Sunday, April 22, 2007

Up in Mount Kinabalu

Wonder how MarinaM is doing? Has she reached the desired point in her climb up Mount Kinabalu?
Marina and hubby, Tara, together with a small group are on their mountain climb.
She has been looking forward to this "expedition".
We all wished her and Tara a good climb when we last met for mee rebus on Tuesday (April 17).
I told her when she is up there, to not lose the group.
"There's no other way to go but up-lah," she remarked.
Er, sorry, Marina. Never been up Mount Kinabalu. Must've mixed up the many mountain mystery stories.
I don't know what to wish people who are embarking on a mountain climb.
Have a great ascent and descent? Is this what we wish mountain climbers?
Anyway, Marina will tell us how it was when she returns next week.


J.T. said...

Very good question Nuraina. What do we wish mountain climbers? I always thought "have a good climb" would be good. Then I would add "Vaya Con Dios" (Go with God).
The latter wish is just a projection of my fear of heights. I take my hat off to those who are brave to climb. I won't even go up the roof of my house using a ladder.



Thank you, JT.. I shall remember that the next time I meet a prospective mountain climber. I hope i dont say " go with the wind", or something like that.

JT, I'm scare of heights. No kidding.
I get giddy just thinking about it.

J.T. said...

By the way, Nuraina, this is in no relation to the current posting.
I was reading your maiden posting. You mentioned you lived in the area of Singapore 14. By any chance, was that place close to a "Jalan Sayang"? I had an uncle living there until that place was cleared for development of a highway.



sorry... it should read : "...scared of heights".

I believe there WAS a Jalan Sayang. Where has yr uncle gone to?

J.T. said...

He and his wife moved to the Tampines flats. He passed away in 2003. His wife is still there (daughter and grandchildren in the UK).
I remember visiting him twice at Jalan Sayang - back in 1978 and 1982. I liked the feeling in that area. It was homely.
Don't worry about typo error earlier. I tend to do it sometimes. I guess the fingers are faster than the brain at times.

A Voice said...

I was at the foot of mt kinabalu 2 years back.

Can't see the peak from the bottom.

Have to start pretty early and by noonish the peak is covered and its dark already.

zewt said...

i was supposed to go a month ago, but my mom's passing made me cancel that. looking forward to make a trip there next year. perhaps you should make a trip there too!



Oh yes... residents in that part moved to Tampines and Bedok.

Jalan Sayang was in an old part of Singapore. Not far from my kampung.


A Voice,

Yes, I was told that you have to start really early to get to the top before dark.

You didnt go up?

Maybe we'll organise a climb up for bloggers?


Certainly there was no other choice for you but to cancel your plan to climb the mountain.
How are you keeping, my friend?
How's your culinary adventure?
Do we get to partake in that adventure?

Anyway, let's hope nothing untoward or unforeseen happens that would compel you to cancel your plan to climb Mt K.

All the best, Zewt!

Unknown said...

I'm wondering too...she must be thinking about us now...heheheh...yeah what to write (her journey, her precious memory climbing and hiking) I want to hear! I want to hear!

I pray that she will conquer mount the pink of health...