Monday, October 19, 2009

No Beyonce Show This Sunday...

R&B mega artiste Beyonce Knowles’ concert this Sunday ain't happening, folks.

It has now been postponed to a later date. No details yet.

According to a Press release issued by the concert promoter Marctensia Entertainment, a new date for the concert will be announced at a later. Don't know when later, though.

The official press statement by Beyonce’s artiste management company, Music World, will be released later THIS WEEK.

The decision for a postponement, it seems, was made solely by the artiste “and has nothing to do with other external reasons,” (the Press release states).

Those who wish to have their refunds can do so at the Ticket Axcess head office in Petaling Jaya from Oct 26 to Nov 14.

For more details, please contact Axcess (03-7711 5000) or visit


Hmmm...looks like Ms Knowles finally understood what the dress code is about.


Anonymous said...

Why waste money when everybody have the chance to see her in a more daring pose and even FOC from the Internet? If the money is donated to a more better cause, the goodness will last forever.

Anonymous said...

Things that does not arise a issue, are made an issue. Beyonce, I think is confused and has to think twice, oh no may times.

Anonymous said...

hi anon 12.15am, go see her concert, goodness last forever also...aiya why always look in internet only...boring maaa

Anonymous said...

maybe it is for the better if she is not coming...try googling vigilant citizens + beyonce and see if it makes sense.


Anonymous said...

No big deal. with or without her , life goes on.

As Malaysian we shud focus on justice , Democracy at the moment before we figth over beyonce issue.

Let it be. If on just enjoy the show , if not just donate the money for charity.

Mat Uban Chow Kit Road 70an said...

I think its enough entertaiment in Malaysia we already had. Too many singer and too much cable tv.

Malaysian people should be a gratefull, becuase before beyonce there many international singer make their concert in peacefully.

A young generation must start to do a priority in they life. Too much entertaiment will destroy our ambition.

I dont think Tilawah Al Quran will have a more publicity than this beyonce garbage.

Please bro, we are not American; tahta always had a party and getting drunk every night.


donplaypuks® said...

I assure you there's life beyond Beyonce!

Anonymous said...

Clap clap clap! One up for PAS!


Anonymous said...

Adoi. Deep - seated rigid notion.
(Tersangat lah.)
Really makes me want to drop - dead puke.
How about Lady Gaga? Alamak!
Eh, please lah, don't tarbiyah me.
Ana gurau sama ente je.
Relax, Stretch..


Anonymous said...

Aiya...dun worry...if she dun come now because duwan or because ppl make noise, she will definitely do a show in 2029 maybe in Genting or PWTC. Malaysia always like that one, things and people take time to come here ma. Always like that one! That time dun worry she wear sarong, already old ma, what to show? Oni can use mouth ma. That time nobody make noise ah so singing on stage. Or maybe the people say now can show last time cannot, but too late already ma, no more bootylicious only got saggylicious.