Thursday, January 07, 2010

1Malaysia Clinics..

One was launched in Lembah Pantai, Kuala Lumpur, today. There'll be more, and they are no threat to private clinics.

Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who launched the clinic, said doctors have nothing to worry about their earnings being affected by the existence of these clinics which concentrate on giving patients normal medical examinations like checking blood pressure level for hypertension, and sugar level.

"The cases from here (1Malaysia clinics) will be referred to them for further examination or treatment, or the patients will then go to the government hospitals.

"So, I do not regard this as a win-lose situation but actually a win-win's easy for the people while the private clinics will receive patients as usual."


Habib RAK said...

Nuraina, I think the concern raised by medical association and medical council is not about revenue (money)loss. In malaysia, the ratio for of doctors to population is so low that any doctor will be well visited. The main concern is who will man these 1Malaysia Clinics? Im told they will be HAs (hospital attendants). Now, should they misdiagnose, there is no recourse. Nobody will come to your aid. I will not take my kids there. I rather make the effort to GH or nearby clinic manned by doctors. The intention of the PM is good but execution is bad.

Nur said...

agree with Habib... =)

drrita sandakan said...

masalahnya klinik-klinik swasta terlalu mahal..

kadang2 sampai rm60 untuk penyakit biasa batuk-batuk..kalau nak beli ubat batuk pun lebih kurang 5 rinngit

org2 miskin di bandar tak mampu,
bila ada klinik 1malaysia, dapatlah membantu org susah di bandar.

"Now, should they misdiagnose, there is no recourse. Nobody will come to your aid. I will not take my kids there. I rather make the effort to GH or nearby clinic manned by doctors."

agree with you..but remember!!
the doctors they can misdiagnose to!!
although there are HA's, there are trained health personnel to detect an ill patients which require an urgent attention..
and this clinics in under the management of nearby klinik kesihatan..the doctors will visit them.

may be your very rich people..
you don't need the service.

the complain from the medical association is that this clinic will ruin the business.

they just think about their "perut" rather than the rakyat.

I challenge the private clinic/doctors to only charge RM 1 in just a day..

will they able to do it????

Anonymous said...

I don't think everyone is the same or treated equally. Even my rich snob cousins are more respected among the relatives than me. So how can there be sameness or oneness? I would rather have a motto like 'Malaysia Untuk Semua', it's a more honest reflection of the current situation. Somehow, 1 doesn't really reflect the current condition.

Anonymous said...

Everything must be 1Malaysia nowadays. Why not call it Klinik Kesihatan?

Anonymous said...

eh, very true. i once went to a clinic at 2pm for cough, fever and cold. given some meds. cost was RM75! my kid got some syrup meds in small 30ml bottles and total charge was RM105! i was shocked. checked with them the cost and was told that lozenges was RM10 for 10 pieces. and they weren't even a good brand. it was some generic yucky thing. their pcm isn't the real thing either. and the cold med actifed was some generic brand as well. we don't have a choice like we do at restaurants where prices are transparent or supermarkets that we know what the charges are for what brand. it's like paying for dynamo detergent but getting daia!!! doctors are pressured to live up to their supposed lifestyle and they have no choice but to up their income by charging patients!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

haha no threat to the gp's ... goodbye private gp's .. $1 per visit ler - raml burger from the corner also more epensive.

Anonymous said...

Rakyat Malaysia ni masih lagi muka subsidi and keturunan subsidi! Hanya mau bayar RM1 untuk 1 karung ubat!. kalau boleh harga beras pun RM1 sekampit..yang lain biar kerajaan tanggung. Kalau rasa swasta malal p la kerajaan. Tiada klinik swasta memaksa rakyat p ke klinik mereka. Malaysia tak akan maju selagi di penuhi orang2 subsidi!