Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dengue Cases On The Rise

Folks -- I know some of you may not care to heed this advice because it's like a broken record, playing over and over and over again.

Take care against Dengue because it is a threat. The number of cases are rising.

According to Bernama, the health ministry has declared war on dengue. There have been 11 deaths and 2,713 cases this month.
The number of deaths is alarming. From Jan 17 to 21, there were 776 cases, with 6 deaths.

I know, I know. I hear you. What's there to declare when the war against dengue never ended, in the first place.

You are right.

Precisely why you must take care.
We all have to play our part.

So, once again, take care. You know the drill with dengue.

P.S: I think the Aedes have gotten stronger and more resistant.


Anonymous said...

I keep my house compound clean and make sure there's no place of collected water where the aedes can breed. Still there are aedes around. I can tell because of it's black white stripe markings.

Where do these guys come from la!

I decided to follow one of them. After allowing one to suck my blood (one must make sacrifices sometimes) it quenched it's thirst and flew from wence it came. I followed.

After 15 minutes it stopped and met it's friends. The place was their hangout spot. Making use of my ninja stealthness, i observed these vampires. Their lair had undergrowth and had puddles of water.

I rushed back and grabbed my vampire hunters kit, shelltox, ridsect, rolled up newspapers (Pro or Opposition doesn't matter), night vision goggles, fly swatter, grass cutters, lawn mower, sickle, shovel, smog blower, minyak cap africa and lots of faith.

After a long arduous fight I got rid of them and their lair. My search for more of them goes on. I felt like Van Helsing. No. Like a Van KLsing.

armouris said...

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Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


It's every citizen's duty to vote
But first be registered to take note
It's your responsibility to devote
All your resources to cast your vote

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 240110
Sun. 24th Jan. 2010.

MAthin2 said...

A few years ago, I visited Jabatan Kesihatan, DBKL (address: Km4, Jalan Cheras, Kuala Lumpur & tel: 03-2027 5300) and obtained a Mosquito Larvae Trapping Device (MLTD) which is free for KL wargakota (one per person).

Once properly set up, mosquitoes would lay eggs in it but the larvaes would be trapped and eventually die.

The MLTD is a great way of controlling the mosquito population in a environmental friendly way (no chemicals involved), with minimal supervision/fuss and works all year-round.

Jabatan Kesihatan, DBKL conducted a study proving its effectiveness and also won an award for it.

Anonymous said...

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