Sunday, January 10, 2010

Al Fatihah -- Tun Fatimah Hashim

Tun Fatimah Hashim, former Kaum Ibu Umno (later known as Wanita Umno) chief passed away at about 11.30pm last night (Saturday) at her Bukit Pantai home. She was 86.

Al Fatihah.


pakmat said...

..Al Fatihah..may she be showered with unrestrained Blessing..for she was, indeed, a rare breed..someone whose political agenda was only for the country.....quote.".. We did not fight for independence for the sake of fame. It was for our country."..indeed you did, Tun, and we all owed you one...

Anonymous said...



What will happen when we use Allah for God in the English Bible..?

Jesus said: "Allah is greater than I" (John 14:28),

Jesus said the most important commandment is "'Hear, O Israel, the Lord our Allah, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your Allah with all your ...heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength." (Mark 12:29-30)

"I am Allah, and there is no other; I am Allah, and there is none like me" (Isaiah 46:9),

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hmmmmm. pakiam might miss calculated this one. it backfires lah....

Nur said...

alfatihah untuk arwah... moga rohnya di cucuri rahmat dan di tempatkan bersama orang2 yang beriman...

Anonymous said...

Rasanya wajar sekali kita merenung kata-kata Gopal Raj Kumar yang kami petik di bawah ini:

What Catholics appear to be seeking here is an extension to that form of racism that whatever non Malays and non Muslims wish to do in the name of religion has to be tolerated in the name of a half written constitution. Whilst at the same time arguing against everything that the Malays as a majority in a democracy do as wrong and racist.

Catholics must learn to reciprocate in kind to a people in whose country they have been treated with much reverence, dignity and respect over centuries. Malaysia although fundamentally a Muslim state has, advocated for and advanced Catholic (and other religious causes and purposes) without the let or hindrance of religious intolerance like that imposed on them by the Thais, Burmese, Philippines, Australians, Chinese and more recently the Swiss.

Much of the reason we are able to debate such issues and to read and write about it today it is often argued is the result of a good Catholic education. Wrong! It is equally the result of Malay Muslim generosity in allowing the propagation of the faith, its schools and other institutions to thrive and its tolerance of their values.

It is a pity that in return all that the Catholic church has to offer is an insult to the Malays and Malay Muslims in persuing such a worthless policy of provocation.

In a demonstration of its faith in its own credo of Good Christian Charity and goodwill, the Catholic Church ought to withdraw the ridiculous and provocative demand now legitimised by a flawed decision. It should demonstrate that it ought not to be allowed the sinister use of one Arabic word Allah which is clearly a thorn in the side of its Malay majority hosts.

The church may do so without any embarrassment to itself. On the contrary with one fell act of goodness and respect it would build a bridge of understanding likely to last forever as a monument to its credo, rather than for the blemishes in its record of insults, abuse, its betrayal to the colonials and the undermining of the cultural and religious sensitivities and heritage of Malaysia’s majority (

-add to the list -

Anonymous said...

Politicians of yesteryears...a different breed indeed...

Anonymous said...

When the indonesians lay claims to certain songs, dances and adats as being exclusively theirs and shall not be "copied" by malaysians, the malays here protest, and they lay counter claims that all these belong to the people of nusantara, therefore render any argument of exclusivity as irrelavant.

But when the christians of sabah and sarawak lay claim to the word allah as part of their religous adat which has been in existence for more than 100 years, the malays protest, and lay counter claim for exclusivity.

As a non malay, i am confuse as to what sort of principles are being applied to support an argument over an issue. Some quote the constitution, some quote history, some quote religous texts, some quote culture and adat, and some quote politicians!

And i support that this issue is to be referred to Majlis Raja-Raja. And may I add that the issue concerning "secret" conversion to Islam and body snatching, like the late/allahyarham everest climber case, be resolved by the Majlis as well. Secrecy sow mistrust, openness is the only way.

In the world of black and white, we also need to ascertain the validity of arabic names, or what some here call islamic names, in the Malaysian context. In the middles east, a Fatima or a Kadir may be a Muslim or a Christian. What about here? We need a guidline to pre empt another round of controversy, as more and more 21st century malaysian parents apply "sophisticated" names for their children. We have people with names like Annexe, Jovial, Clovis, Valentine...just a matter of time before we come accross names like Nooraisyaa Annabelle Chong, Elyas Europa Tan, or Nurul Istanbul Muthusamy!

Peter Gabra

yb said...

how come you're quiet? Seen RPKs blog? Malaysia Waves? Mahaguru?


Anonymous said...


I believe Tun Fatimah Hashim was an excellent Malaysian.
A person of true sincerity in wanting to help build up this country of ours for everyone.
Lets hope that there are many more true Malaysians like her.
God Bless her soul.




quiet. busy over the weekend.

someone mention about me in MT earlier. something about muslim bloggers alliance.

i told the commenter not to believe everything he reads. but i did say that i'm not a member of any muslim bloggers alliance.

i am with the national alliance of bloggers. not active at the moment becos members of pro-tem exco have either become politicians or have decided to quit.

i do remember tho sometime ago in one blog mentioning me attending a meeting with some religious officers and zahid hamidi along with rocky and some muslim bloggers including Mahaguru.

that's true.

the department (oh dear, i can't even remember if it was the PM's dept or jabatan agama Islam), I suppose wanted to meet a mix of muslim bloggers -- the pro-Islam (like Mahaguru) and well, secular ones like me and rocky.

as far as i'm concerned, i have no problem meeting with people -- of all shapes, and sizes, religions, and political leanings.

during my active blogging days, i've met with a diverse group of people -- including politicians.

anyway, i remember that in that blog, the meeting was made to be a sinister one. now, that's a surprise. because as far as i'm concerned, if anyone wants my views i give..-- the meeting was quite uneventful. Cant even remember who else were there and who the officers were or how many of them. i do remember that we did talk about religious issues, including the earlier court case involving the "Allah" issue, because the case had just come up then. Can't remember specifics, though.

but that was that.



Yes. I know there are many Malaysians like her.

Thank you for visiting.