Thursday, October 22, 2009

MCA Crisis -- Come Together...

MCA president Ong Tee Keat had met with Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak to brief him on the party crisis.

I have no details of their meeting but I imagine Najib must have asked Ong to get his and the MCA's act together and resolve the crisis, OR ELSE.

Unity, a unified MCA -- seem to be the buzzwords in Ong's and (former deputy president) Dr Chua Soi Lek's plan to resolve all issues confronting the party's leadership.

Ong called for a press conference at Wisma MCA in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon.

MCA president Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat and his former deputy Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek have agreed to work together as a team to unite the party.

At a press conference, Dr Chua said he would work with Ong without any pre-conditions.

This "coming together" is in urgent response to members' fed-upness with the leaders. How many more EGMs just to resolve this?

Members have sent strong signals that they want the crisis resolved or...
They want some assurance from the party leadership of real effort to resolve the crisis that is not doing any good to the party, or the Chinese community.

So, this (Ong-Chua coming together) is going to be the real deal....

Ong said at the press conference:

“I will reach out to all leaders and strive to form an all-inclusive MCA that will include all factions and personalities who can contribute as a team.

“With a unified MCA, the leaders can now re-focus their attention on strengthening the party to regain the confidence and trust of the Chinese community and Malaysians in general,” he said.

To be updated...

Meanwhile read this.

and Ti Lian Ker's Come 2gether MCA Leaders!


MCA has a lot of work to do to convince its members and the Chinese community that, yes...this is the real deal, that both Ong, Dr Chua and the party's top leaders are serious about putting aside their differences to chart that road for a unified MCA.

It maybe the real deal, but to whom and for whom?

It goes without saying that members want the crisis to be resolved. The EGM was to have resolved that. That, I'm sure has not escaped anyone's attention.

A lot of work is one thing...but for sure, members want to see sincerity and genuine-ness in this effort.
There has been too much acrimony, bitterness that has caused further divisiveness in an already weakened party. Continuing without any attempt/effort to resolve the crisis, thus to save the party, is at the party's own peril.

Unless, everyone has a short memory, then it will be an easy path ahead. But, look at the delegates who have voted not to have both Ong and Dr Chua in the party. They are going to scrutinize every move the party leaders make.

Some issues are still unresolved -- Dr Chua's application to the ROS for reinstatement as deputy president. Will he now withdraw his application?

So, yes. This coming together, this greater unity plan, this bury the hatchet, this forgive and forget -- is encouraging.

You can tell your members that you're not greedy, not power-hungry, that it's all for the sake of party and the community.

But you know they're not blind, nor are they deaf. They are just waiting to see if this is for real.

So, good luck, I say!


Anonymous said...

You know what, MCA, Chua Soi Lek and Ong Tee Keat treat all the delegates and Chinese like what you say in cantonese ``` TAI LAN GNONG ````

Steven Yang

Anonymous said...

MCA's Monkey Show. With this outcome it is even worst on how the chinese think of MCA.

Sorry to say not relevant to chinese anymore from now on.

MCA bunch of leaders just dont think of the delegates' feeling. They are not deserved to be leaders.

George Choo said...

MCA is not relevant to the chinese anymore.The support for MCA started to decline during the time of CHAR KUEH TEOW LING Presidency.During Char Keuh Teow time,he was the BUDAK SURUHAN of DR M and many a time he SOLD THE CHINESE OUT.Currently,OTK and CSL are coming together for their own survival.OTK is very happy as he is still the president and is RM 10 million richer.While sex king CSL reinstatement as vice president will guarantee him a minister post.

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised. In politics there are no permanent enemies or friends.

el-Barokhas said...

So where does Liou Tiong Lai find himself in the new equation? Reminds me of the malay proverb: gajah sama gajah bertarung, monyet di tengah mati tersepit, or something to that effect. Expect a new Health Minister.

Anonymous said...

It's definitely the joke of the century, a "Monkey-Chimpanzee Assholes" Chinese Stooges Show, not a funny one but a sting and disgraceful piece of shit to the Chinese community. MCA has been irrelevant since GE12 and what had just transpired in the party will for sure make it even more irrelevant. The chinese of MCA not only the monkey-chimpanzee assholes, they are the evermost despicable bunch of UMNO spineless lap-pigs. Go to HELL, MCA!

Anonymous said...

That got nothing to do with MCA.
They are just LOANING MCA (free interest with bonus) for their personal game.

Actually the Big Brother can omit them by going direct (providing net-fund) to the end user (rakyat) LOCAL REP during campaign for any PRK.
After all who care when there is no election.

In a way this can save up the huge middleman fees and the credit goes direct to the Big Brother.

It worked at the Bagan Pinang PRK when the respective coalitions were busy indulging in their internal conflict while the Big Brother won handsomely without them.

In a way it helps to to cut cost at this time of economic downturn just the way the private sector lay-off the highly-paid redundant staffs.


artchan said...

MCA members, umno members same same all come from the same cesspool.

Anonymous said...

We dont vote for BN becos of MCA.

We are more concern about UMNO direction in deciding our vote.

If Umno is sincere to help we dont even bother about MCA , MIC or Pakatan or any new party..

Cina Kampung.

Admiring said...

At 53 you cantiklah.......
Syok tengok wajah you.....