Friday, January 08, 2010

It is naive for anyone to think that the "Allah" controversy arising from a certain High Court decision will not provoke sentiments -- that will lead to more provocation of sentiments and emotions that will lead to THIS.

There are always the irrational, the opportunistic, the idiotic and the nasty among us all

That is why this happened. Something we all hope and pray will not happen. Let us hope and pray that there will be no more of this. Cease and desist. And no finger-pointing.

The Prime Minister has condemned this. So have we all. He has ordered the police to beef up security...

Be calm. Don't let this all get to you. YOU, YOU and, yes, YOU!

So, please refrain from posting provocative comments. You know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

is ALL because you encourage them : " i cannot stop people from protesting !!" @#$%^&*.



please, anon.

The PM is right. You cannot stop Muslims from protesting -- as in expressing their concern.

Just like you cannot stop non-Muslims from expressing themselves.

But torching churches is the work of some nasty people.

Anonymous said...

But I thought we need a permit to hold a protest or protest in a stadium, no?



yes, you need a permit for any kind of demonstration in the stadium or outside.

but the "protest" the PM was referring to is the one planned after Friday prayers at mosques.
That is allowed because mostly, confined within the mosque area.

Even during the reformasi days, protests were held, very frequently outside mosques after friday prayers.

Police will only move in when the protest gets out of hand...

romancer said...


looks like whatever Najib says will be criticised by his detractors.

he says protesting is ok, people get angry.

when it suits people, the govt MUST allow protest.

Najib allows protests in mosque compounds, you get angry.

The NGOs, the pseudo liberals have been protesting curbs on holding demosntrations.

Najib is consistent on this. If you want to protest, do so in stadiums etc etc...

So, Anon 1:14PM, why marah Najib. Is it that it is because of the "Allah" issue?

Protesting is not the same as torching churches.

Anonymous said...


I dont think you are naive but you are a closet supporter of UMNO, but that's your right.Dont spin; be forthright. You are a journalist. I am not. You should know better.

In the past when people chose to protest whether in the open or stadiums, hotel conference rooms etc , did the Prime Minister, Home Minister and IGP ever say that that 'you cannot stop people protesting?'No; instead, people were greeted with the might of the FRU together with batons and acid water canons.

By the way, the expression ' Subhannallah' is totally inappropriate for the context you are referring to. Allah will not be pleased with the burning of churches by these lunatics.

Anonymous said...


1. Bomb church on Friday which is supposed to be a holy day for the Muslims.

2. Are these pengecut going to bomb the churches on Sunday when the Christians worship on that day?

3. By the way, why bomb Protestant churches? Stupid right? Have you been to the service of Protestant church? If you haven't, maybe you should.

4. Why do Muslims like to use violence if things don't go their way? Muslims (in Malaysia) insult Jesus, Buddha et al. all the time and you don't see mosques getting bomb or burnt. Heated arguments maybe but not violence.

patriot jawa johor said...

at this critical moment, there are still those who want to politicise this issue. these are the people who if not stopped will one day destroy this beloved country.

antugomen said...

It is not the issue of "Allah" only. Had this issue been tackle tactfully from the beginning (not wait till things get worse), then the possibility of this extend would have great chance to be minimised.

Let's also look at other issue that have been drummed so loud and so very frequently, almost everyday.

1. the growing disrespect toward the Rulers.

2. every opportunity is being taken to bash PDRM, MACC, BTN etc etc

3. the attack on the "twisted" concept of Ketuanan Melayu

4. Constitution is being hurled with unwarranted questions especially when involving the privilege of Orang Melayu dan Pribumi

5. The Bahasa and teras Negara Malaysia being put at back seat and being made fun of

many more sensitive items are being drummed by certain quarters very irresponsibly.

Look at the reporting of Malaysia kini, MT, ...

Do we need to wait for another church to be torched? I am directing this question to the government of the day

Anonymous said...

hahahaha ! the defenders of pm !!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Old Fart said...

But Nuraina, wasn't it some learned writers and bloggers the ones who were stoking the fire?

Sang Sri Kancil said...

Hypocritical lah, Kak Nuraina...

Why must be so intolerant, these protestors? If in Jerusalem, Middle East, Iran, the term Allah means God to both Muslims and Christians. It is the correct term. What fuss are these protesters making about?

Isn't Allah the one true God? So is it not right for Christians to acknowledge it as so? Are you meaning to tell me that Christians and Muslims (and Jews) each worship a different God? I thought in Islam, Nabi Isa was Jesus Christ, and thus all prophets from all three religions were bringing the word of the same God. So what is the big deal with these UMNO goons?

Najib is hypocritical, if he is serious about 1Malaysia, he should reject and arrest these protesters.

1Malaysia nampaknya kena 'masuk workshop', 1Malaysia sudah pecah!

Anonymous said...

Somehow one feel that he is not in control.
like hanging in the air.

One Way Wind.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame our PM...

Why we can't be like 8 Sabah n Sarawak?Peace and No War..

Anonymous said...

With all due respect Nuraina, other races have been provoked before by cow-headed(or should I say bull-headed) people and also where 2 journalists desecrated the 'Holy Communion' at a church last year...yet there were no responses/recrimination against the perpetrators.

Why then give these people 'carte blanche' by saying that the response was provoked and to be expected?

Is it only the sensitivities of one race that takes precedence over the rest?

What about the due process of law?

Let's not hide behind all these a spade, a spade!

Anonymous said...

Nuraina-These atrocities have now resulted getting unenviable attention worldwide via all forms of media.
Let no one be unwise.
Leaders especially be wise,good
and dutybound to all citizens.


amoker said...

Ehmm.. so.. can the Christians and Hindus do their protest now? Why are u asking others to be tolerant and forgiving then?

Anyway, that is rethorical. I am asking people to be patient. Yet, Najib and Hisham did not display leadership in this.

Anonymous said...

The PKR style street rule is catching up. It has become fashionable to march the streets over any issue because PKR used to say "It Is A Democratic Right".

So, what else is there to say?

Rightfully, Najib must gather his guts and lock up the trouble makers. This is the time to test the relevance of the ISA.


amoker said...

btw, ironically as I was saying it... here it is

The Christians in Sabah were stopped from sharing their emotion. This is the double standard that we are talking about.



Er...say what?




if you read what i wrote very carefully, i am asking EVERYONE to stay calm.

and in this case, not only muslims are provoked, non-muslims too.

let's not start going down that road, ok?

Anonymous said...


I can't say anything but to cry for Malaysia if a learned person like you just failed to accept facts and reality. I can't imagine those unlearned. ALLAH save Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

I have always suspected that your journalistic achievements are possibly due to patronage by someone or kind or you are also the failed product of NEP.

Firstly Subhanallah (luckily you have removed it) is usually used in good happy occasions, anonymous rightly said, it is not appropriate for this occasion. I am not a muslim but I care to know

Secondly your blind support of the actions of the PM is either becoz you are a bad journalist or a closet UMNO/PM supporter that is blinded by their shine or ....

Eitherway, there is a old adage...if you have nothing good to say, keep your mouth shut.

yes said...

Anuar has tought us well. He is the father of tunjuk perasaan. If he and his kunchu can protest, so can the others. When it comes to burning the churches I certainly am against it.

Next episode of the drama: Non Muslim doesn't have to convert in order to marry a muslim. Pas what have you to say?

Anonymous said...

Well said Anon 7:25pm

Anonymous said...

Can any Christian explain to me what GOD means to them? If their God is the same as the Muslim why pray to Jesus, he is only a prophet.
By the way, if Jesus is God, who created Adam and Eve for they are there long before the existance of Jesus. I am confuse to the Christian way of thinking. Please explain.

Anonymous said...

oh ! stay calm ah ...forgive them for they dun know wat they r doing !!

Anonymous said...

some more u said " the pm is right, u cannot stop muslims from protesting ....!! "
@#$%^&*&^%$#@ !

patriot jawa johor said...

kak ina,
u cakap apa pun dia orang ni takkan nak dengar la. dia orang rasa dia orang je yang betul. memang manusia-manusia ni jenis sombong bongkak. dia orang sebenarnya tak pernah fikir apa nak jadi kat malaysia ni. they are just selfish people who just want things to go their ways without any regards to this multi-racial society as a whole. Living their own sheltered lives, they will never know what is going to hit them. Its easy for them because they never really live among those in the lower rung of society, never mix around with people who have nothing much too lose. When we asked them to use caution when talking about sensitive matters, they will say we are insecure. What they failed to comprehend is that the danger is real and when it hits them, they start to blame others for it. Never will these people understand that for every action there will be a reaction. They will never learn because of their arrogance.

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...




Rockybru said...

Ena, Old Fart said "But Nuraina, wasn't it some learned writers and bloggers the ones who were stoking the fire?".

Typical, blame others.I hope Old Fart doesn't ask Hisham to arrest these "learned writers and bloggers" under the ISA.

This is my response to him on my blog:

Old Fart wrote:

Bro, I am sorry to say that you too have contributed towards this. You may not have said much. But you did direct your readers to provocative articles. You did stoke it too!!

3:14 PM


Dear Old Fart,

I'm sorry to tell you this, but we are all to blame for letting this happen. Muslims and Christians in this country have lived for so long as neighbours, colleagues and friends. We have never fought each other. Until now. You and I know why but we won't budge, we won't give and take, we just want to push the parameters irrespective of what others think or feel, especially what the Malays and Muslims think or feel.

An old friend sms-ed me this afternoon. Angry. Like you, he felt he had to blame someone else. He blamed Najib for what happened to the church that was torched. He said Najib is responsible for "blatantly" telling Muslims to protest the use of the word Allah by non-Muslims.

I share with you my exchanges with John. I'm sure he won't mind, I just need to show that it's natural to want to blame someone else. Doesn't mean you and JB my friend are right.

JB:Big mistake by Dr M in not placing Najib under ISA, totally responsible for attack on churches

Bru: This is a joke, right?! Hehehe.

JB: Maybe to u, but ppl not stupid , when blatantly told to protest

Bru: Aiya, I thot we all believed in right to express? I took part in yellow march, lawyer walk, etc. So muslims want to protest, Najib told them to do it in the mosque area not out in the streets. He told anti-govt protesters to march in stadiums, remember? He's being consistent. But damn if he does, damn if he doesn't! If he had told antigovt groups NOT to march or protest, he'd be accused of being a dictator, undemocratic. He allows Muslims to protest but in mosque, people want him detained under ISA (the same ISA these people want abolished)! Come now, let's calm down. Let the leaders from both sides sort this out. We the people should not dance to their tunes.

JB: No, he first said DO Not Potest and then changed his tune, why is IGP saying no protest, he should hav called Archbishop to his offce n work out a solution, he wants ds to happen

Bru: We can second guess but I don't see how this is going to benefit Najib or IGP. I can see how this can benefit the "other" side but I won't be so quick to make allegations.

JB: Pls remove rosaries and all religious articles from your cars now. They are smashing cars with christian articles. Started all over bangsar... Protest going on now in pj n shah alam. MSG frm fren is ds true

Bru:It is not true bro. Average Malaysians (muslims or non-Muslims) don't do that, only samsengs.

Bru again after checking with my editors at the Malay Mail: Fr my desk:- So far, takdak report pun bro...kalau ada, will alert

JB: Say so on ur blog bro too many rumours

Bru: Will do.

9:20 PM

laimun said...

Ok, I was flippant about the subject in my earlier response.

I had an inkling that today's zohor gathering around the country will be vocal but non violent. But mischief makers took the opportunity to aggravate the situation.

If the majority of muslims took to the streets it will not be a few bottles of molotov cocktails, thrown in haste and under cover of darkness. It will be total chaos and anarchy.

This leave us with the sobering conclusion that we, Muslims, respect our brother and sister Malaysians non Muslim populace.

Yes, we voice our indignation and anger when non muslims intrude into our religion. Whether it breaches the ethics of our teachings in whatever form or nature, it will come to a point when push turns to shove.

Malays are pretty laid back but do not take that as an opportunity to kick sand to their face.

We do not touch on your religious beliefs. We just want you to leave our religion alone and not try to consult and insult our rights and our beliefs.

Your God was and is never "ALLAH". If you convert to Islam, yes, we welcome you as our brother and sister and "ALLAH" welcomes you too.

Anonymous said...

sedap je si anon ni suruh orang shut the phack up, simply sebab tak sesuai dengan cita rasa dia.

phack you lah anon 7.25pm.

we knowlah who your boss and masters are. no spinning lah.

old tricks oledi.

no matter how much you hate islam, the malays, and malaysia, you are just you. no one and bloody nothing.

start to realize that there's somethings thats just bigger than you, and i dont mean your head.

-look at them-

Anonymous said...


The burning of the churches is no problem to us Christians in Sabah. We can always rebuild a bigger and better Church to replace what has been burnt. After all what is important to us is the "Church" in the heart of Christians and not the building. I take this opportunity to thank the BN govt and the people concerned for persecuting us. Thank you very much and we forgive you.

But, what I fail to understands is WHY a group of people after performing their Friday prayers to a God Almighty can still be so full of hatred in their hearts? WHY? Something is wrong here.

Well, for those who still harbors the desire to do some Church burning, please come to Sabah the BN fixed deposit state. We have lots of Churches over here. You are most welcome. By the way, for your information we are still using the kalimah "Allah" in our Bahasa Malaysia Church service.

So much for Najib's 1Malaysia. For whom 1Malaysia?

Dr. Anthony Tibok


you said, among other things: "luckily you have removed (Subhanallah)".


i removed it precisely for teh reason that people like you will not understand.

"Subhanallah" is uttered when we are shocked by something...usually not good.

I didn't say "Alhmadulillah".

and to you, I say: Subhanallah.

and as for the rest of the niceties about me...well. I'd rather be all that you said of me, than be some anonymous creep like you. :-)



it is sad.



oh. i am so sorry to know that. what reality and facts that I have failed to accept?

you know, i may just be seeing more than you do.

the truth is...many people are angry.
and nobody is condoning the torching fo the churches.

Anonymous said...

Does the real all powerful, omnipresent God need savages to defend His good name?

What sort of a God is this that goes aroun d destroying property - it has to be manufactured by a sick mind or a manipulative megalomaniac.



you have already put the blame of the savage servants of this all powerful omnipresent God.

At this point, we really do not know who the culprits are.

are they muslim fanatics, crazy muslims, or simply samsengs? muslim samsengs or whoever...??

dare we blame anyone specifically?

whatever it is, we are all together in condemning this act.

Donplaypuks® said...

I don't think it is quite correct to say "that is allowed because mostly, confined within the mosque area".

What happened during the Reformasi era was, strictly speaking, also illegal. But, as it almost exclusively involved Muslims, the Govt chose to close on eye.

Are you suggesting that if Christians and Hindus hold peaceful demos within churches and temples, that would be acceptable to Najib, Kerismudin and the Police?

As far as the law is concerned there are NO "no go areas" for illegal assemblies which today's gathering at the mosque was. The IGP himself said so yesterday!!

What PM Najib and Kerismudin said is clearly a cop out, two-faced and a nudge and wink that mosque protestors could go ahead with illegal assemblies. We have come to expect nothing less from racists and bigots!

I am totally NOT in favour of the illegal assembly law in M'sia, but the Govt and Police MUST apply it equally against all citizens and not SELECTIVELY!!

Compare the attitude of the Police in the cows head incident in Shah Alam vs peaceful candle light vigils in PJ, where the Selangor State Govt approved usage of its land premises and the Police still waded in against them!

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Anonymous said...

What are we all fighting for? Was it for the principle? Was it merely human’s stupidity? It seems the choice over one word could create such enormous instability. How would you think world leaders could resolve the middle-east crises?

Does using the word ‘tuhan’ degrade Christianity? Contrary, does using the word ‘Allah’ embolden Christianity?

Similarly, where in the world the word ‘Allah’ is earmarked or registered as the God of Muslims? Google it yourself. To claim exclusive use of it is in itself ignorant. Sadly, they are Malaysian politicians who have taken it out of proportion and selfish reason.

We call ourselves human being but looking at it, we could be stupid and ignorant.

Anonymous said...

The Christians have been reading the books of GOD(Taurat, Zabur and Injil) long before muslims.The stories about creations of Adam and Hawa and all the stories about NABI: Nuh, Musa, Daud, Sulaiman,Isa are all about the same.The problem is most muslims are misguided.... i think there are not so many muslims can read and understand the QURAN, their facts about christianity are based only on sentiments and foklore stories. Actualy if you ask a Christian.. do you believe in 3 gods? The answer is no... we believe in one almighty GOD, the Creator of heaven and earth...there are always mysteries in a religion, the one that cannot be explained...only GOD Knows. All will be revealed on Hari KIAMAT.
Christians always have a high respect for muslims.Why can't they?
Ref from The QURAN 29:46.

Anonymous said...

abreham, sarah & hagar the maid ARE to be blamed !!

Frank said...


Tengku Razaleigh got it correct when he said the escalation of this Allah issue is little to do with religion. It is all racial politics.

The govt has the withals to stop it. But nay, it escalates by nuances.

To think that we could be like other radical countries eg Pakistan and India where we resort to fire bombing houses of worship yet we once were well regarded as a nation of tolerance of different races and religion.

The country has gone down the gutter in the last 5 years when an incumbent govt allows the fabric of society is allowed to be torn apart like this.

What do journalists do??? Silence because they need to put food the table for their family,

Anonymous said...

People already blame on UMNO, that is the perception. You and others paid UMNO journalists are losing ground.


frank and anon@10:09AM,

usually, i don't care to respond to comments.

there are, of course, exceptions.

like when the comments are baseless, mindless and, simply petty.

like yours are.

thank you.

wak segen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.

er, Frank...not about the Tengku Razaleigh part, though. that is not mindless or baseless.


clearly some of you commenters (whose remarks i have rejected) are as narrow-minded and intolerant and irrational as those arsonists are.

and to those of you who have already apportioned blame -- on Umno or whoever else -- simply blame because it is so nice to blame these corrupt Melayu -- well, all i can say is that, you are as bad as whoever you are blaming.

oh well. it takes all kinds to make this world go round and upside down...

Anonymous said...

You said "The PM is right. You cannot stop Muslims from protesting -- as in expressing their concern.

Just like you cannot stop non-Muslims from expressing themselves."

Ya kah? Do you know what you are talking about? So why did the police stop the christians from protesting in Sabah?

PM & his cousin can go to hell.
And you grow some brains. Journalist konon!


Anonymous said...

I am looking at two situations:

a. Selangor state anthem, which reads:

Duli Yang Maha Mulia
Selamat di atas takhta
Allah lanjutkan usia Tuanku
Rakyat mohon restu bawah Duli Tuanku
Bahagia selama-lamanya
Aman dan sentosa
Duli Yang Maha Mulia

b. Baca doa in public events and in Sekolah Kebangsaan.

In both instances above, the non-Muslims have accepted the fact that Allah is used and in the case of 1 above, non-Muslims also sing the state anthem. I remember doing that in primary school in K.L when the city was still under Selangor.

The scenario now seems to be:

a. Whatever UMNO introduces, non-Muslims must accept without questioning, including mentioning of the word 'Allah'. There should be no cause for alarm among the non-Muslims and they should not raise any concerns.

b. But when the Catholics in Malaysia want to use the word in Bahasa Malaysia communication specifically for its Church goers only, UMNO wants to deter such action.

Since when did UMNO take on the role of interfering in the activities of a Church?

Does this not point out to just one fact - UMNO never tolerates any action by those in Malaysia, when it does not match UMNO's crude agenda.

If this is not the snobbish and arrogant 'ketuanan' that is being forced down the throat of non-Muslims, what else can we call this?


Anonymous said...

I find myself learning new things about this country every time some thing like this come up.


"That is allowed because mostly, confined within the mosque area. "

So we can protest inside a mosque without permit?
Is this a right given by the law? Does this right extends to church/tokong? From the news, it seems the protest is quite visible to the public.

Can somebody else verify this so that I dont make a fool of myself like blaming the good PM?

Anonymous said...

You guys are so stupid..its almost not funny...

Anonymous said...

All that I have to say is Islam is a religon of Peace. I better say that , otherwise they will blow me up.

Donplaypuks® said...

"....simply blame because it is so nice to blame these corrupt Melayu -- well, all i can say is that, you are as bad as whoever you are blaming."

Nuraina, please note the issue is one of religion not race. What race is Islam or Christianity?

Besides, while the majority of Muslims in M'sia are Malays, there are also Chinese, Indians and others in their ranks.

I for one blame Syed Hamid Albar, Kerismudin and PM Najib for poor, pathetic handling of the situation and also for fanning the flames of religious bigotry by nuanced statements. Their being "Melayu" is irrelevant. I look upon them as Malaysians, period!!

We are all of 1 race, the Human race

alrawa said...

Dear Nuraina,
You were right to say that it is naive for anyone to think that the 'Allah' issue will not provoke sentiments.
I cannot understand why then the government and the Catholic leaders cannot see THIS coming. Were they naive or plain -----.
Base on the above, I believe that the church burnings were nothing more than play-acting.It was only to allow 'everyone' to show their 'concern' on the wellbeing of each other in Malaysia. 1 Malaysia, remember?
So, don't worry everyone, the drama shall end with a happy ending.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens in a melting melts...


Iman (anon11:16AM),

i'm sorry to say you will never learn anything. :-)

except perhaps see things through a very narrow, er, hole.

i would like to further explain but, no point. people like you will see what you want to see.

Cheers and God Bless



you said: "Nuraina, please note the issue is one of religion not race. What race is Islam or Christianity?"

-- oh.. i know that.



you said: "All that I have to say is Islam is a religion of Peace. I better say that , otherwise they will blow me up."

tsk tsk tsk... that is very insidious.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1.14PM

"is ALL because you encourage them : " i cannot stop people from protesting !!" @#$%^&*."

to you i say...good that the PM said can protest. very democratic, what!
last time, pakatan supporters want to protest, ok what...he told them to go to stadium and get permit.

let me educate you-lah. when people say they want to protest after friday prayers, they don't mean protest like some people -- shouting and maki hamun and drama drama drama. it means, as have been proven -- they just go outside becos after friday prayers you have to leave the mosque anyway, so just gather gather-lah...a little bit of expressign what you are unhappy about. enough-lah. no need permit becos, it is outside the mosque.

police around what, just in case. but as you now know...peaceful rally.

of course, unlike the reformasi protest those days...very very expressive and banyak marah-marah, spilling to outside the mosque compound.

so, anon, maybe if najib allow you to protest you go gial protest and maki hamun and shout-shout.

and to anonymous 11:16AM who sign as Iman:

oh.. so pitiful those people you mention cannot protest. so undemocratic to not allow them to protest.

now, you should get them to protest. outside church or temple, i think should be ok.

i support najib for his democratic stance. yes! GO PROTEST!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuraina
My comment about islam and peace was not meant to paint about the whole islam population. appologies if it sounded like that.
What i was refering was to those who are misguided and dumb to blow up chures in the name of protecting islam.

Kindly put my comment up. thanks

malayamuda said...


clearly u have taken the side of racist UMNO ! Shame on you ! There cant be double standards in the rule of law, are you so naive as that ?

Anonymous said...

If you agree that what Tengku Razaleigh said is not "mindless or baseless" then you should understand why many people are blaming the leadership and UMNO. Things dont happen in a vacuum. The situation has been allowed to nurture for quite some time, mainly by UMNO leaders. I dont understand your blind defense.

amoker said...

Wow, loads of comments.

Anyway, my friends and I are holding our peace. It is not a game and i do hope that nobody gets hurt or killed.

Just want to bring attention to the demonstrators in Shah Alam. Do take a look at the report at the Edge. They tried to stomp on Khalid Samad's poster and the police tried to stop. The protestors then ask the police to get out as 'that is the mosque compound', in which the police did.

My small brain cannot comprehend the irony.

Anonymous said...

umno is now a terrorist organisation.

pls inform CIA

Anonymous said...

if pm/president of political party can't influence his own people, then what is the name for this.

he has lost respect of his own people.

al jazeera reports pm says cant do anything about demonstrations. my foot la.


malayamuda: what can i say to people like you.

anon@8:06PM: whatever.



i suggest you say it to Umno leaders to their face.

Anonymous said...

Probably this could be the work of some drunk fans of a well-known Scottish football club? Football hooliganism has arrived. Just a theory ....

BareSheen said...

Dear Nuraina,

Stop being facetious. Have you seen the videos of your Muslim friends protesting outside mosques including the one with the cow head? Is that not maki hamun and senseless shoutings?

Please, do not be selective in your comments. Malaysians are not enamoured anymore by supposed veteran journalists.

Your blogs are often inane and irrelevant. Your journalistic integrity is getting unbecoming.

I know, I know, if I do not like it - I should just stop reading your blog. I did. I just do not care for your blog anymore but yours was linked in Malaysiakini and I thought what you are up to lately.

Same old same old ianity....

Anonymous said...

yang terlibat berdosa-DOSA !!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, if the Muslims will die to protect their religion, so will the other religions if they are being push against the wall, a matter of survival. We are tolerant all right BUT STOP PUSHING US!!!!!

Anonymous said...

UMNO spin doctors at work here.....


dear baresheen,

oh please. don't stop reading my blog. i so ned readers like you to read my blog because youa dd so much, er, colour to the rest of the inane rantings of my other commenters.

and Muslim friends, you say?

how odd that you call them so, because, in all honesty, i don't even know them. But I am a Muslim.that part you got right.

"facetious"...hmm... must look up this word in the dictionary. wonder what it means.

angela said...

hi ena,

too bad these people don't know you. you, who celebrate christmas and exchange presents with your christian friends; you, who went to a missionary school and know the scripture like the back of your hand; you, whose best friends were (and are but you don't see them often enough) two catholic girls from way back when....i can go on and on..

ena. i think these people simply hate the PM and Umno. for as long as you don't condemn the PM and Umno, they will label you all sorts of things.

i don't see you condemning Anwar Ibrahim. Does it mean you are a paid Anwar/Pakatan blogger?

it's clear that they cannot accept whatever you say that they do not want to hear.


God Bless...

Anonymous said...

Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt - Mark

Anonymous said...

I seldom drop by tapi tadi nampak Subhanallah under your blog, singgahla sat. Teruk jugak you kena trashed. Your comeback pun tak la best sangat. Maybe from now on I can forget your blog, no matter how inviting the title is.


Anonymous said...

I have heard some people say that Australia is a much better place to be than here. Places such as Melbourne and Sydney have much better laws, facilities and better pay. That was until I found out that foreigners especially Indian students are being beaten and some even killed by white Australians. Indeed, a recent survey indicated that 1 in 10 of a certain race feel that they are of a superior race.

Here, in Malaysia, I see none of that. In fact, I see many people of different ethnicity making a name for themselves and own businesses, free to make money.

Aren't people thankful that in this country you can still walk around and earn a living without being beaten up or even killed because of your ethnicity?

Anonymous said...


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Please don’t blatantly mislead
To be free from any quilt of misdeed
Let’s get involved only in the right mission
To avoid any misplaced vision

© Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 100110
Sun. 10th Jan. 2010.


Matmod (anonymous 1:10AM),

aaah. getting trashed. "occupational" hazard of bloggers. we get all kinds. great way to gauge people's reaction to certain issues.

and their mentality. their stupidity.

like yours.

mostly, they hide behind their anonymity.

like you. and others here.

oh yes. bigotry too.

Anonymous said...

mo, duh !!!! buang batu sembunyi tangan , consequently take the high moral ground. shame , shame, shame on you . We the silent majority of Malaysian condemn this despicable act and urge fellow Malaysians to come together. 1 Malaysia


Anonymous said...

I see not only some drunk Scottish football fans.
I see surreptitious and subversive workings of fifth columns and foreign agents.
I see sour grapes of 1965.
I see Straits of Malacca becoming an issue like Suez Canal in 50's.
I see someone wanting to choke the Dragon up north and this land is vital.
I see the breakup of Ottoman Empire being repeated here in this region.
I see someone physically small but packed with firepower of regional power, badly in need of a reason to enjoin with Malaysia by force.
I see some powers wanting to turn Malaysia into fail state thus the excuse to invite themselves in and tear the Constitution therein the 'special rights'.

I see a lot more mocking, ridicule and blame will be thrown at the ruling silent majority by the so-called 'oppressed' minority... after all they began with the premise of an evil, violent cult and not a religion belonging to 'spoon-fed' lazies, corrupted to the core and poor command of english. Then when things happen, put a dragnet blame la...

Just turn the other cheek...

To Amoker,

My brain can comprehend why ... its just a poster, a piece of paper being stomped upon, quite similar to pic of my ex-boss who was a christian being darted upon by his buddhist subordinate after work at a pub. So to be fair, the ex-boss puts up pics of the staffs at the same pub and played the same game. No police involved. So maybe Khalid should get a poster of the stomper and do the same at the same mosque. Fair or not?

Chinese Oracle (I'm not Malay disguising as a Chinese)

Austan said...

Laimun, how many Gods are there anyway? Allah is never a god to non-muslims but only to muslims? God is god to everyone and everything since he created everything. When you read your shahadah, I hope you know what it means too. Hope you know that Allah is an arabic word that means god. Since you are able to use the internet, please do more research about Islam. It's not enough to call yourself a muslim if you can't even get the concept of one God right or that the fact that Judaism, Christianity and Islam share the same root.

Maybe the government ought to worry more about the muslim youths who drink and party since drinking is one of the biggest sins in Islam rather than this issue.

Anonymous said...


Cukuplah, kamu sudah tua. Jadi surirumah sudahlah.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for your reply to my earlier comment. But you did not answer my question... why did the police stop the christians from demostrating in Sabah?

From my "hole" down here i also can see
the blatant double standards from Najib & Hisham. You can't see it from your high chair?


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


We need not wear gloves just to box
But to sort it out through the ballet box
To deal with those who behave like a fox
Let’s pray for God’s wisdom on how to outfox

© Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 110110
Mon. 11th Jan. 2010.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 7.25pm

Aren't most if not all achievements due to some degree of patronage? What's so wrong that? Its still an achievement as you wrote it, therefore it is good right?

If you had suspected it as an achievement of her's, why deemed as a failed product? What is it now, achievement or failure? If it is a failed product out of many products, there must be many good products of NEP. Thus NEP is good meh? Like my uncle C200K, failed electronics but my neighbour's good, no problem. MBenz no good to you? Maybe you cant judge coz you prefer Skoda or Proton? You can see as many failed MBenz as you want to see NEP's product. I ignore bad products and subscribe only good ones. She is good I tell you. NEP by default is good then.

On the blind support, aiyo ... why so cynical, if she's born blind and then says to you on a bright morning that there is a sun up in the sky,I bet you wouldn't want to believe her at all..right? Oh yes .. you would say to her that its the moon...

and Anon, when you want to reduce someone to the absurd shows that you only have demagogues as patrons

Chinese Oracle (I loathe Little Napoleans but love Napolian pizza)

Wondering where the melodious morning azan call gone? Use to be soothing wake up call for me in the kampung ...



you must be crap-headed if you assume that I think it's ok for those crap heads to be protesting the way they did with the cow-head!

i know you are not worth responding to, but sometimes -- and this is the time -- i feel like responding to assholes like you.

Anonymous said...

Following this Anon 8.31

"umno is now a terrorist organisation.

pls inform CIA"

My foster grandma who is in her 90's still a member of UMNO (forgotten one). She joined in the early days for which she sacrificed a few gold bangles. (UMNO not a rich capitalist club then).
She was terrorised by the 3 stars (which now seen to mutate into cleansed version 10.1). Only form of violent capable is by terrorising us kids getting up late for school, not finishing our meal and not reading our books.

I reported to tha C.. as you suggested. Also asked the C.. if they deemed her a mortal threat too. And they responded by saying that all terrorist are a threat and no quarters given. Their Predators will make sure of that like the one on an old guy on the wheelchair somewhere in MidEast some years back. Their machines are pinpoint accurate to the nostril and do not discriminate against age. Discrimination is bad thing humans like to do. Thats why they have machines to make sure everything fair and transparent. They said to take the old lady out for nice dinner then get out of the way.

Told her that and then her mouth open slightly in fading voice saying...Acu..dah makan? Pearls of tears streaked down her cheek happy to see me seeing her ....

So Anon ... did I do the right thing or not? I mean reporting to the C..

I hope you able to grasp the perception I'm having about the lots of you...

---Chinese Oracle---

Anonymous said...


You calling people "stupid/craphead/asshole" when you should counter with better arguments

Ya very convincing.

You win.

But my respect goes somewhere else

This comment has been removed by the author.

dear anon@2:32PM,

yep. i call commenters who make wild accusations as well as bigoted statements asshole/stupid and craphead because they are all that and worse.

the fact is, in your reference to that particular commenter, there was no argument to counter.

and to you, i say, please read properly.

#1 fan said...

Nuraina, although I do not agree to what you wrote, i must say you're entitled to your own opinion, just as everyone else who commented is.

after reading all of the above though, i just wanted to say smth which is pretty logical.

As of now, I am just disappointed at the police's response to the burning. I was just talking to a few friends. Imagine a mosque being burnt right now. I am very sure the arsonists will be caught in less than 24hours and what not.

thesis #1 : Burn a mosque anywhere in malaysia and make a graph comparing the response time of the police between churches and mosques. I am sure it will be fun and revealing :)

in the meantime, the arsonists can continue to burn the churches. when the situation gets out of hand, we can always ask the US or UN to interfere. good on us as a nation. other ppl interfering and we lose malaysia. i guess thats what the ppl wants. sigh



thank you for visiting.

you know, we all do not have to agree with each other. but we all agree on one thing -- that we wish to see an end to all this.
the trouble in life, in this world, is -- not everyone is like us, as we can all see. we wish that everyone can be calm, rational and reasonable.

frankly, i sense that Malaysians are not ready for debate on religion -- on Islam, specifically.

muslims incensed by issues (such as the "Allah/herald") say things that hurt the non-Muslims and the non-Muslims, of course, react.

Not pretty.

and people like me, just saying very mild things and what i think -- which is neither criticising the herald nor the pro-Allah people -- get the brunt of it as well from the very same people who accuse others of terrible things.

but, that is, as i have said, occupational hazard.

but, good to see this openness in debate.

nevertheless, all of us agree that the molotov-cocktail attacks on churches are terrible and the culprits be caught soonest.

but, #1fan, i am no fan of police inertia and inefficiency (-- but i wouldn't be too quick to accuse the police -- in this case -- of selective investigation.

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