Friday, October 16, 2009

Privatising NSTP

MEDIA Prima, Malaysia’s leading media group, plans to privatise The New Straits Times Press through a share swap to create one of the largest media groups in the country.
Media Prima will also raise RM150 million through a bond issue to finance working capital and investments, the company said in a statement today.
The 1-for-1 share exchange comes with one free new warrant for every five offer shares accepted.
Media Prima currently owns 43 per cent of NSTP, Malaysia’s oldest and largest newspaper publisher.
The merged companies are expected to generate over RM1 billion in annual revenue, with net profit exceeding RM140 million. - Reuters


Greenbug said...

You are writing a blog, don't you have any opinion of your own to offer but just report the details ad verbatim?

Anonymous said...

They can do whatever they want with NSTP, its still a shitty newspaper


MODERATOR indie said...

SYABASSS DAN TAHNIAH KEPADA NAJIB TUN RAZAK. Syabas kerana berani menjadi pemimpin yang handal, tidak takut kepada persaingan jawatan Presiden UMNO. Tahniah kerana berani membawa halatuju UMNO kearah Perubahan Besar. Baca lain...

Ekoran pemansuhan sistem kuota pencalonan untuk jawatan parti , termasuk Presiden dan Timbalan Presiden. Bukan senang hendak melaksanakan tindakan nekad sebegini. Baca lagi...

Dengan pemansuhan tersebut setidak-tidaknya Najib telah mendedahkan dirinya kepada satu kedudukan yang teramat-amat bahaya.

1) Kemungkinan besar beliau akan dicabar dimasa-masa hadapan tanpa ada lagi ‘Perlindungan Sakti’. Tangkal kebal Najib sudah dilucutkan. Sudah dibaling jauh-jauh. Berkemungkinan juga Najib takut mendatangkan syirik Kubra... heh!

2) Beliau akan dikenang dan diangka sebagai seorang Presiden UMNO yang berjiwa besar yang sanggup meletakkan kepentingan Demokrasi Parti daripada kepentaingan sendiri. Dengan ini sekurang-kurangnya imej hitam yang terpalit semenjak Kest Altantuya akan dilunturkan sedikit demi sedikit. Walauapaun Keberanian Najib masuk Gelangan Pertarungan telah membuktikan beliau sebagai Berpantang Maut Sebelum Ajal.

3) Masih ada Harapan untuk membersihkan amalan RASUAH didalam UMNO, yang mengikut prosedur parti. Sperti yang cuba dibuat oleh Anwar Ibrahim satu masa dahulu. (kononnya)

Sila baca selebihnya di:

Anonymous said...

May I respectfully ask who are the personalities owning the controlling shares in NST now and after the exercise? I have no problem if it's owned by UMNO or individuals representing UMNO.

So much has been written in the past about ownership of the Fleet group that controlled NST then. I just wish to know if control would continue to be in Malay or UMNO hands. It sometimes is difficult to tell from ROC records because of the use of proxies and nominees.

NST was much respected at one time. I think it went into decline even before Tun Dr Mahathir started blogging. I hope the injection of huge additional funds would enhance the reputation of this oldest and largest newspaper publisher. It used to be my morning wake-up call. It has my sincere best wishes.

Anonymous said...

heard of 'janji melayu' !?

Geronimo said...

Quite frankly, I yearn for the days when the NST was under Leslie Hoffman.

Anonymous said...

How can NST change, and capture market share from rivals such as STAR and Sun, when managing editors like you are just shaking legs. Look at Fauziah (chatting on ICQ) and Sharif Harun, a nice guy but not cut for the job too.
Pak Man Tell All

Anonymous said...

What the Government should do is to review those corridor development that was made big huha during Pak Lah's administration. Look at Iskandar Msia, the supposedly success story of corridor development. Is that so? If u go to Jb and talk to the locals, they dont even see the benefit on the ground. So much taxpayers' money have been spent, and yet the impact after 3 years is almost negligible. Annually the Federal Govt allocated about RM100mn to run IRDA, the new agency that is in charge with Iskandar Msia. And what this IRDA does is just hiring consultants. Go to their website and u will notice that currently they are doing more than 30 blueprints. And u think those blueprints will improve the living condition of Johorean?

It seems the main beneficiaries of the projects are consultants, Khazanah, and Singaporeans. those lands and houses that are up for sale are freehold, some leasehold. Even those that was sold to Pak Arab in Nusajaya is freehold. I wonder what the MB Johor is doing?

Those IRDA employees are overpaid. There are more than 15 IRDA staff that are earning more than RM30k per month. And this is a non-profit government agency we are talking about. With a serious management problem going on and structural concern, the Government should just make a bold move to close down this non-functional agency.

Concerned taxpayer

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Aunty Nuraina,
My Mama is regretting her cashing in the ESOS many many years ago. Should have held on to them...hehehe...could buy heaps of catfood with the money. purr....meow!

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thank you for reminding me.

sometimes i just don;t have time to blog my thoughts. :-)


anon@1:03PM/Pak Man Tell All,

i published a response to you but decided to delete it because i did not sound very nice.

thank you for your observation in the news room.