Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wild Boar Heads Found In Two Mosques

"I advise the public to stay cool and not to react to certain people who are trying to stir the situation” -- Selangor police chief Khalid Abu Bakar.

I agree.

This is surely the work of some mischief makers.

The three wild boar heads were found in two mosques in Petaling Jaya - three kilometers apart.

This latest incident of desecration and vandalism following an inter-faith dispute over the use of the word “Allah” by non-Muslims.

Worshippers arrived for dawn prayers at a mosque in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, to find the bloodied heads of two wild boars wrapped in plastic bags together with one-ringgit notes.

(While pigs are considered very unclean animals in Islam, I'm not sure about the "status" of wild boars -- whether they are considered as unclean as pigs.)

Zulkifli Mohamad, the imam who leads prayers at the Al Imam al Tirmizi mosque where two heads were found, called for calm and said Muslim saboteurs could be behind the latest incidents.

This is the work of some people to stir racial tension in the country. We are shocked by their actions,” he told reporters.


Anonymous said...

Are pigs same as wild boar? How come for CNY, we call Year of the Boar? When it's Pig? I'm confused.



good question.
i know they are not the same.

ktteokt said...

Chinese call the wild boar "山猪" which literally means "PIG OF THE HILLS", so in all respects, wild boars are considered "pigs"!

Major (Rtd) D.Swami said...

Cow heads are easily obtained, because they deal in the slaughter of cattle and the selling of beef. Easy to get a cow's or a bull's head. You buy a cow's head, no eyebrow is raised. No problem there, move along.

So they went and acquired wild boar heads, making do with wild boar heads is equivalent to pigs' heads in their convoluted logic. Wild boar head are easy to acquire, by hunters. The majority in the rural areas have shot guns. No problem, you can bag wild boars where there is tapioca, in a rubber estate or the good old jungle, after which you can acquire the head. No one see them, packing wild boar heads in plastic. Okay, being squeamish about touching the boar's head due to religious issues, solve the problem in plastic, brilliant ain't they? I am a bit puzzled about the throwing in of the money though. Anyone out there has an opinion. You do the maths. My third time hats off, to all Malaysians, I salute you for being rational and a great people. Stay with me on this, calm and rational. In full.....

Jahamy said...

I am certain that this is the work of mischief workers who simply are unhappy that Malaysians from all walks of life are able to live peacefully together.

The police should act to apprehend these mischief workers and punish them. They should also investigate whether this was done by themselves (the mischief makers) or there are other irresponsible hands behind.

Anyone who works towards creating chaos and disrupt the peace should be severely punished.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what our mata-mata can find out with their 'third eye' or 'CCTV'. Guess we shall find out soon.

Anonymous said...

so is wild boar halal !?

Anonymous said...

me think these were 'staged' to blame the non-muslims !

Anonymous said...

A wild boar becomes 'halal' only if one is stuck in the jungle and there are no other any animals around. This is called 'darurat' or emergency and because of hunger where no other animals are around, then a wild boar can be killed and eaten. Same thing goes for snakes, lizards, monkeys, etc. that normally cannot be eaten. Otherwise, if there are chickens and cows running around then the aforementioned animals cannot be eaten and is haram.

Anonymous said...

I think Malaysia still ok. Other places got terrorism teruk-teruk. Some got big planes crash in buildings. Some got hotel blow up. People kena tembak. Here in Malaysia the bad people throw molotov cocktail jam 3 pagi. That one also only one place burn. That also tangan melucur. Like a 'poor man's al-qaeda'. Then throw babi head in masjid jam 3 pagi. Still ok not that teruk like bombing or killing or what.

Lee said...

"Mischief makers" maybe a bit too mild.I would call them traitorous extremists out to foment racial unrest!For muslims to get their hands on pig's heads is definitely not easy.Wild boar's heads can be easily obtained.Go figure out!

Anonymous said...

muslims must be thinking with benci that this is the work of non-muslims
! please use otak to think, ok ?



You said: "me think these were 'staged' to blame the non-muslims" --

don't think like that. then, there if a church is vandalised, some people will say it was staged to blame the muslims.

this is the work of orang jahat.



you said: "muslims must be thinking with benci that this is the work of non-muslims
! please use otak to think, ok ?
SIGH !!"

I am a muslim and i am not thinking with benci that this is the work of non-muslims.

and yes...i am using my otak.

adf55650 said...
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Mike Tan said...

Tak kira lah what race they are.
Hang them by the balls.
By the way,wild boar meat are all lean and tough like ayam kampung
and low in cholestrol :D

Anonymous said...

Peace & GODbless to all beloved
muslims & non-muslims , amen !!

Anonymous said...

Wild boar (sus scrofa) is a species of pig (Suidea family)..try sus barbatus..

Why you people get yourselves confused especially to those claimed to be Muslims..? being ignorant is slightly a higher phase to being an imbeciles..pls do not disgrace our religion Islam.

This animal have same feature..the only animal in the world with hoof that doesn't eat grass or leaves..clearly you can distinguish from any cattle or whatever.. to those suggesting to muslim that wild boar halal , go & eat one and get yourselves sondol down to the pigpit..

To those who said wild boar heads can easily be obtain..i think they probably had plenty of wild boars running around behind their back yards.

Try catching one i dare you.. i bet getting your own head off is a hell lot easier compared to this wild boar..stop being an ignorant fool, ok?

Btw, i'm waiting response from those apologetic muslims & malays leader regarding this issue..we already see their stands about the Church arson, not what will they say when the Surau or Masjid already put to stake..

this is not the first case of this kind, remember UM mosques and Masjid in Melaka.. even how bad or devilish are some muslim, they cannot resist girls, money & alcohol BUT pig is something that these fella can agreed to their mind sense as a NO.. its so filthy & haram.. so go figure out the real culprit.

:D muhahahaha

Anonymous said...

Pigs, wild boar=sepupu.
Pigs manusia bela.
Wild boar, tinggal dalam hutan, tapi sekarang pon dah ada manusia bela.


Anonymous said...

Is bak ku teh that has no pork and chop halal actually haram?

Is eating at a restaurant with no halal sign ok?

If you have nothing available to eat except pork is that ok? Such as in times or war or stuck in jungle.

Is makan duit rasuah same as makan pork?

Anonymous said...

Those 'makan rasuah or pork' muslims
akan di hukum by ur Allah or not !??

Anonymous said...

By the way,wild boar meat are all lean and tough like ayam kampung
and low in cholestrol :D

whatever lah, but muslims haram makan haiwan itu, and lagi satu kalau kes darurat eg sesat seminggu dalam hutan...lebih rela minum air...

Anonymous said...

I sympathised with our tigers in the jungle. Some pea brain raided their food larder.

Save the tigers


Anonymous said...

hey anon 8.22am..

A human in average cannot survive without water for more than 3 days but can survive more than a month without food provided with access to water..some more our forest is a rainforest..sheshh..

We are not like you non-muslim people.. so desperate especially when it come to the need to keep in self-comfort & self-pleasure..

We muslim can endure this kind of simple challenge without much problem like you people..

We're used to fast in Ramadhan..the hottest/droughtest month of the year..we had been trained since childhood and we never bragged about it even..

Its NO food and water from dawn to dusk..and its not just no food at nite or cannot eat meat but can still eat veges, or no food but water can.. like you people version of fasting..

I bet an anon like you will go beserk like a mad wild boar if being deprived from food and water for 12hrs or more..crybaby..

So go & gauge yourself in front of the mirror before looking down to the what is your expectation level of our desperateness to consume pork in that kind of situation? Pls. don't test our patient too much, ok?

So do you mean to say that despite a born malaysian, you're such an ignorant or are you trying to re-phrase that pig is such a filthy and dirty animal? Its like a biological sewerage truck..Allah Maha Mencipta..and its made for a purpose and its definitely not for consuming and the Jews & Muslims even have a common understanding on that following the Torah & where do you stand?

So what make a regular pork eater then? Like the saying goes "we are what we eat" ?? Fit you so well..

:D muhahahaha

Anonymous said...

Strange for someone to bother to get wild-boar heads and even stranger to to wrap them in plastic bags.

If he (it's most likely a guy) didn't wrap them in plastic bags, he wouldn't have needed to waste extra cash to attract attention...