Friday, October 23, 2009

The 2010 Budget Speech

A lot of good and great things in the budget.

If you missed any part of it....the PM's speech will be carried in full in all the newspapers (mainstream) and also online.

Like I said... (of course, you are welcome to disagree), a lot of good and great things, especially allocations for the urban poor.

Well....just don't screw up. We know how, in the past (and possibly present time) corrupt government officers screwed up allocations for low-cost housing, -- big time! Not on!

So...don't screw up!


Anonymous said...

Things I want to see happen in Malaysia before I die:

1) Astro no more 'snow' or no more 'Services Currently Not Available' when it rains (and clear TV3 reception).

2) Good reliable public transportation.

3) Better Internet service. No need to compete with world, compete with yourself first.

I think at this point, wishing for anything else is pushing it. No need to elaborate. Ask yourself about the things that were promised, were to be, was going to get done and you know the answer.

Old Fart said...

You've said screw so many times..and now the price of the screw when the government buys it is going to be sky high. You'll probably read about it in the next or the following year's Auditor General's Report!!

Anonymous said...

Bet you nothing will change!!!
Tak mintak tak tolak dapat ngap but UMNO must go to hell.

donplaypuks® said...

The budget and PM Najib's budget speech. Yawn.

But, the ususal sycophants and "captains of industry" will all crawl out of the woodwork and collectively bleat, "Whoa! Best budget and speech ever!"

We are all of 1 race, the Human Race


old fart : luv ya, Old fart...

Jordan said...

I just hope they're serious about giving PR to foreign husbands of Malaysian women!

Anonymous said...

I can’t find a full version of the speech via online. I tried to find it…guess, I am dumb at trying due to cruel weather in Scotland (:-)) and for that I am sorry.
So, could you please tell me its http? Sorry if this would bring troubles to you. Thank you.



if it's in the B, then they have to be serious. Kalau tidak..sue them! :-)


tder: no trouble at all. In the NST online, it will be

look at the left hand column under Op-Ed and its there.

Anonymous said...

The budget proposal is nothing special.
We need:
1. Subsidised public transportation using rail as the backbone for ALL major cities starting with Klang Valley and langat Valley, then Penang and JB.
2. Stop building 2nd Penang Bridge and insted build underwater rail linking Penang jetty and Butterworth of merely 3 miles apart.
3. Higher gas price to subsidise public transportation users at discount rate for citizens via tax discounts.
4. All train stations provided FREE feeder bus services at least every 15 minutes as long the train runs.
5. Hourly train service for all stations along double track system.
6. Double track extended into Singapore and provide similar komuter like in Kelang Valley Since the rail land belongs to Malaysia.
7. Stop wwasting maoney on PERMATA programmes. Rather, use that RM2 bilion to allow 5 year old kids begin school earlier and finish STPM or Matrikulasi at the age of 17.
8. Stop this nonsene PLKN programme and follow Singapore model where the kids serve 2 years in selected services beginning at age 16 and 17. Transfer the present PLKN modules and syllabus into after PMR and form 4 special programmes for selected kids only.
9. Lastly protect our agricultural land before we started begging from our neighbors for food especially rice. Give incentive to part time food growers esp rice in terms of tax break and reduce more chemicals to our agricultural land.