.

Read about it in the Jakarta Globe HERE.

I've got hooked on the series, created by Les Copaque Production. They make you laugh. And, there is a moral to every story told in Upin & Ipin without being preachy.

As for our strained relations with Indonesia -- I'm very sure it will blow over. How quickly, though remains to be seen.


Apocryphalist said...

The Lavonization of Jakarta


In 1954 a group of people planted bombs in some Egyptian libraries so that when they explode the blame would be on President Gamal Abdel Nasser, thereby igniting enmity between the US and Egypt. Their plan backfired when the bombs exploded prematurely and those people caught and executed. This was known as the Lavon affair. Other people from the same group would later, in 1967, attack (using unmarked jets) the American ship USS Liberty off the Sinai Peninsula killing 34 Americans and wounding 171. This was of course with the intention to put blame on Egypt in order to sway American support towards Israel. When found out, they answered that they thought they were attacking an Egyptian ship, although the Liberty was supporting a huge US flag.

I cannot help but wonder about certain things related to this unwanted fiasco concerning the recent Malaysian-Indonesian minor spat. We must ask ourselves the following:

1. In the event of a major diplomatic row between our two countries, who stands to gain? Which party would feel very much threatened over the idea of a solidarity union between these two countries made up of a single ethnic origin, sharing the same culture, language, religion and aspirations?

2. There have been talks about investigations carried on that yield surprising results: namely a majority of those demonstrators, mostly made up of the poor and the destitutes, have been PAID to demonstrate, burn flags and act roguishly. WHO paid these people. WHO are rich enough, having a bottomless money sack to invest in a future and situation that befits them. The Indonesians?

3. Those evil people who were responsible for the Lavon affair and the USS Liberty and, subsequently the 9-11 much later: are they around? Do we detect their presence? Could it be that they operate within this vicinity? Perhaps in this region they have their own intelligence cells, with supporting embassies and offices? Which place has a diplomatic connection with them, consulting them on their expertise and technologies, even sporting their places of worship should they want to do so?

4. Which party, which country apart from the United States, would stand in silence when the entire world condemned the many incursions and attrocities committed by Israel including the Flotilla massacre? Even in Malaysia. Or Indonesia for that matter: what group of people would shun patriotism and stand down from committing to condemn evil attrocities just because this is a “Malay Muslim” matter? ESPECIALLY it is a “Malaya Muslim” matter?

The answer to these questions might just hold the clue to whatever despicable horror happening in this present world we live in now, in particular Malaysia and Indonesia.


Anonymous said...

Nuraina, This thing will blow over? I hope so. We are like dogs jumping through a hoop. Jump! they say, and we do. But who is holding the hoop? We don't know. Many parties would like to see our relationship strained. A strong and close Malaysia and Inodnesia will be anathema to many people. There are many who will jump through the hoop, but let's hope common sesne prevails, because blood is thicker than the water dividing us.

Anak Perelih said...

and there is no strained relation between malaysia and indenesia... those who are angry with us are a small bunch of people who are like indonesian's version of perkasa....

uncle gedek said...

Salam Aidilfitri, Maaf zahir dan Batin...!