Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Everybody Deserves A Second Chance...

We all believe in second chances.

The Prime Minister Najib Razak -- in a nutshell -- feels the same way about former Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar Isa Abdul Samad. The guy deserves a second chance because he has paid his dues.

More importantly, the people of Bagan Pinang want him and accept him. He can serve the constituency effectively. He is popular and he can retain the state constituency for the Barisan Nasional.

I hear the rumblings already. That while Isa can help win the by-election, Umno's choice of him as Bagan Pinang candidate will be counterproductive in the run-up to PRU13.

You win the battle but you lose the war.

That's true too. But then again.....

Anyway, do we all really believe in second chances?

Do you?


Anonymous said...

You start off with :
We all believe in second chances.

Then you end by asking:
Anyway, do we all really believe in second chances?
Do you?

I would like to know what you,as a SoPo blogger think? Throwing the question at us makes you a fence-sitter. What's the matter? No wish to offend anybody? Tsk, Tsk.

-McD de Louvre

MeAthin2 said...

Well, it's the same with ex-convicts. They already did their time but the stigma still remains. Should our society condemn ex-criminals for eternity? Let's ask ourselves this question: Would we feel safe to allow them to do housework in our home when they may be struggling to make an honest living for a meagre sum but trying their darnest to turn into a new leaf. It would be a moral struggle inside us...

Of course, when you throw politics in, it's different. All politicians should not be trusted! *chuckle*

Maybe, Isa was only doing what the Romans do and he was the unlucky fish that got caught in the ocean. Whether he has truly repent, it's not up to us mortals to judge...

Anonymous said...

How about a second wife ? everyone need a second chance right ?

Jarod said...

if you repent, yes.

For his fella, I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

No one escapes the smear net cast by the rebels in disguise.

In Isa's case, they harp on his punishment but choose to ignore the fact that Anwar and Lim GE were criminals on record.

They magnify faults of others but deny facts about them.

And yet fools believe them even if they sell magic stones over and over again.


Anonymous said...

SECOND CHANCES ,Yes, I believe we should give the repented a second chance, BUT not to a drug addict,murderer, rapist ,conman ,liar, cheat and a CORRUPTED POLITICIAN.Using money to sway the votes of desperate people .
Why must a politician use money, sex to be elected.How is he going to recoup his money? More CORRUPTION.
I say sweep this corrupted ISA out.
WHY ? They never change.

Anonymous said...

He has not answered to the rakyat yet, if you ask me.These guys from umno never cease to amaze me. The last thing they did was put a gag (no reporting on Isa's money issue) on some newspaper. Democracy, press freedom,1Malaysia- all for show only. Make me sulk.

Anonymous said...

Yes its true we should give a 2nd chance but Its very strange UMNO claim they
have thousands of members. Wanita. Pemuda. Putera .Puteri. Why recycle
the tarnished candidate? Where are the young ones? Can u explain.

camcamni said...

A second chance can be given to people who may have committed some bad things unwillingly or due to unforeseen circumstances. Here we have an ex-Federal Minister who committed an offence which is the scrouge of the nation to reenforce his own position in his party with his full knowledge. Is this forgivable?
We give our child a second chance becuz he may have done something wrong without knowing the consequences but here, someone wanted a position for his own and was found guilty by his party but can be nominated as a candidate for office in the Govt representing the people. What a farce.
Guess UMNO has no more clean candidate to be found and so, they might as well get a dirty guy who is supposed to help win the battle....but dont care so much about losing the war...all for the cause of saving face.

Old Fart said...

This second chance thing should be extended to MMT or the guy with two Mohammads in his name? And Rahim Thambi Chik? What about Anwar Ibrahim? BTW how would one, after voting for Isa, go home and tell his or her kids about not mixing around with bad hats?

Anonymous said...

Well good example for our future generation.....hidup 1corrpted Malaysia.


julian said...

only if he/she is from umno and got caught red handed for whatever but the rayak noooooooooooo????????

Anonymous said...

anwar tlah dipilih olih rakyat pkr, isa telah olih bagan pinang so what tu lah politik.orang melayu ni tak habis habis dgn politik,pkr dah memerintah selangor,bn dah printah malaysia biar lah begitu, tunggu sajalah pilihanraya akan datang.ok

Atat said...

Dear Nuraina,

I would give him or her a second chance if the crime had nothing to do with the people and purely impacts his or her private life only.

Anyway, would like to take this opportunity to wish you Selamat Hari Raya.

laimun said...

2nd chance to do what??? Just open your eyes and look around Seremban town. All those abandoned mega projects was under Isa's watch. It breaks your heart when you move to Port Dickson. Where have all the beaches gone??? And for crying out in anguish, what made Najib announce that PD is an army town??? That spells disaster for business and tourism. To win over the populace, he could not see the trees for the forest. So sad, so sad.

lleekh said...

Everything must be taken in context. If the answer is yes, then disbarred lawyers should be allowed to re register and doctors who have been struck off should be reinstated. What about Madof? Would you allow him to handle your money again? There will no divorces based on infidelity..right?
Are you letting the PM know that you are available for support?

Anonymous said...

Then WHY Anwar was never given a second chance to be the rightful PM,assuming he's found guilty and rot so many years in jail? WHY?

Lee said...

What second chance?Isa was plain "unlucky" to be singled out from all those involved in "money politics",
perhaps due to jealousy as he was climbing up a little too fast for the comfort of "someone" and ,therefore,suspended ( mind you,not sacked).Now that he is no more a threat, he should be given "a second chance"After all, he is as credible as any UMNO leader.He was plain "unlucky" to be given the chance to "pay his dues" as many others, like him, are serving
at the highest level as they have not been "caught" and given the chance to pay their dues.

TPJ said...

Cik Nuraina,
Salam Aidilfitri.

I believe you and many other reputable journalists were given a second chance when you and some friends returned to NST with a better deal in fact.

Indeed, when you left, it was with your reputation in tact while Isa was somewhat tainted. Not many others who were dealt with the same hand as you may get a second chance to be the best that they can be and serving where they are able to continue to strive.

I believe in second chances. You and many others are living proof.

Anonymous said...

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PutraMerang said...

Isa Samad deserves a second chance. Yes indeed, in general perspective. But I refuse to give my vote to him because he was found guilty of corruption by his own party and now his party is putting him as the candidate for PRK. It is not about Isa but about his party, Umno. For the sake of argument on LGE and DSAI, they were found guilty by not their own party but their friendly opponent. Its not the same lah dear nuraina.


to the cowardly person who went by two names Tun something and Hang something, i'm sorry. but i think enough is enough. you have been giving remarks directed at me that are malicious. You must be frustrated.

Listen. You know where I sit. Anytime. come on over and tell me to my face. but of course, you will not dare.

i have one name for the likes of you, wait...i have three names.

one of them starts with a C.

thank you.


michael said...

Why must his second chance be a peoples' representative? Would you give a second chance to the wolf with the guardianship of your sheep?

Mr said...

He's already past middle age. He already made his name and can now live comfortably.
Are we telling people that Malays or Malaysians in general lack capable leaders and has to rely on old man to lead?
Negri Sembilan has a population of 1mil. On conservative side, just say 1% are eligible/capable to lead. There are 10000 people waiting and yet we keep going back to the same person.
I'm not against second chance but I will go for new blood.

Anonymous said...

Give Kartika a second chance. And I will vote for PR again in Selangor in the next GE. I wanna give Khalid, Ronnie, Teresa, & Co a second chance.


Geronimo said...

I am extremely sorry to read that some of the postings on your blog has upset you, but then again when it comets to political issues, everyone gets emotional. Very few can keep a level head when debating issues. I am pro-opposition not merely for the sake of it, but because of the many wrongs UMNO have inflicted upon us rakyat these many years. Many of the issues are already well known by now and really not worth repeating. However when you mentioned that everybody deserves a second change, I agree. A wife caught a husband having an affair with another woman. He apologies for his misdeeds and vowed never to indulge in such extra marital activities again, I believe it is fine no matter how hurting it is, the wife would still like to give the spouse a second chance. But then here we are not talking about a marriage that almost hit the rocks but a politician found guilty of corruption. If he had apologised and vowed never to indulge in such activities again, he may deserve a second chance. But he did not and went on to say he was innocent and if that was not bad, the PM further dented his image by saying his offence was a technical matter. So sometimes, I wonder whether these UMNO fellas are joking or insulting our intelligence. You see as a politician, Isa does not only represent himself. He represents his party as well which is well known for its not so graceful gesture towards its critics. Isa would have done himself proud by staying out of the by-election just as everyone has been advising Chua Soi Lek to retire from politics. But if you want to continue your political pursuit, it is only natural that one has to be prepared to get burnt at the stake or crucified and this will be done most mercilessly. Yes, Isa does deserve a second chance but not when he is making a come back as a politician to represent the people at large. Have a good day, Nuraina. I love reading your blog especially when you wrote so much about your weekly visits to the hospital to attend to you dad.

Anonymous said...


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Old Fart said...

Wowowow, Why so angry la....such anger does not go well with that wonderful picture of yours up here lo!!!! You may be rightly be angry at these bloke(s), but don't la, reveal contradictions.


geronimo :on the contrary...the opinions by commenters here on politics -- including on Umno, BN or politicians -- have not at all distressed me.

i'm not sure how you came to the conclusion. perhaps by my comment to a commenter here.

no, i was not upset. i simply had enough of the person's personal attack on me. that's all.

thank you.

Old Fart: thank you. surely i am entitled to speak my mind to tell off someone who's been nasty to me.

thanks again. appreciate it.

prufrock said...

Ah yes, second chances! The likes of you and I deserve second chances. After all we are all God fearing, income tax paying [and whatever else inconsequential mortals like us do], law abiding Malaysians. And should, Heaven forbids, we get nicked for whatever reason and find ourselves guests of His Majesty in Kajang, Taiping or wherever, we should for the sake of fair play be given a second chance. Surely being rehabilitated should mean something in this fair land. No?

But hey, wait a sec. the operative phrase in this discourse is, and underscore that three times in red, of consequence. I think. And a man of consequence Isa mostly certainly is. Why, he is a VP of his party, a mover and shaker as it were. As a member of his party's policy making body [Supreme Council, impressive name, eh!] Isa moves in his party's innermost sanctums where the air is too rarefied for mere mortals like us.

There is another thing about Isa. His party has found him guilty of money politics. Now, a lot has been bandied about about what that is and what that is not. Semantics aside, money politics smells like corruption to my nose. So? So, if he won the by-election he would in all probability be made a minister of the Crown. Therein lies the problem. Ethically, Isa has lost his moral high ground. He would be making decisions that are going to affect my life and he is morally incompetent. Begs the question; what does Najib and his cabal think we are?

Which brings us to the bigger pix about this political party. What does one make of a party whose vote-carrying delegates refuse to put an ethical and principled performer free of corruption and brimming with ideas into its supreme council? Small wonder then its lackadaisical attitude in handling the Isa brouhaha!

It never ceases to amaze me to see the party cynically take the ordinary voter for granted. Don't they believe that we could run amok in the polling booths. Haven't they learnt anything from the experiences of the Congress in New Delhi and the LDP in Tokyo? Are they that masochistic that they are hell bent on committing their party's political suicide?

M.Kate said...

Yes, to second chances as nobody is perfect.

Geronimo said...

Hi Nuraina - many thanks for responding to my posting. Yes, I fully agree that personal attacks should not be condoned. In fact, it is always good to agree to disagree which helps to bring forth intelligent discourses. Nonetheless, like I said before, I love reading your blog [since early last year]. So, keep your articles coming.

Al said...

Dear all ... my take on this ... 2nd chance ... by all means ,,, yes boleh diberi. But in TSI's case ... tak lah sampai menjadi ketua lagi sekali. Banyak lagi TSI boleh sumbangkan kepada UMNO. MT UMNO yg putuskan kesalahan beliau ... kesalahan yg begitu berat ... tapi kalau begini ... integriti UMNO sendiri menjadi tanda tanya. Why do UMNO need MT ... why do UMNO need to curb rasuah & gejala2 politik duit. Biarkan saja ... kalau salah pun bisa di lupakan dua-tiga hari depan. UMNO tiada maruah & harga diri ...

HjMisaiKontot :الدليل السياحي said...

Wotif Pak Lah suddenly asks for 2nd chance...??

Mullah TTDI said...

Dear Puan Nuraina

Alhamdulillah, BN won yesterday at Bagan Pinang..... A great wake up call to Pakatan leaders and supporters.......

Anonymous said...


I will never be nasty to you. In fact, i think you are soooo sexy. I drool everytime i see you having your regular teh tarik at Mahboob.

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Anonymous said...

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