Friday, October 23, 2009

Of Non-performing, Corrupt Civil Servants..

The Auditor-General's report, I can tell you, never fails to reveal all the misuse and abuse of public funds, the inefficiency and ineptness of administration and management, in the various government agencies and departments.

Year in, year out -- it is the same thing. It is unbelievable that the same things are being revealed, exposed, year in, year out.

Almost 30 years ago, as a rookie (reporter) at the NST, I was given an assignment -- which was to work on the AG's report.

I read with shock, all the misuses, abuses...yada yada yada..

You'd think that over the years, the report will give us pleasant surprises.

Well, nope. Same old same old. Like it's copy-pasting with variations and adjustments.

Of course, the AG report highlights all the wrong in government service and administration. So, it should not be misconstrued that all is not well in government management and administration.
There has been vast improvement in public service, that's without a doubt.

Still, reports of a serious lack of accountability, transparency and responsibility in the management of funds in our country's public and government-linked agencies, are shocking.
It is unacceptable that in this day and age, these negative elements in public service still exist.
Haven't we move on, move ahead?
No.. I don't mean to bigger misuse and abuse!

Will it be better, next year? (I dare ask)

The 21st century, and we're still having the same old problems in these agencies.

Say what? performance first?


Yamashita said...

The only cure for this 'illness' is to change the federal government. The UMNO BN medicine is proven ineffective. Let's try the PKR medicine in GE 13.

Anonymous said...

Fish rot from its head. Camne Kak Ina.
Mana ada korap. Auditor tak faham proses dan prosedur. Agak nya la!!!

Anonymous said...

NS - where I used to work the audit reports had responses from the departments concerned before the reports were finalised.

And the following years report carried all the outstanding unresolved matters for further response.

While this might make the AG's reports even thicker than it already is, isn't that the proper
way to do things and why isn't it done by our government?


Hitam Had said...

I doubt that anything will change in the years to come unless serious and effective action is taken by the Government Agencies entrusted and empowered to do so.

In the meantime, I think the AG's annual audit report is being used as a guide by some as a how to financially abuse the taxpayers' money and get away with it reference book.


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from the government ?
You scratch my back and I scratch your entire body including your .....!

Jahamy said...


selamat datang ke Malaysia! Kita ni agak konsisten setiap tahun.

Seperti yang sering dikatakan "apo nak di kato deng?"


orang kita said...

The only problem here is the fact that 90 over percent of the civil service are malays and when it comes to taking action the orang kita syndrom comes into play.Only when we have a balanced mix and heads of depts are a mix nothing will change.Same thing will happen next year as the cancer set in the civil by our good dr.m is at a very advanced stage.

Anonymous said...

Imran said;

Not one comment I have come across above is complimentary and which is fair enough - it just shows the level of disgust by the "public". And that not much will change either is also probably true - this on premise that there used to be more dedication and honor to get a job done.
WE are very fond of new slogans, just like commercializing a new product whether good or useless - a hook-wink again, usually.
New product on the shelve - KPIs. I used to manage (as an employee) a enterprise 10 years ago and our measurement of efficiently was using the KPI. If one did not meet expectations in 2 successive evaluations at 6 monthly intervals, the person would be OUT.

And to think that above 30% of the entire budget 09/10 is for emolument of the civil service past and present (pensions). How disgusting that tax payers money is put to use to support an over bloated civil service that is grossly so inefficient.

Anonymous said...

Well, if you guys subscribe to end-times prophecy, things will only get worse and not better.

The socio-political and economical state of the world will worsen to create a Dajal-like environment where Dajal himself will one day appear.

The reign of Dajal will make today's corruption and problems seem like tea time at Dunkin Donuts.

Anonymous said...

Isn't misuse and abuse of public funds corruption? Isn't inefficiency and ineptness of government administration and management also corruption?

The first part I think falls under the purview of MACC. The second, even if not covered by MACC, must at least be corrupt mentality and should also be classified under corruption.

That it happens year after year must be due to a lack of concern by the officer in charge of the various aspects of misuse and abuse at the first level, then the Head of the department at the next level, finally the Secretary General of the Ministry concerned. There are of course deadwoods among them.

Confidential reports on officers' performance are done only on annual basis and go the Head of the Public Services Department. One wonders whether much of the misuse and abuse, even when detected, gets into the confidential reports.

Even if so, the procedure has been that the Officers would still be promoted on the basis of "seniority", except for the top posts, which may be governed by "political acceptability". This is the bureaucracy for you.

There was a time when Officers reach the office 1 hour after time and left for golf 1 hour before time, until Tun Dr Mahathir came. Then clocking in came into practice. But the abuses continued, including the clocking in, though to a lesser extent.

Misuse and abuses are often detected only by the Auditor General. The public in most cases cannot get to know the abuses or judge the performance of the bureaucracy except perhaps by comparing whether they are better or worse than that of, say, Indonesia, the Philippines, India, the Banana Republics or the Republic of Congo.

What can we do about them? The public funds misused and abused are partly our money, our tax Ringgit. So, whenever anyone sees, for example, an official vehicle being used for personal or private purposes, or an election victory celebration is paid for from government funds, report them. Report straight to MACC. Reporting to the department concerned may get the report "lost in transit".


Anonymous said...

When I first started to work I used to read these AG reports about abuses and corruption in NST.Nobody seemed to bother with the AG reports.Now I'm about to retire in a few years time I still read about the AG reports talking about same old abuses and bigger corruption,I really dont know what to say of our country leaders.Nobody cared to even comment at all let alone take action.I think we shd all embrace corruption as our culture.What do you think Nor?

el-Barokhas said...

To assuage public concerns on the management of their hard-earned contribution to the national treasury, I would suggest that every AG's report carry with it an appendix of actions taken by relevant departments on findings of previous years' reports until each time every finding is resolved as per existing rules and procedures.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.20 pm,

For goodness sake, don't ever embrace the "culture of corruption", no, no. Even nor, nor, nor. If by Nor you mean TS Nor Mohd Yackop, we'll lambaste his actions and omissions that smack of corruption here in Nuraina's blog and elsewhere like


"above 30% of the entire budget 09/10 is for emolument of the civil service past and present (pensions)" -

This is what bureaucratic mentality is all about. Job specifications and KPI there may be but I wonder if there has been any estimate or assessment of needs for additional staff in any government department based on the list of duties, the time taken to carry out any aspect of the Officer's job (including clerical and support staff) and the frequency of action needing to be done daily.

On one occasion I walked past the corridor of a government office and heard a female staff literally singing! What the bloody hell! The problem I think was that the Officer in charge went out and left no work for the support staff to do. This is the kind of officers you have in the civil service.

Yet the top bosses of the civil service are so busy planning moves for Datoships (no head - even the NO. 2 - of department, however small or inconsequential, is without one these days), for Tan Sriships, even Tunships. WTF.


Anonymous said...

Since the practices (abuses reported in the AG report) are annual affair yet tolerated by the Govt of Malaysia since Independence, then we must be living in a 'sick' Malaysian environment which has been endorsed by same Government over so many years. I can only state that power that be in the Govt is not the God fearing type and does not possess basic moral

Anonymous said...

Correct, correct, correct.

Case closed. NOD.

Still want to talk about it?

Now, it's more or less over the counter.

Anonymous said...

UMNO always blame Chinese overhelm the country economy and 'stole' the wealth. Then What about billion Ringgit slip through from their hand every year? Chinese only hold over 20% by market capitalization, while GLCs goes over 49%, Malays personal is 19%. The high post in GLCs is almost 100% Malays (of course the cronies), they make use of their high post to generate their personal wealth then turn the face to their race, said 'Chinese stole our money', well! the funny thing is still a lot of Malays believe it. No doubt Chinese still invests in many small and medium business, that is all we can do, the giant project is belong to their crony, that is why Chinese Tycoon always 'feed' the big politician esp from UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Year in year out The AG report screams of scandals with bigger amount involved every year, and every year MTUC/Cuepacs asked for bigger bonuses for the civil service for jobs well done....i'm going insane very soon help me pls

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Children often learn by examples
So be careful what we show as samples
Don't let social justice and human rights be trampled
Lest they all grow up with the wrong kinds of temper

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 261009
Mon. 26th Oct. 2009.

amoker said...

Its the same every year. In corporate sector, the people who have been fired.

Ralfie said...

Nice to know that the taxpayers' money had been used to purchase RM 42k laptops. My government never cease to amaze me.