Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Court Grants Stay Order on Use of 'Allah'

Today, the High Court in Kuala Lumpur has allowed a stay of order on use of "Allah" by Catholic weekly, Herald, after consensus by parties involved on the ground of national interest.

High Court Judge Lau Bee Lan has granted the Home Ministry a stay of execution on the earlier High Court ruling allowing the Catholic weekly magazine the Herald to use the word Allah in its Bahasa Malaysia edition.

The Home Ministry filed the application on Tuesday at the High Court Registry in Kuala Lumpur..

On Monday, the ministry lodged an appeal with the Court of Appeal against the earlier ruling.

And here's what Tun Dr Mahathir has to say.


laimun said...

Is our religion, Islam, so very fragile that Zahid Hamidi concede that Muslims tend to get confused. And what of our Council of Sleeping Ulamaks? So silent, so quiet!! These fat cats cannot even come out in voice to challenge the validity of “Allah”?

Why are my fellow Malays, (meaning the political arm of all organizations) always jumping about like activated enzymes, breast beating and yelling “AllahuAkbar” whenever making valid or invalid arguments.

It looks bad when you raise your clenched fists while some of you are smiling. This is serious matter, guys.

Another thing, shouting into the camera is not cool anymore. Luckily H1N1 season has waned, otherwise you fellas could be charged for spreading bad breath.

Now, let’s get serious.

Najib ole fren, what’s this seeking an audience with DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agong thingy? You are our main man. You tell Daddy Pakiam the Vatican is thataway and get Brother Pope to come out with his ruling. That will ensure the whole Muslim world; including Osama Ben Laden and the Taliban will be involved.

Now we can really have a “Clash of Civilizations” scenario.

Anonymous said...

Rukunegara says :' belief in GOD (Tuhan)'!
Allah is NOT stated ?
pls gunakan GOD/Tuhan cukup la !! stop all the fuss & let life go on till 21-12-2012 !
( saya belum makan nasi, lapar la )

Anonymous said...

Bayangkan kiranya kes ini dicabar kat London!!

Mesti luka2 lama Catholic dan Protestants menanah balik, antara puak puak kat sana.

Just hope this two Malaysian Christian Hero/Heroine don't drag Malaysia into similar unfavourable happenings!!

I hope they are not being made used of or being manipulated by third parties... Religion is such a sensitive issue!!


Anonymous said...

For muslims and believers of Islam, it is very clear cut, Allah has define, Himself, Who He is, Who He is not, in His book Al Quran.

If you are a Muslim and a believer, you believe that Quran is word from Allah. Book and Contents from Allah. Not from Muhammad The Messenger. Not from lawyers or scholars. Divine Definition by Him. By Allah. Not debateable. Not Questionable. Period.

In Quran, Allah Defines, what Allah Is, what Allah Means.

Allah says, in the Quran,

" Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;

2. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;

3. He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;

4. And there is none like unto Him."

This is the definition of Allah, officially, in Islam; officially upheld by Muslims, when they utter the word "Allah".

Bloody not relevant, wheter its arabic, or kadazan, or tanzanian. It is not a language, or terminology matter.

Bloody not relevant, if zimbabwean says ok, or lebanese christians says ok, or indonesians says ok.

And it is suppose to be clear cut SIMPLE thing, that this definition carries bloody weight, in Country where Islam is THE National Religion, Protected by THE Constitution, under the Jurisdiction and Management of THE YDP King.

Does Christian means the same Allah, as defined above, when they mention Allah's name? Yes? No?

If they yes, ok. then join the club. muslims and christians are brothers, we have the same faith!!!

However, if they means that Allah as in Trinity Concept, three in One, Allah is The Father, Allah is also The SOn, Allah is also is the Holy Ghost; and in Malaysia we okayed it;

then, might as well we erase Islam as National Religion, and YDP King's Jurisdiction on Islam, is rendered not relevant!

is this what pakiam's real message and objectives are??? Yes???

how come no bloody ulama or muslim lawyers see this?

If Christian means Allah, as all three above, Jesus is also God, and thus, is also Allah; then, it is not the same as Quran and Islam's Allah!

DOnt twist words. its just plain NOT the same!Everyone knows IT IS NOT the same!!

When contradict, like this, what do we do?

Authorities supposed to respect, find, look at Islam as The National Religion, and refer to YDP King if necessary. The normal courteous way.

Not bloody court! Not bloody judges!! who themsleves cant cope with normal legal backlogs!!Now, they are playing theologians?

what does those bloody judges knows about religion? did they study about Allah, in their years learning law? what definitions and references do they use? British Law of Precedence? Mr Beans versus Lord Charlie Chaplin? Oxford Dictionary? Wikipedia?

How more stupid can they get?

But, their ignorance and indifference can never never NEVER match, the grossness, and the quietness, the incompetence, and the fear, and the USELESSNESS of ulamak islam in malaysia, not even able to uphold Allah, as defined by the Quran.

Some like pas hadi even ok the case, using his intelligence and putting on his comtemporary hats, to win votes and power.

wahai hadi, you forsake Allah, and Allah will forsake you! If you do not have Allah on your side, you have nothing!

Holy Sh*t indeed you lot....

one exception tho, i saw this guy pas haron din, stood up in youtube, taking his stand. Others??

If the christians can use word Allah, to mean the God they mean, then, JAIS, JAKIM, jangan berani TANGKAP ajaran sesat, yang meng-confuse muslims, teaching using the word Allah, dekat rumah rumah kedai, and define the definition of God their way, like Ayah Pin etc.....

-Ulamak Crappolas-

Anonymous said...

I am not a muslim, if Quran is the truth source as follow by Muslim. What does it say? Do Quran allow Allah or not for non muslim? Thanks.


xmizanx said...

confius lah,,, adoyai

Anonymous said...

bodoh la argument pasal perkataan ALLAH nih. yang bising bising pun rata rata orang yang SPM pun tak lepas. meeeengong betul. kalau ada phd dalam sejarah religion, boleh dipercayai sikit. ini, suratkabar pun tak baca. bodoh belaka.

Anonymous said...

If we want the nation to progress, we must keep things simple.

1) Keep road signs simple
2) Keep roads simple
3) Keep education simple
4) Keep transportation simple
5) Keep religion simple

If we all know that Muslims don't like other religions to use the word Allah, then don't.

Why must Malaysians always seem to make things complicated and confusing?

Like roads, why must it always be 'pusing, pusing, pusing', to get from A to B you must go to Z?

Don't confuse,keep things simple la. Life is already hard as it is, don't make it harder.

Anonymous said...

ok, ok...cukup lah ! NOW, tell me :
the VERY 1st principle in Rukunegara
stated since 1970 & STILL stating
' Belief in GOD ! ' ( bukan Allah)!? ? how !?

Anonymous said...

How can a minister instigating the ppl : " demonstrations ah !? OK, go ahead ....shout & show your anger over the judgment allowing christians
using the .....!!"
HOW can he ?????
he must be held responsible for the
coming chaos & troubles in the street !

Anonymous said...

Minaret tu apa? Menara kan? Kenapa minaret islam tak boleh? Minaret to exclusive kepada Islam tetapi perkataan Allah tidak exclusive?


Anonymous said...

gambar prophet mohamad bukan exclusive kepada Islam?


Anonymous said...

While no one is denying the IMPORTANCE of the use of "Allah" by the Muslims in Malaysia, is it possible for the thinking people out there, like our leaders, to consider the plight of those who through no mistake of theirs have for hundreds of years by culture been using the same word "Allah" in their reading texts and consequent habitual vocal usage for conversation and reference ( especially the East Malaysian Christians ).


Anonymous said...

I am a non Muslim.

So can I or can't I sing the Selangor anthem as it contains the verse "Allah lanjutkan usia Tuanku"!!!!

Anyone care to solve this dilemma??

Anonymous said...

My honest observations:

1. Malaysia is divided into 2 worlds, the muslim world, and non muslim world.

2. Within the non muslim world, the chinese, indians, or whatever, the hindus, buddhists, christians, or whatever; can mix together, eat together, travel togher, visit each other's places of worship, attending each other's festivals etc. Most non muslims, not all can or willing to do this.

3. Within the muslim world, most muslim live and mix among themselves. Most, i must stress, as some muslims do mix freely with others, just like those in sabah and sarawak, and the urbane middle class muslims in KL.

4. If you are at LCCT, just observe. You can find travelling parties consist of chinese and indians. You don't find muslims and non muslims travel together.

5. This is just an honest observation. You may agree, or disagree with me. We can choose to live like this forever, or we can choose to close the gap among the two worlds.

Boeing s/o Airbus

Anonymous said...

why so soooo takut, NO confidence la !?

Anonymous said...

Dear Angelina 9.09am and 8.22am anon,

you guys actually gets it right, like the rest of us --- for decades. thats why, so far, there was never any fuss, no quarrels.

why suddenly a problem?

If in Christian Sabahan prayer, individually, they use the word Allah, and means what they means, to themselves, then, there is no impact nor breach on any social rules of the country. no one is stopping you.

The word God (Tuhan) in Rukun Negara is another beauty in Malaysian Sensitivity, remain open for all, and is indeed THE main ingredients for the peace we are enjoying all these while, when others having daily turmoil & bloodsheds in their countries.

When a Muslim say Tuhan in Rukun negara, he/she means Allah. When a christian malaysian say rukunengara, he/she means jesus christ, when a Hindu say it, it means Hindu's Tuhan, etc. etc.

Malaysia wants its people to have religions, strong principles in life, and holding on to a belief, not Atheist, like Communist Countries.

THE problem with the recent outburst by Pakiam, is definitely not innocent and plain as it looks. its not about language and terminolgy. its about his KPI, as archbishop, to his bosses and masters elsewhere, in his achievements, in Converting Malay Muslims to Christianity.

On how he can break the "Enemy's" Frontline, as he termed it.

Refer Washinton Post Interview with him, why he does it:

And Pakiam's Main intentions was missed and not Mentioned, by the Judge at High Court:

Pakiam's actions make all malaysians lose. If this go further, it wont be good for any of us. Pakiam is breaking the country and waging war on malaysia, in the name of his god.

This is against the National Constitution, against the grain of establish trusts and peace and harmony we enjoyed thus far....

Mike Tan said...

Haiyo,what's in a name.
A rose by any name is a rose.

Bayangkan:Christian Arabs God is "Allah",Muslims Arabs God is "Allah".Their Allah refers to diffrent Gods.It's OK.

In Malaysia: Christian Sarawakian/Sabahans God is "Allah".Malay Muslims(Penisular)
God is "Allah".It is not OK.

I thought God for Christians and Muslims are the same starting from Abraham's time.Until Jesus came along when Christians claimed he is son of God but Muslims regard
him as only another massiah?

Luckily I am a Buddhist!:D

selampit said...

Confuse wrote

I am not a muslim, if Quran is the truth source as follow by Muslim. What does it say? Do Quran allow Allah or not for non muslim? Thanks"

Excellent question!

My answer can be summarizes as follows;

Islam is STRICTLY MONOTHEISTIC religion, which means when it comes to the ONENESS of Allah, there is NO compromise whatsoever.

Please refer to the comment by -Ulamak Crappolas-

The Quran says;

" Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;

2. Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;

3. He begetteth not, NOR is He BEGOTTEN;

4. And there is none like unto Him."

Surah Al-Ikhlas

Now this is a verse from the Bible (King James Version);

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his ONLY BEGOTTEN Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

John 3:16

Do you see the discrepancy here?

So there is your answer.

maryam said...

mike tan,

funny you should bring up the point on the use of "Allah" in sabah and Sarawak.

muslims generally don't care one way or another if you use "Allah" in your sermons, or in your sunday classes or in church.

like in sabah and sarawak, i am sure, many people in peninsular were not aware that "Allah" had been used in the two states by christians.
call it ignorance, whatever. but until the peninsular and sabah and sarawak forged closeness, people in the peninsular did not really know much about the situation with regards to people using bahasa melayu and Allah in churches.

now we know-lah.

but i can tell you why "Allah" was and still used by christians in sabah/sarawak. i am not sure, however that i am convined that it is used often enough.
but, that's another story.

you see. bahasa melayu is spoken by the natives in sabah/sarawak, so if you were a christian missionary and you want to convert the natives, you had better know how to speak bahasa melayu.
in fact, that's how the iban/dayaks and so on were converted yongs ago.

the situation in sabah and sarawak is an anomaly, as it were. an exception rather than the rule. but that's becos, that is peculiar in the two states where bahasa melayu is widely spoken and only makes sense that bible classes etc use bahsa melyu and "Allah" (if indeed!).

as for the arab countries. hello! the only difference between one arab and another is their religion. they are culturally and ethnically homogenous. "Muhamad Abdullah" can be a Christian. So, therefore "Allah" is God to them.

You understand, Mike?

You tell me...since when in peninsular "Allah" is used in sermons, in churches, in sunday classes?

However, if you, Mike, want to say"Allah", go ahead.

But if you go to court insisting on using "Allah" in your Christian bahsa Malaysia newsletter, i will be wondering why.

Whether Allah can be used by non-Muslims is not the main issue. And please-lah, nothing to do with not being confident about our faithful...the point is Muslims are unhappy over the insistence by the the herald to use Allah in print because they think youa re up to something.

that is why, you should think first before doing this kind of thing.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 11.46 AM: Kedah state anthem goes, ALLAH selamat Sultan Mahkota. Berpanjangan usia di atas takhta. Memelihara ugama nabi kita. Negeri Kedah serata-rata. Can Selangor help Kedah and Kedah help Selangor? Maybe the non-muslims in KEDAH SEAL THEIR LIPS TIGHTLY so as not to utter the first word.

jojo said...

anon 11:46AM,

i say. don;t be stupid-lah. there is no law saying you cannot say Allah.

what is before the court is a suit by the catholic Herald --a weekly puiblication -- to use the word "Allah".

that's all.

johanna said...

anon/1:19PM said:

"why so soooo takut, NO confidence la !?"

don't mock muslims-lah.

the fact is that there are malays who have converted. and there's really nothing anyone can do if a muslim wants to convert. unless, of course, he makes it public. because malays are muslims (consitutionally), they face punishment if they convert. rightly or wrongly, that is decreed.

however, the muslim outrage over the High Court decision arising from the archbishop's action to take the matter to court, is due to that very act of the archbishop.

some people -- non-Muslims and self-confessed Muslim liberals -- pour scorn by accusing Muslims who had expressed their anger, to be not confident of their faith.

perhaps. but that's because they think that the church is out to covnert Muslims.

back to you... nothing to do with not being confident. more, being very distrustful of the church.

breadman said...

TerbakarHatinyayangSepi (anon 8:34AM)

"gambar prophet mohamad bukan exclusive kepada Islam?"

hello...mana ada gambar Prophet Mohamed.

jangan-lah ngok!

Anonymous said...

Catholic adalah sisa gereja rome purba, iaitu universal church of rome yang wujud dari zaman sebelum nabi Isa a.s.

Apabila konstantin yang asalnya pagan itu, adopt cristianity, dia pun memasukkan dan menerapkan ajaran god and goddes of ancient rome ke dalam agama catholic. Maka lahirlah the concept of trinity. the pagans before nabi isa a.s. dah lama menyembah concept trinity, dan "tuhan" menghantar "anaknya" ke dunia. seperti yang kita lihat, katun The Thor, The Hercules, etc.

The original christians, people of the book, pengikut nabi Isa a.s., yang mengangap Isa sebagai nabi pada waktu itu, di hapuskan dan dibunuh. Mereka yang sesat ini, mula menyebarkan dan mempraktikan ajaran sesat mereka, dan menghalal kan yang haram, seperti makan babi, tak circumcise, cuti hari ahad (worship of the sun) padahal agama asal nabi musa sabbath adalah hari sabtu.

Mereka memasukkan unsur2 rome kuno seperti easter holiday, christmas etc. Itu semua adalah perayaan dan sambutan yang di praktikan sejak zaman pagan, sebelum nabi Isa a.s.

December 25 adalah winters solstice yang mana matahari seletelah 3 hari terbenam muncul semula. Dari fenomena natural ini lah doktrin kristian sesat ini, melahirkan concept resurrected after 3 days, dan tarikh tersebut dikatakan tarikh lahirnya nabi Isa.

Kemudian mereka menyekutukan tuhan mengatakan tuhan ada anak dan holy spirit sebagainya. Sangat tragic penipuan ini, kerana kebodohan & putar belitnya amat jelas. "Nabi Isa", yang di anggap Jelmaan Tuhan dalam bentuk manusia itu, boleh mati atas salib dan sebelum mati, ia menjerit "oh lord why have you forsaken me?".

Melihat pula zaman kini, here in asia, we can see mentally colonized victims of such ajaran sesat tersebut,menghias pokok pine krismas dan memakai pakaian costume santa, menunggu salji turun di negara tropika!. Ini adalah sesuatu mental colonization yang paling pelik in modern mankind history.

Ajaran eropah purba, zaman pagan, sebelum nabi Isa a.s., sememangnya meletakan pokok krismas semasa winter di rumah, kerana pada musim winter, semua pokok pokok lain "mati" luruh daunnya. Hanyalah pokok pine(evergreen) yang tak mati. Jadi mereka menganggap pokok itu mempunyai kuasa ajaib dan merekapun menyembah pokok tersebut.

Ajaran sesat ni pula di ikuti dan di selitkan kedalam christianity, oleh puak puak yang sesat, yang di sebutkan di atas, iaitu puak kristian rome. Minda modern christians, termasuk asians, yang gelap terkongkong di negara tropika, juga turut mempraktikan routine tersebut atas nama agama ini. sedangkan di zon tropika, pokok pokok sentiasa hijau.

Inilah yang dikatakan pekak, buta mata, buta hati, buta segalanya, serta sesat, di dalam Al Quran.

Setelah agama asal nabi Isa berjaya dihancurkan, sekarang mereka cuba menghancurkan Islam.

Agenda perang dan politik amat jelas dalam isu semasa yang dibincangkan. Sedihnya, ada para ilmuan Islam begitu cepat mahu menerima dan melabel mereka yang sesat ini, sebagai people of the book. i wonder if the above facts, simple as it is, and is known and acceptable even by christians of today, is also known to most muslim scholars, attempting to fight and defend Islam.

Tan Sri Pakiam, The Vaticans, are indeed the inheritor of the Roman Catholics Churches of today. Pagans? Not anywhere close to Nabi Isa a.s.? Not anywhere near, working for Jesus?

Anonymous said...

A man came home from work and his children ran to him and called out "Daddy! Daddy!".

His neighbor got very upset and said to him, "Can you please tell your children not to call you "Daddy"?"

The man asked, "Why?"

The neighbor retorted, "Because my children call me "Daddy" too. They might get confused and mistake you to be their father."

Anonymous said...

as a PM , i cannot STOP people from protesting ONE !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You mean Non-Muslim East Malaysians have been using the word Allah in their holy texts all these years!!??? Subhanallah!!!

Apa tok-tok imam, kadi, ulama kita buat selama ini!!??



actually he never stopped people from protesting.

didn't you take part in the anti-ISA rally in kelana jaya stadium?

Anonymous said...

hey Jojo - who is being stupid now - read this, its in plain english !!!!

"Use of ‘Allah’ forbidden by 1988 enactment

THE 1988 non-Muslim Enactment already prohibits non-Muslims from using the word “Allah” and there should be no dispute now, Utusan Malaysia reported.

It said the Sultan of Selangor wants all quarters to hold firm to the stance that the word cannot be used by non-Muslims.

The Sultan’s position on the matter was aimed at preserving the Muslim faith and inter-religious harmony in the state, Selangor Islamic Religious Coun¬cil (MAIS) chairman Datuk Mohamad Adzib Mohd Isa Adzib said after briefing 38 non-governmental organisations at the state mosque on Monday.

“Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah wants the state to abide by the Selangor Fatwa Council’s decision that the word ‘Allah’ is exclusive to Muslims,” Adzib said.

He said he was told to issue the statement accordingly in the presence of Selangor mufti Datuk Mohd Tamyes Abdul Wahid, MAIS secretary Abdul Halem Hapiz Salihin and its legal advisor Nurhani Salwa Jama¬luddin."


jojo and anon@2:05PM,

both of you are -- right.

actually, the utusan report, i think is in the context of the situation now with regards to the use of Allah.

how that differs from people singing the selangor anthem is that when you sing, i suppose, you are not preaching or things like that.

i suppose, we all have to see things in perspective.

thank you.

hak55 said...

I am a Malaysian.

As I have mentioned in my comments and in my blog before, this whole thing has been wrongly handled in the first place by our bungling and irresponsible leaders and so we now have what we call 'a storm in a tea cup’. If this is not properly managed after all the inconveniences and shams that this has caused, more trouble would come. I hope, people in power and authority will start using their 'common sense' in solving it so that we can all go on living in this country without any worries about our safety and security.

I remember in all primary schools in Singapore including the school that I attended, we had weekly one-hour sessions called ‘ethics’ and at these sessions, our principal and the school teachers encouraged us pupils of all races and religions, to mingle around and we exchanged notes about culture, language and religion. We were requested to bring along books used at our religious classes and share stories with the other pupils from another religion. I read excerpts from the Bible and read Bible stories which my Christian friends had brought with them and were told about how the Hindus and the Buddhist prayed and learnt why Punjabis who practise Sikhism wear turbans. Sometimes our teachers would tell us stories about deeds carried out by Islamic prophets and sometimes the Christian prophets and told us to follow their good conduct and behaviour so that we all could continue to live in peace and harmony. This experience is telling and lasting and would mould us to be good, understanding and tolerant about other people’s race, culture and religion when we become adults. We also had excursions that included visits to mosques, churches, temples, synagogues, a Bahai temple, etc.

Of course, besides that, ethics also taught us things such as how to conduct and behave ourselves well at home, in school and in public, how to address people, giving way to the fairer sex, basic etiquette including during mealtimes, how to be clean, neat and tidy, dressing and good manners.

Why can’t we introduce a programme like this in all primary schools and even in all secondary schools in Malaysia instead of segregating people (children) from a very young age?

Best regards.

Anonymous said...

The word 'Allah' existed thousand of years before Prophet Muhammad PBUH. The Prophets father was a pagan priest and they used to pray to 360 pagan gods. One of those pagan gods was Hubal, the Moon God and the main pagan god. That pagan god was also called 'The God' or 'Allah'. This was before the Prophet Muhammad began to learn the message of the one and true God. Today you see the crecent moon as the symbol of pagan Islam. The Kaba was the alter for these pagan gods. All books written by Prophet Muhammad PBUH was destroyed by his immediate followers including the remaining Hafsah codex which was later destroyed by Uthman another of Prophet Mahummad's PBUH followers. Phophet Muhammad PBUH learned the religion from the Jews and Christians and the first Koran carried the same message as in the holy books of the Taurat and the Injeel. It was the followers of Prophet Muhammad who obliterated and changed the Koran of today to meet their own political ambitions. Non of my so-called muslim brothers learn the Koran other than read it like a parrot and sound a foreign language. Unfortunately, a major portion of the original Koran was lost with the death of Salim a follower of Prophet Mahummad PBUH. This is the truth and is a true fact in the real history of islam and to anyone who is learned, the Islam of today is a pagan religion made so by the followers of Prophet Mahummad PNUH and the followers changed it to meet their warring and political needs. Similarly, today you see the Malaysian Government using this violent religion to meet their political needs. There is no peace in this Islam because it was the way of the Quraish people. They are a barbaric, illiterate and violent people.
The truth is in the History of Islam for those who have any brains to learn and understand the truth about Islam. Yes, there WAS an islam but this islam is not that Islam. That original Islam was of Faith, Truth and Peace. The faith of Aiesha the last wife of Prophet Muhammad and that his other wife Hafsah, was the last time Islam was practised in its true form. An Islam where women were highly respected.
What I write is the relevation of the truth in accordance to true Islam as given to me through Prophet Mahummad PBUH. Believe what ever you will because when The Mahdi comes, you will repent for your sacriligious activities against the people of Allah, the one God of the Nabi's and of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

hak55 said...

Assignments for Allahs.

I am NA, your Grand Master (GMNA), Here Thee Hear Thee, Thou Allahs.!!

NAGM: I shall now assign tasks to Allah 1, Allah 2, Allah 3, Allah 4 and so on ...

All the Allahs: Yes Sir, Grand Master NA;

NAGM: Now you Allah 1, you go take care of Sabah and Sarawak!

Allah 1: Yes Sir, Grand Master NA, I shall go now;

You Allah 2: Yours’ Penang!

Allah 2: Yes Sir, Grand Master NA, I shall go now;

NAGM: You Allah 3, take care of Peninsular Malaysia and remember the restrictions!

Allah 3: Yes Sir Grand Master NA, I do and I shall go now;

NAGM: Allah 4, now, you wait here, I may have to assign you overseas but you have to wait first!

Allah 4: Yes Sir Grand Master NA, I shall wait for your command.

That’s how it looks like, doesn’t it, different Allahs for different geographical regions.?

Friend: Eh you stupid! How can you do such things? Who do you think you?

That’s the trouble with people like who don’t know Religion, Akidah, Tauhid, Fekah, Syariah, Tasauf, Al-Quran, Hadith, etc.

Don’t pray pray ah!

hak55 said...

Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooshhhhhhhhhhhhh ..............

NAGM: Who's there?

Allahs: We are nos 5 - 21, Sorry we're late Grand Master, we overslept.

NAGM: Okay, No. 5, you go to Haiti right now!

Allah 5: Yes Sir Grand Master.

Allah 6 - 21: What about us Grand master?

NAGM: You all go back to sleep in heaven; I am still not ready yet with your assignments.

Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooshhhhhhhhhhhhh ..............