Thursday, December 04, 2008

Zaid Won't Be Joining The Opposition For Now...

Zaid Ibrahim, who was sacked by Umno two days ago, will not be joining any political party (i.e the Opposition) for now but does not rule out doing so later.

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And there's no way he's ever going to consider rejoining Umno even if there was a change of heart in the leadership.

Zaid, former de facto Law Minister, was sacked from Umno for attending the opening of Parti Keadilan Rakyat's annual national congress in Shah Alam over the weekend.

But he reckons that he was sacked not "simply" for that but "because many leaders in Umno are not comfortable" with his views and stand on many issues.

He claims to be a "victim of double standards in Umno" and that he had not been given the opportunity to be heard.

He is also not aware of any specific violation that he had committed.

Zaid said this at a Press conference at the Tropicana Club in Petaling Jaya.

(*Zaid resigned as Minister in the PM's Department and senator on Sept 17 after he disagreed with the government’s decision to detain a journalist, a blogger and a Pakatan Member of Parliament under the Internal Security Act (ISA).)


Rockybru said...

He may also have been a beneficiary of the same leadership's double-standards. At least, that's what man of his ex cabinet colleagues felt.

In any case, I feel there was no necessity to sack Zaid. The man would have left on his own accord if he no longer wanted to be in Umno.

Just as there was no necessity for Pak Lah to sack Zahrin when he was angry with bloggers not too long ago.

It would be interesting to see what Zaid does after this. Anwar Ibrahim will continue to pursue him. There was talk that he'd offered Zaid the position of PKR deputy (vice?) president if he joins the party. The Zaid we know now is suited for PKR's brand of politics now, but that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

yes rocky.i'm sure Anwar gonna hunt for this fella because he claimed that Zaid is an "asset" for that Zaid is somehow precious to Anwar and co since Zaid seems to be in the same wavelength as the opposition.

Anonymous said...

It surprise me no end that UMNO takes the ‘melatah’ step by sacking Zaid. What is UMNO’s message??? No tolerance! Short sighted! Me boss, you servant attitude! And am I allowed to mention the taboo word ‘K……. Melayu’.

By jumping the gun, the public’s perception of UMNO’s already fragile mental state is embarrassing, for those who still harbors a twinge of hope for the party, and a shake of the head in frustration at the depth it had free fall down the abyss of self destruction.

Making Zaid an example of what??? Is Zaid that crucial and important a figure for UMNO to elevate him to the status of ‘Jebat’?

I’ve got no quarrel with Zaid Ibrahim. In fact, I salute him for standing his ground. There is no comparison between him and Syed Hamid Albab.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, the puzzle gets harder. But I can bet my last dollar that PKR will welcome Zaid with open arms.

The same Drama of denial, and the science of deceit is being played all over again.

Wonder what YB Karpal has to say about the integrity of political lawyers such as these?

Anyway, PAS has welcomed him. But that would mean only malt drinks like Horlicks would be the salutation. Fruit drinks Ribena in a wine glass too should be okay, if Zaid joins PAS.

Interesting to see what other surprises will be pulled out of the hat.


Anonymous said...

Zaid, remember these :
1) rm10,500,000.00 of our blood-duit , through u, terhilang kpd
the 6 SACKED judges !
2) rm81,000.00, through u, gone to the GRAND dinner for the vvips ( termasuk lawyers & u !!
This money just WASTED without due conscience !!
damn..damn..DAMN !!

Anonymous said...

Sekarang memang lah cakap macam tu. Tunggulah sikit lagi, kita tengok ke mana dia melompat nanti.

Donplaypuks® said...

I am sure that if Zaid takes UMNO to court for trangressing the rules of natural justice, he will win.

How can there me no convening of disciplinary inquiry board, show cause letter or right to defend one's self. Since when did UMNO acquire such dictatorial powers of summary dismissal or is this the norm?

Bu, I doubt Zaid will bother appealing. By this action, UMNO has yet again shown itself to be a dinosaur out of sync with 21st Century standards of natural justice or politics.

Zaid knows that the demise of UMNO is just around the corner. When that happens, many like Zaid will line the streets and cheer!!

Anonymous said...

zAID o zAID , our blood money =
rm10,500,000.00 & rm81,000.00 should be used in RIGHTEOUS ways !
pls ATONE 4 the needy ones !!

ChengHo said...

Zahid should know the ground feeling of UMNO . he broke the chain of command in UMNO.

Tok Kemuning said...

With the sacking of Zaid there is a big "Q" by the Rakyat....IS THERE ANYMORE A REAL LEADER IN UMNO THAT CAN THINK WITH THEIR MIND INSTEAD OF SOLELY THINKING WITH THEIR HEART. By then only UMNO will make a come back in the PRU.

Burung Hantu said...

Rocky said,

"Anwar Ibrahim will continue to pursue him."

Zaid is cash or money laden. Of course Anwar will pursue him. And, Zaid better not turn his back on Anwar! lol

Anonymous said...

(heha): zaid, KEMBALIKAN duit2 darah kami melalui ATONeMENT anda !!
kuda2 banyak ah !?

Anonymous said...

Who cares...they can have him.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,


You know, as in all political parties, clubs, associations, and organisations, as a member, one is expected to abide by the respective constitutions and comply with the code of conduct/ethics. There are processes to follow. As a Lawyer, the duty of care is always exected to be higher, even if not spelt out.

Before any Disciplinary Enquiry is established (esp in UMNO), the rules have to be followed and concept of "audi alterum partum" applies.

Datuk Zaid chose to ignore the processes and snubbed UMNO Leadership by getting his lawyers to reply.

At the MT(Majlis Tertinggi) meeting, it was UNANIMOUSLY DECIDED that Datuk Zaid be sacked, after much deliberations. It wasn't a decision relished by all but everyone agreed with the decision.

It wasn't so much a case of attending Opposition Party's functions, which although when done(as he had done few times) without prior approvals from UMNO Leadership, are acts in violation of UMNO's code of ethics/UMNO Constitution. It was also a case of not abiding by the rules and regulations and abiding the UMNO Constitution, and blatantly ignoring the show cause letter given to him.

To tell the world at large that he was not given an opportunity to be heard is misleading. As a lawyer, he ought to know better. As an UMNO member, he is bound by UMNO Constitution, as those of other political parties are bound by theirs.

I hope this clarifies, somewhat.

Thank you.
UMNO Life Member

Anonymous said...

zAID, when is your atonement !?

Anonymous said...

jualkan kuda2 anda & 'feed the poor & starved' as atonement !!

Anonymous said...

Dear Laruz,
Thanks for the clarification.
Not wanting to respond to the show cause letter has parallels with his Hero Salleh Abbas not wanting to attend the Tribunal to defend himself.
I guess it's a culture thing of "I AM BEYOND THE LAW" syndrome.

Anonymous said...

JAC yang separuh masak tu idea dia la....dolah cuma laksanakan saja

ibarat tikus baiki labu la hang zaid

sekarang lagi banyak masa untuk minum chivas kan zaid?