Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Suspects In Church Arson Arrested

KUALA LUMPUR:Eight men have been arrested in connection with the recent arson at the Metro Tabernacle Church in Desa Melawati, police said today.
They were remanded for a week starting today to help in the investigation.

Police believed that the case was solved with the arrests of the eight suspects.

Seven of them were nabbed between last night and this morning following the arrest of the first suspect at a hospital yesterday afternoon. -- BERNAMA


Lee said...

Prematurely jumping to conclusion!
How can the case be over when we don't even know that they have actually been found to be "responsible?!They have not been prosecuted and found guilty yet!?They could just be "fall guys".The motives for the atrocity have not even been established...and the mata-mata proudly said the case is over.The prosecutors can lose the case.It is a possibility that cannot be simply dismiss considering the records of our prosecutors!

Anonymous said...

forgive them because they KNEW exactly what they were doing & getting : 72 virgins !!

Anonymous said...

Good. Now ISA them.



Lee: we'll see what comes out of this.

anon@5:58PM: yep.if they're the ones who torched the churches, then they knew what they were doing. they should be punished.

anon@6:39PM: ISA them? what for? whip them better. then make them clean toilets and do some community work.

Anonymous said...

I do have faith in our mata-mata. I heard that they have guys that can 'CCTV' crime scenes. Wouldn't be surprised at the speed in which they can catch culprits.

Anonymous said...

Have the arsonists repaint church buildings and clean the church toilets 7 days a week for the rest of the year.

Habib RAK said...

Suspect attacks church n seeks burnt treatmnt aftr more than 10days!! The church attack was on Jan 7, 2010. And according to CID Director, Bakri Zinin, the suspect was seeking treatment for burns at KL hospital and this led to the arrest on Jan 19, 2010. Very strange indeed. The delay in seeking treatment after 10days makes me wonder if there is more to this then what we are being told.

UMNO Cawangan Gombak Selatan said...

Salam Perjuangan,

Kami dari UMNO CAWANGAN GOMBAK SELATAN amat terpegun dan meminati penghasilan blog anda yang amat berani mengutarakan isu2 berkaitan politik tanah air..

Semoga kita dapat bekerjasama dalam menjawab segala dakyah dan fitnah pembangkang.

Kami telah link blog anda di blog kami.



Anonymous said...

Nuraina.Your comments are most fair ,unlike the comments of one of your close buddies who hits below the belt>

selampit said...

I would like very much to know why those goons did what they did, burned Churches.

Since Islam strictly FORBIDS destroying or desecrating places of worships, I want to know WHAT could have motivated those goons to commit that despicable act of vandalism?

Fit of anger? Boredom? Saja-saja suka?

If they think that by burning churches they are doing a service to Islam, then they know SO LITTLE about Islam.

Anonymous said...

Since the arsonist already nabbed by the PDRM, can i claim their 72 virgins reward on behalf of them like what anon 5:58pm had mention?

:D muhahahaha