Monday, October 12, 2009

And the Guy Won -- BIG

Isa Samad helped the Barisan Nasional retain the Bagan Pinang state seat. By a bigger majority, this time.

He defeated PAS’ Zulkefly Mohamad Omar with a majority of 5,435 votes. Isa got 8,013 votes against his opponent's 2,578.

In last year's general election, former BN assemblyman Azman Mohammad Noor obtained a 2,333-vote majority.

Azman's death last month necessitated the by-election.


Anonymous said...

umNO won becos non-muslims r fed up with PAS !

Anonymous said...

Morality these days seems to be the hardest word.
Honestly,UMNO Had won technically.

Techincally ISA cud have won under any Party's banner.
So technically it's more of a personal victory for ISA.

So a person can be technically wrong in principle but technicallty right commercially or vice-versa.

Technically right or wrong it's all your say.

Technically we only can voice out but nothing changes and it's just another day. Bangun pagi , gosok gigi , makan roti tunggu gaji.

Anonymous said...

Morality these days seems to be the hardest word.
Honestly,UMNO Had won technically.

Techincally ISA cud have won under any Party's banner.
So technically it's more of a personal victory for ISA.

So a person can be technically wrong in principle but technicallty right commercially or vice-versa.

Technically right or wrong it's all your say.

Technically we only can voice out but nothing changes and it's just another day. Bangun pagi , gosok gigi , makan roti tunggu gaji.

laimun said...

Puan Nuraina,

Your true feelings, pls.

Anonymous said...

Ada banyak sudut persoalan.

a) jika persoalan ialah sama ada seseorang layak diberi peluang kedua, jawapannya tentulah 'YA'.
Bukan saja dalam politik, malahan dalam ada juga perkara sekalipun, seperti banduan yang keluar penjara, penagih dadah, dll.

b) jika dilihat dari persoalan "takkan hanya Tan Sri Isa yang layak, orang lain takkan tak layak, mana muka-muka baru dalam UMNO", akan timbullah pandangan bahawa UMNO sudah ketandusan pemimpin berwibawa. UMNO terlalu TERDESAK untuk menang.

c) kalaulah dilihat bahawa kain rentang oleh ahli UMNO yang mengugut akan memboikot BN kalau pilih calon lain selain dari Tan Sri Isa, maknanya, sekalipun BN menang dalam pilihanraya tetapi kalah dengan ahli sendiri.

Dalam hal ini, BN menang kita tak pelik. Jentera kempen punyalah besar. TV1, TV2, TV3, BH, UM, NST, NSP, SCJP, TN, dll. Menteri-menteri turun padang, janjikan itu ini. Projek boleh diluluskan 1 hari (macam Ah Long luluskan pinjaman). Apalah sangat yang ada pada pembangkang?

Kita percaya, setiap yang berlaku ada hikmahnya. Begitu juga kalau sesuatu DUN atau Parlimen itu kematian wakilnya. Hikmahnya, limpahan 'pembangunan' akan datang mencurah-curah. Cemburu juga orang yang wakil DUN atau Parlimennya panjang umur.

vengai said...

Won big ? Is it? Let see.

The corrupt ISA get :8013-3521 postal voted by EC as agent for UBN.Corrupter get 4492 vote only.

Zul Pakatn get: 2578-601 postal vote by EC to cover their shit work as an UBN agent.Zul Get 1977 vote.

So 4492-1977=2515 majority.
GE 12 majority is 2333.


Its only extra 182 votes.the phantom vote not included. Only GOD knows how many.

The UBN Regime suppoters are allowed to go near polling station during election time but the Pakatan Suppoters not allowed.Make easy for the UBN to bring in and cast phantom vote.

The EC which is another UBN component Party says polical parties not allowed to campaign in the army camp but UBN did it.The UBN minister who say the exact thing did it himself.The EC keep nump.

The elecrol list use for the armed forces is said to be different from which provided by EC.

Sorry to say that postal votes considered as vote from UBN agent itself for the EC is another UBN component Party.

Anonymous said...

Isa wins, fine. What does this mean? This means that the Bagan Pinang people supported Isa, UMNO and BN. This also means that BN will continue to lose urban seats such as Wangsa Maju and Bukit Antarabangsa, where voters are more critical of BN as far as corruption and corrupt leaders issues are concerned.


Anonymous said...

BP was BN's for years&years : its man died so put another calon be it ahmad , ali , ena even omar G or riduan T menang juga laa !!
The loser is pas BUT not PR !



i'm sorry. my true feelings? on Isa's victory?

obviously, he is popular.

Anonymous said...

I feel it's more of a personal victory for ISA.
Just like some Taiko they are popular as they mingle around and are generous.

So I dont see the victory as supports sway to UMNO. In this Land
you get different response and different result from different state.

Likewise ,the next PRK if Pakatan win in their fort it does not mean they are back on their feet again.

You actually dont hear 1 voice in this land.

neutral eye.

Anonymous said...

No need to comment, as sour grapes will use every excuse in the book to blame everything and anything except their shortfalls.


Anonymous said...

the victor is bn NOT isa !
put in aina also can win for umNO ,
right, honey ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.38 AM..
Kalo PAS menang tak ada persoalan ke?

Anon 5.19 PM
Bukan ke rakyat dah benci sangat dengan BN/UMNO hingga pada PRU 12 letak Gwo Burne, Hannah, tunggul kayu ke..PR tetap menang?....

hehehe..jangan marah..


Anonymous said...


You dah confirm masuk dalam plan Dr. Mahathir nak tumbangkan Najib dan naikkan Muhyiddin ke?

Nampak macam ya..tapi mungkin i silap. Kalau ya senang sikit. Tukarlah baju cepat sikit supaya senang nampak.

Btw, i think you know that Dr. M is concocting a plan, dont you?


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Victory is now easier with carrots than with big stick
Though nobody wants corruption in any manner to ever stick
It's getting rare to ever find people with conscience stick
So winning big these days is now more than any magical trick

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 151009
Thur. 15th Oct. 2009.

Anonymous said...

Kepada WAK 11.56,

Kalau PAS menang, tetap akan ada persoalan. Itu saya tak boleh dinafikan. Cuma persoalannya takkan sama seperti persoalan kalau BN menang. He He.

Mmg kecenderungan untuk tidak berlaku adil terutama kepada pihak lawan. Itu bisa berlaku WAK!! WAK pun gitu juga kot.

Yang benar tetap benar WAK!! WAK boleh nafikan bahawa MEDIA (TV1, TV2, TV3, BH, UM, NST, NSP, SCJP, TN, dll) tidak berlaku adil kepada pembangkang? Jawap soalan ini dulu WAK!! Jangan pusing tempat lain dulu.

Puan Nuraina selaku boss NST boleh membantu WAK untuk jawab soalan.

Anonymous said...

Mahathir is oledi too old to play games lah brader. he is counting his days, living in bonus period. whatever he wants or feel, is just wants and feel. one thing about people in power, once you leave your seat, you are NOBODY. what talks these days is MONEY. show me the money, and i show you the....

Anonymous said...

Please leave Mahathir alone. Let him rest in peace. he is an old man with serious past to be dealt with, and , not in the position to plan this plan that. he will ramble, but let him. najib shouldnt worry about mahathir. walaupun dosa najib banyak, tetapi, it is almost impossible to match dosa dosa mahathir, being a serious contributor to the breaking of UMNO & BN. the gossips about najib vs muhyidin, are just gossips to stir up rumours by oppositions and opportunists cia-mossad style. Nasib mahathir sangat baik, melayu cepat lupa. mahathir past is riddled with these unsolved mysteries: anda bencikan anwar? Jangan lupa, mahathirlah yang adopt & nurture this "lose cannon-unpredictable manipulating rebel" to the highest level in the government. anwar is ISA material, not a Governing material. Mahathir has a serious judgement problems. Anda bencikan Pak Lah as the worst PM? Jangan lupa, siapa yang pilih Pak Lah jadi PM dan memeranjat kan semua orang. Everytime mahathir kicking and cursing complaining about pak lah, its like he is meludah ke langit. nobody ask him to choose pak lah in the first place. he has a serious judgement problem. Anda kesal dengan trend kurang ajar, melawan Raja & Sultan seperti di perak? Mahathirlah yang melunturkan kuasa raja. The pioneer and trend setter to ridicule Kuasa Raja & Sultan. Are you among those who blame and curse Money Politic as the evil that can crash UMNO? Money Politics mushroomed out of control, golden harvest, and develop deep, pada zaman Mahathir. Era melayu terperanjat kaya, due to negotiated and closed tenders, and CHRONIC cronisms. When you entered government tenders in the late 90's, you will know that you are wasting time, if you are competing with Mahathir's Cronies (his children, biasa nya with chinese partners, and/or bin/binti Ali clans), or, competing with Anwar Brahim's Cronies (famous groups of people with a bit of janggut to look "like" islamic, for wayang only). Money bags here and there, that was mahathir era. Are you among those who's puzzled and disbelieve, the appointment of corrupt & problematic politicians to power? Melayu mudah lupa indeed. Mahathir signature style of management, was to select and keep rogue, corrupt, and problematic politicians in his cabinet and core teams, so that he can control them like putty in his hands. Tak payah nak list nama. It is a general public knowledge. Yang dah arwah pun ada. Zaman mahathirlah, closed and negotiated tenders go uncontrollable, creating new wave of orang melayu yang terperanjat kaya, lupa diri, and arrogant, hidup kalah bangsawan orang puteh. Kalau kat london tu, lebih inggeris dari orand inggeris, kalau kat dubai, lagak kaya lebih dari tokey minyak..Orang nampak semua ni, and they really believe, people tak paham benda benda ni. Mahathir juga tersangat popular dalam membentuk Non Malays Business Giants, given blue chips on the silver platters, from ananda, to vincet tan, to YTL, to god knows how many more!! His gifts to these dozens of people, kalau total up, it makes the NEP and biasiswa melayu looks patheticly small. Tak payah lah non malays nak gaduh "Unfair" treatments.If these people turn around, and fund oppositions to the collapse of BN in PRU13, dosa mahathir sampai ke cucu cicit kita....