Saturday, August 22, 2009

Whoa! This Happened In Good Old BSC?

A daughter of someone I know had a traumatic experience while dining at Chilli's in the now spanking Bangsar Shopping Centre. This happened last Sunday night.

It is unbelievable! And unacceptable!

It could have been YOU!

Katrina Danielle, 25, was having dinner with a couple from Australia at Chilli's when five men who were drinking at the next table attacked and robbed them.


And this is not a seedy restaurant in a seedy shopping centre in a seedy part of town.

The attackers apparently hit her (male) friend at the back of his head with a steel chair, splashing beer at her and her girlfriend before running off with their handbags.

Katrina was so disappointed and angry that no one from the restaurant and shopping centre came to their aid.

Worse, no one from among the crowd in the restaurant came forward to help --- or something. Perhaps everyone was too stunned.

She vows never to go to Chilli's again....

This is spooking me because I am a regular at BSC! And I do like Chilli's. I reckon so did Katrina until this horrid incident took place.

Click HERE for the Star online report.

I hope by now, the restaurant and the shopping centre have done something about the security.This incident should not be taken lightly!


Mikeywm said...

Wow! That is really bad, especially for a mall that caters for so many expatriates. The lack of action on the part of the restaurant management and mall management is sad but not surprising given that most Malaysians will look/walk in the opposite direction rather than face almost any confrontational situation. Really sad. I have also been a frequent diner at Chillies in BSC, but will think twice before going there again.

Keith said...

It's called bystander apathy, or the bystander effect.

Nothing sinister, and definitely nothing 'Malaysian only' about this.

If the same incident occurred anywhere else in the world, you'd expect the same reaction from about 90% of people regardless of culture or nationality.

To bypass this issue, which can occur even if you're dying and choking... it's advisable you look people straight in the eye and ask for help, or identify people in the crowd for help. "You in the red me!!"

People in a crowd will generally not help you, it's just a basic evolutionary psychological instinct.

Chillis is not to blame, for fear of lawsuits and improper training, staff at almost all franchise outlets are advised to not interfere, not chase after customers who didn't pay bills. 7-eleven staff are trained to not chase after robbers who walk out of the store with merchandise. They have to protect their employees as well, the employees are NOT trained to handle these situations and should not be expected to respond, as improper response is probably worse than no response at all.

As sinister as this sounds, if your son was working in Chillis would you want him interfering with 5 drunk guys obviously intent on violence?

For that matter, would bank staff be trained to handle robberies?

Good old BSC was never good old BSC.

Canny Ong ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

Sorry sis!!! the truth is Malaysia is not safe. Who cares about others.
1Malaysia, the joke of our life time.

Theshi said...

I always found BSC rather quiete. During weekdays it was rather empty. Security is only a couple of guards.

It was only a matter of time. Too bad that high society(of Bangsar) was just as unhelpful as regular Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

policemen are busy with election and protecting umno-bn politicians. poor girl and must be shameful that no one came to help!! this is malaysia now. tidak apa attitute.until it happens to your own daughter then only wants to pull cable here and there.



actually, come to think of it...the incident is really not an ordinary one. i mean the Chilli's staff wouldnt knwo that the five guys were crooks, y'know. they were customers. rather crooks masquerading as customers.

i was quick to also get a little pissed with the Chilli's staff, at first.. but, thinking it over, i tend to agree with Keith (a commenter here), that , yeah...firstly everyone must have been too shocked cos i don;t think that THAT ever happened before, and secondly, these attackers were mean...

i suppose, shit happens everywhere.

Theshi said...


I used to work in a store at BSC and have never heard of such 'training'. 5 drunk guys can't do anything if there is more than 5 bystanders that jumped in to help.

All you need is one person to help out. Naturally other people will follow.



thanks for posting your comments..i do understand katrina's distress. yet i do see your point of view.

by the way...on canny ong. i like BSC becos I do feel safe there even after canny ong's abduction.
i know there have been robberies around the area but somehow i feel that BSC is still a good place to hang out.

Kak Teh said...

ena, when i ead the story, i was wondering abt the shopping complex and now i know. I do like BSC - and remember we were there last week before i flew back? It us a shame that no one helped but i do see what Keith is saying. Once we saw a shoplifter putting stuff into his jacket, and so we told the shop assistant. He said their policy was not to do anything (as he was alone) as the number of goods taken was quite minimal.
My son who was doing some part time work at an airport also said they were not allowed to help people just in case people turn around and sue them. But I find that very sad.

Anonymous said...

Is there really no where safe in KL anymore? These things happen so often that one can no longer accept them as "isolated" or "unusual" incidents.

Corruption we can pay for, racism we can ignore .. but violent crimes are too high a price to pay for our apathy

Anonymous said...

I find the circumstances say the least. Being the devil's advocate and having seen at least one recent incident where there was a small misunderstanding at a club, and the "lady' was screaming "do you know who I am". Made the other party also want to give the lady a smack across the face. Could this be one other such case.... I wander!!!!


John Cheah (Bukit Bandaraya) said...


Yes, what happened in BSC last Sunday was indeed TRUE but I'm disappointed the incident was wrongly reported.

I was in the premises during the incident (3-4 tables away) & I can confirm the trouble was started by KATRINA DANIELLE & friends.

They were making too much noises & behaving in drunk manner. I also can confirm there are a few other customers who politely asked the waiters to request Katrina & Co. to lower down their conversation but their conversation went louder & louder instead. Almost the entire restaurant could here their conversation.

The group who attacked Katrina & Co. was one of those customers who requested them to tone down their noise earlier. The male friend of Katrina was the one who instigate the fight by swearing at the group. Katrina's male friend even challenged one of the group members to a fight outside the restaurant. I could even hear Katrina swearing as if she's under some devil spell. My kid did ask me why is that lady shouting so loudly & asked me what were she saying (I was too embarassed to even explain to my kid). Katrina's & friends behaviour was outrageously RUDE & SHAMEFUL!!!

Eventually when things got boiled over, the group no longer could tolerate the HOOLIGAN behaviour of Katrina & her friends. Katrina's male friend was the one who threw the 1st punch & this followed with a brawl.

Katrina's male friend was badly bashed up becos he was outnumbered. Katrina & her female friends got beer on them becos' one of the ladies threw a mug at the group. This resulted the group to get even more mad but the group was kind enough NOT to hurt those ladies physically.

The entire commotion went by so fast & what happened in the end was the group dashing out of the restaurant while one of the ladies was left sobbing as if she was attending a funeral. As for Katrina's male friend (the one who started the fight) was left sitting on the floor with blood dashing out from his hooligan head.

The fault lies on both parties. One party is behaving like HOOLIGANS & instigating the fight, while the other party behaved like THUGS & stealing the ladies handbags.

I honestly think Katrina exagerated her story becos she changed the entire story line. Honestly...."No pity to Katrina & friends". They were the TROUBLE MAKER of which caused everything.

John Cheah said...

Hi Nuraina,

Thanks for posting my comments. I hope my message could clarify the entire incident.

I'm confident many people will agree with what I wrote especially those who were present in the restaurant during the fight.

Katrina & friends behaviour was shockingly RUDE & I'm surprised to know Katrina is attached to an established international organisation. This is BIG TIME SHAME!!!

Anonymous said...

If what John wrote is true, then, Katrina & her mad friends truly deserve it.

As for you John, I'm upset & sorry your kid was forced to witness such animal behaviour caused by Katrina & gang. Kids should not be exposed to such scenes. Katrina should call you personally & apologize to you & your kid.

Anonymous said...

Upon reading what John Cheah had wrote (he claimed he was present during the incident):

No one came to Katrina Danielle's aid is because no one bothers to help her. They must be too disgusted to help a group of noisy hooligans.

Even if I were there, I too wouldn't even lift a finger to help. Instead, I'll perhaps laugh at them after they got bashed.

TOKY said...

Becos BSC is perceived as a "Expatriate Joint", it have made many expatriates think they own the place. thus, allowing them to behave & talk as if they are the Kings/Queens in the said mall.

I reckon it's Katrina & friends who started the ugly episode by behaving as if they owned BSC. This caused misunderstanding & the fight eventually erupted.

End of the day, it's the culprits who ended up as the victims. No sympathy but only shame to those involved.

vengai said...
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joshua said...

Why it happened?

Police busy policing for politicians instead of civilians.

joshua said...

Sorry I posted without reading John Cheah's comment.

Again, if John testimony as a witness is true, then yes the hooligans and thugs are in the wrong.

anonymous said...

i believe 100% john was true in reporting the incident.
1. if you go BSC, most of the ex-pat behave like we are still under occupancy. Weirdly, if they saw malaysian in their own country they would not stare down on us.
2. Try sri-hartamas, you would have the same shit from this expat. The loudest would have been from england/irish and australian.
3. Malaysian like to help people. This is very true. The only time they won't help if you are a selfish bastard or think that malaysian is still under colonization.
4. to keith, don't try your to connect canny ong with that BSC isolated incident. Canny did not get drunk and attack people.
5. anon 3.66pm. Wise up fool! BSC is under the PKR. what has that ADUN or MP done to KL? yeah! joke's on you.
6. anon 3.43. demo against ISA? ring a bell? is that UMNO/BN or you just to stupid to admit. I guess stupid is for you.

Shukri Hassan said...

After reading this article & its' commentaries (especially Mr. John Cheah's comment), I now can understand the rationale for this incident based on the following:

1) Why nobody came to Katrina & her friends aid is becos' other people who were present during the incident was NOT too stunned to react. It's plainly becos' they think Katrina & friends deserved what they got. Why should anyone help Hooligans when they are the ones who started the entire problem. A laugh in their face instead of offering aid is more of an appopriate thing to do.

2) This case is getting highlighted by the press is becos' Katrina Danielle who is attached to an international Organization made use of her close relationship with the Press to change the story. I suspect she even paid the Press to come out with such an outrageous fairy tale so that she could be perceived as the ANGEL instead of the DEVIL. Afterall, such cases is NOT some HOT SOUP story which deserve press coverage & I feel suspicious why the press gave cover to such an incident. Were they paid by Katrina & friends to make themselves the innocent party??? Your guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cik Nur.,

You mentioned you knew the parents of one of the people who got bashed & robbed in BSC lately.

I reckon you confront this said friend & asked them whether what commentators wrote here are TRUE or FALSE before actually posting this article. Based on rationale thinking, I feel doubtful with Katrina Danielle's side of story. Infact, I agree & think what John Cheah (commentator) wrote makes more sense.

By you naively posting this article without verifying the authenticity of the strory will give you a BAD NAME as a prominent blogger. I also reckon you stay away from that friend whose daughter was traumatized during that incident.

Afterall, that so-called friend of yours could be one BIG FAT LIAR, one BIG TROUBLE MAKER & one BIG HYPOCRATE who is only capable of complaining when they actually were the one wrongful party.

Thanks, Nur!!!

Alloysius Yeoh said...


I was there in Chili's last Sunday & I witness the incident. DAMN!!!! I shocked with what was reported. Did the press actually made investigation into it before publishing???

I can't confirm who is the actual culprit but what I saw was a man getting bashed badly becos' he was the one who first started throwing punches. I also saw a few ladies swearing & shouting using words which only uncivilized people would use. I also saw a mug flying around & my girlfriend said it was one of the ladies who threw it.

This incident had been wrongly reported. I would say both the groups acted like some barbarians. Moreover, a few of these people are foreigners & what a shame they are.

Anonymous said...

1) Please leave politics out of this article. It's irrevelant!!!

2) If one uses her wisdom & intelligence to digest this incident, I believe one would find it hard to accept Katrina Danielle's story. No one would simply cause injuries to others without any instigation. Afterall, trees won't shake without wind.

3) I've read one comment shown here & he wrote he witnessed the incident. Based on his clarifications, it makes sense to understand the entire HOO HA of this incident & how it first happened.

4) If it's robbery, one would wanna do it fast. I cannot accept robbery as the motive becos there were fight involved which make robbery as the motive invalid. Fight will only delay time & this makes robbery an unacceptable motive.

5) Such fight often happen every now & then but seldom get any press coverage. Ever wondered why this fight got coverage then??? It could be someone paid the press to make-up this story as to make themselves look good instead of bad.

Alloysius Yeoh said...

The more I read this story, the more pissed I get.

What the press, this blog & Katrina Danielle claimed/wrote is totally ABSURD!!! I'm shocked Katrina have the cheek to tell the public her so-called lies when so many people saw she & her rude friends was the one who started it all.

As said, I was there. If only I knew this incident was wrongly reported....I should have thrown my mug, sppon, fork, knife & the entire table at Katrina & gang that day. They are worse than hoolligans.

Anonymous said...

Orang salah tak nak MEGAKU,
Pandai ubah cerita dan MENGADU,
Adakah mereka kepunyaan otak LEMBU?,
Keluarga dan diri yang akhirnya MALU.

Bila kawan dia adalah AUSTRALIAN,
Dia ingat dia boleh lagak macam HOOLIGAN,
Akhirnya kena belasah macam BARBARIAN.

Dah pasti Katrina memang SALAH,
Tapi dia masih nak MENYALAK,
Bayar media dengan cerita yang SALAH,
Tolong suruh Katrina 'Podah' dari MALAYSIA.

Katrina dan geng ingat dia banyak BESAR,
Boleh cakap kuat-kuat dan ketawa HA, HA, HA,
Bahkan salah Katrina nak MENCABAR,
Akhirnya kena Kaw-Kaw BELASAH.

Anonymous said...

Salam moderator,

If the lady victims happens to have a blood ties to the Bangsar's MP, or any of the nutmeg guys or the opposition chingkies, would we still see the same type of response?

The answer is definitely NO, madame. I can bet you that most of the comments above are reversed! Hypocrisy is not something a new in the internet.

In fact, when political means justify the end, hypocrisy became one of the necessary tool. And over time it becomes part and parcel of the blogging world!

Don't you dudes have any feeling of shame for being the hypocrites by willingly falls into the trap of chauvinism?


Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


Let's not turn our city into a cowboy town
Where anyone can take law in his own hands
Brawls are not funny like acts of clowns
Neither do we want folks noisier than pop bands

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 230809
Sun. 23rd Aug. 2009.

KoSong Cafe said...

A few years ago, I was with a few friends at the karaoke pub.

I went to the toilet and was standing somewhere in the middle of a wide urinal. While peeing, I saw a guy walked past, or at least I thought so, but he stopped behind me and place some sort of massager on my neck! I thought he was going to put a knife there when I was vulnerable.

I think they should not allow all kinds of pushers in the toilet.

Anonymous said...

This is the sorry state of our beloved country, there has been an increase of crime in all neighbourhood. There is no one day, we are free of crime, be it snatch theft, armed armed robbery in neighbourhood. The is apathy all around.It used to be in poor housing estates, now it is happening in posh places like Bangsar. Soon we find the tourist avoiding our country as word spreads that it is not safe to walk around in K.L. The police are so busy with our politicians, they have no time for street crime anymore.

Anonymous said...

Now you realised about the safety level here.
Day in day out crimes going on but you wont feel it not until it happened to you.

Some sincere measures need to be taken before it gets out of hand.
There are too many cover-up.

They dont really care about us- MJ.

Anonymous said...

always 2 sides to a story.
what is the penalty for making a false police report.
ANAK MUMMY, if you cannot handle your drink, drink at home in the kitchen, laaaa.....




if you read my posting carefully, you'd know that i got the story from Star online and the newspaper must have got it from the police report made by Katrina. going by the article quoting katrina, the star must have also interviewed her because she was the one who made the police report. The Star also interviewed the restaurant staff and BSC but i'm inclined to believe that they didnt say much.

now you guys are coming out as witnesses. why don't you call up the Star to say what really happened.

i'm not sure if it's only one person here who claimed to have seen it all. so, john, go call up the Star and right the wrong report.

how do i know what you're saying is true? don't blame the newspaper and don't blame this blog.



please..don't accuse katrina of paying the Press to come out with this story.

that story was based on the report she made to the police.

why should the reporter not believe her? they asked her what happened, and she told them. what basis would the report have to not believe her?

wishediwaswrong said...

Malaysia had turned into a lawless country with many laws. Even the police are scared to come out of their stations. It's an each-man-into-himself world out there. Even in up-market and exclusive Bangsar or Mont Kiara. We're heading for the Somalia way.

John Cheah (Bukit Bandaraya) said...

My Dear Nuraina,

You wrote "A daughter of someone I know had a traumatic experience while dining at Chilli's in the now spanking Bangsar Shopping Centre. This happened last Sunday night"

Why are you now trying to deny you got the this piece of LIE from that BIG FAT LIAR friend of yours when you wrote it yaself in BLACK & WHIITE shown above??? Are you trying to play Miss FORGETFUL or Miss DENIAL?? No one put it in ya mouth (you wrote it yaself). Pls. check, recheck & recheck.

Based on ya replies, it only showed 2 miserable things:

1) You're trying to buy yaself out from what you had written. It's either you're now too SHAMEFUL to be a friend whose daughter was deservedly bashed in BSC.

2) You're trying to hide what you have written but foolishly forgot you had admitted that you got this piece of junkie news from that LIAR friend of yours instead of from The Star.

I feel SORRY for you. Sad man!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Cik Nur.,

First, you wrote you got this piece of news from your friend whose daughter was involved in the BSC fiasco.

Sadly less than 1 day after posting this article, you said you got it from The Star Online. So, which is which? & where the hack you got the source from? Pls. kindly clarify.

If you're bound to recorrect yaself by saying you actually got it from The Star, then, I see it as even more STUPID. You're known to be a prominent blogger who writes constructive articles but if you're just going to post some news whereby it's easily accessible from The Star...."then what hell for??? & what purpose does it serve???"

People visit ya blog to read new & interesting stuff. We certainly are in NO MOOD to read a repetition piece of junk of which The Star had already published.

Are you working for The Star or what?? Or is that you plainly fancy repeating things???

Buck-up, Nur!!! Cheers!!!

Alloysius Yeoh said...

I had called up The Star & notify them they had reported this junkie news WRONGLY!!!

I've also faxed to The Star's editorial department clarifying what they published was a TOTAL LIE. They said they'll look into it & they also said they fely quite doubtful over Katrina Danielle's side of story.

I hope they'll recorrect their report & ensure Katrina Danielle gets HELL from the public for feeding the press with lies, lies & lies. Katrina's face should be published in The Star's front page notifying its' reader that this she's one hell of a RUDE & SHAMEFUL LIAR.

I hope the International Organization Katrina's attached to will give her the sack, while, Malaysian Govt. gives her the deportation. Malaysia have got no place for BARBARIC FOREIGNERS!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

Based on ya replies, you seemed to be protecting & fighting for Katrina's cause instead of doubting her stories.

Such action of yours made it hard for me to believe you got the news from the press instead of from ya friend whose daughter I assumed is that Barbaric Katrina Danielle.

Stop hiding & stop protecting Katrina. This kind of pest deserved no sympathy. Just ask ya freind to send Katrina back to where she came from....was it Somalia or Botswana???

Anonymous said...

It could have been the same louts I saw seated next to my bar table at Chilli's One Utama...They were so loud, boisterous and very menacing...

selampit said...

"Worse, no one from among the crowd in the restaurant came forward to help --- or something. Perhaps everyone was too stunned..."

If I happened to be at the Restaurant at the time, I too would probably just sat there and watched the horrid scene like the rest.

And please don't blame me. I have neither the training nor the equipments to deal with such a situation. Please take note that robbery is a SERIOUS OFFENSE, and people who commit robbery are SERIOUS CRIMINALS.

Believe me, only people with developed 'animal/killer instinct' and utter lack of remorse towards fellow human beings are capable of such crimes. Meaning if they have a gun in their hand, they will not hesitate to point it to your face and...

Not to mention that this kind of people have a TERRIBLE sense of vengeance, and they WILL REMEMBER YOU.

So unless you are a covert Ninja assassin, a member or Grup Gerak Khas, or someone who is trained in counter-terrorist combat, I'd advise you to STAY AWAY from such people.

The best that you could do is to meticulously OBSERVE the criminals (their height, complexion, hairstyle, face contour, tattoos etc)and the crime scene (how the robbers operated, weapons they used, their escape vehicle etc); AND IMMEDIATELY give the information to the police.


Anonymous said...

moral of the story - don't believe the malaysian press especially the star!



john cheah,'ve made yourself very clear. i hope i have made myself clear to you.
which part of my posting do you NOT understand?

just because i said "a daughter of someone i know" -- doesn't mean i got the story from someone i know. what is wrong with you? it just means that. katrina is a daughter of someone i know. did i say more than that?

you make me wonder whether you are for real. when i let your comments through, it's because i allow my readers to say what they want to say. yes...even stupid ones.

if you read what i have written, it is taken from the star to which i have made the link.

you are imputing motive (in me)and you are making your own assumptions. so that makes me very suspicious of you.

you cannot even understand something as simple as my posting!



i have no time for your kind of accusations...just as john cheah.

you guys must be the perverts that you are.

sorry...i shall now be rejecting your pathetic comments.

frankly, you guys can;t understand english.

Anonymous said...


John Cheah first comment appeared at 4.53 p.m.

What time actually his comments was approved by the moderator? Was it before or after 5.13pm?

If it was approved after 5.13 pm then how come an Anon @ 5.13 pm. could have commented on JC's first comment which was only submitted at 4.53pm?

Who is this Anon 5.13 pm? Could it be the same guy ie that is JC @ 4.53 pm?? Yes, something not right here.

Story Teller

Anonymous said...


Ha, ha, what a mere coincident! JC 4.56pm used the word YASELF and followed by a couple of minutes latter by an Anon 5.02 pm also using the same word YASELF!!!

What this guy is getting at? Hoping people to say that you are smart just because you could write articles using different Anon to support the claims made by JC? Hmm, this guy only have himself to fool!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Nuraina. Why are you so hot under the collar? It's because you started with "a daughter of someone i know" that the assumption is this person told you about it. I mean which right thinking person won't call up their friend and ask (or offer sympathy) after reading in the newspapers.
Anyway, when John Cheah first wrote about the other side, he wasn't rude to you. He just told the facts as he was a witness there. And so did the other guy. So why are you casting aspersions on his comments - even calling him stupid? Are you angry because Katrina is someone you know? Or are you angry because what you wrote here may not be what actually transpired? In fact, most of the comments criticised Katrina, not you.

Lighten up.

artchan said...

The misreporting is caused by Star. If Star had gone to the restaurant to verify the reports, and even try to interview the other group, they would have gotten another version.

That's why I don't read the Star anymore


Pete (anon@1:32pm)

here's the thing, pete (or whatever your name is). I thought i wasn't going to let through you comment which smacks of nothing more than what john cheah (or whatever his name is)said.

oh no, pete. i am not hot under the collar. the only one who's hot under his collar is john (or whatever his name is).
and i'm usually not rude. but i decided i'd be rude to john (or whatever his name is) because he was rude to me.

the trouble with you people are thatit is easy for you to make assumptions and accusations.

for one, you accused me of talking to katrina's father/mother and getting the story from him/her just because i said he or she is someone i know.

and then, saying many other baseless things.

and Art Chan, just becos some people (could be just one person) came in to "tell the other side", doesn't mean that that person is telling the truth.

Star got the story from katrina. Star did not make up the story.

and how do we know that katrina made up the story?

who is biased here? i am not anonymous, neither is katrina.

the fact is, the CCTV at Chilli's has shown the incident.

and guess what? it shows that katrina and her friends were not drinking alcohol and those 5 thugs were the ones who attacked them.

John Cheah (Bukit Bandaraya) said...

Hi Nuraina,

You wrote "it shows that katrina and her friends were not drinking alcohol and those 5 thugs were the ones who attacked them"

It's either you're hallucinating while watching that clip or I'm hallucinating while witnessing the incident.

BTW, I didn't offend you with any abusive words & it's only fair if you give the equal respect in-return to your fellow visitors.

Honestly, why are you getting so worked-up over this when no one offended you. Is it becos' KATRINA is ya friend of which you're still denying???




sigh sigh sigh...

Anonymous said...


If the eye witnesses was not hallucinating then he/she must have been dreaming! In either event, the line between reality an fantasy are so blurred to the extend that any testimony based on the recollection alone might have cast plenty of doubt on the motives.

Story teller

Elaine said...

Dear all,

I know Katrina personally and as far as it matters, she is a lovely person. Before I proceed on with this comment, let me make it clear here that I do NOT condone such behaviour and I am VERY disappointed with her actions based on John Cheah’s account.

But like you and me, we make mistakes…and at times, mistakes that we find it hard to forgive and as some has rightly put it, “they deserved every bit of it”. I can sympathies with such sentiments. However, lets all be rationale here and not get into some childlike, barbaric and uncivilized accusations/discussion.

We are all grown adults here, Malaysians none the less, each with their formed opinions/differing views and ideas but nonetheless we have the ability to discuss this issue openly and maturely without the need of using unrefined words and being haughty-taughty. After all, what is the difference then between you, commentators with Katrina & Co? Take the higher road I say.

I genuinely believe Katrina would not have told such blatant lies but rather…I could record a long list of possibilities here. As the saying goes, two sides of the coin which translate to two sides of a story and here is a prime example of it and likewise, we will never know what transpired between the press and Katrina. I would like to reiterate that BELIEVE YOU ME, Katrina is not that sort of liar. Give her the benefit of the doubt on this point please. Why are we persecuting this girl based on JUST ONE extremely silly, idiotic, clearly lacking in common sense and judgment mistake? If she had committed murder…I would understand better

I quote, “Katrina's face should be published in The Star's front page notifying its' reader that this she's one hell of a RUDE & SHAMEFUL LIAR”, “Stop hiding & stop protecting Katrina; this kind of pest deserved no sympathy” amongst other comments.

My question to you is this- how could you be so certain that she lied? Where you there? How much can we believe in hear’say commentaries, one after another? Are we taught to believe and accept assumptions as the ABSOLUTE and DEFINITE truth? Could it not be the fault of the papers? After all, they do have a questionable history on their reporting skills. I am not trying to sugar coat it or take sides here but these are merely my thoughts. Honestly speaking, I would rather have a full blown page profile of all known rapists any day.

While I appreciate John’s account of the incident, let us not be mere followers. I am NOT implying that there is no truth NOR am I disputing John’s account but rather what may look to one may not be the ABSOLUTE SAME to another. Perhaps, and I repeat PERHAPS, the level of severity may not be as brutal as John had put it.

Allow me to quote yet again, “I'm surprised to know Katrina is attached to an established international organisation. This is BIG TIME SHAME!!!”- John, while I understand the concept of respectable institutions thus higher expectations, are you implying that people churned out from respectable institutions can make no mistakes and when they do, that is the end of the road for them and when you hail from mediocre institutions, it is NOT THAT shameful? Could you please re-evaluate this statement of yours?

I am positively sure Katrina would be REMORSEFUL of her actions.

I know this is a serious discussion but I can’t help but be cheeky and say, what makes you think she is a foreigner? She could be as Malaysian as you and me. As one anonymous had suggested that she be sent back to where she came from…I think we have already achieved that aim. With this, I would like to end this note by saying, never judge at face value (literally).

Anonymous said...

So sad that such incidents happen.Whatever,violence should not be used at all.If anyone is noisy,drunk and hence disturbing your "time" in the restaurant,the best is to get restaurant staff to act on it and not resort to shouting, name calling and hitting people with chairs or fists.I myself have had many encounters with people talking and talking loudly in the cinema,have had young male/females honk and show the finger just because I was driving at 90km and they needed to pass "immediately" angered me but should I have chased them and shown them my finger? should I have thrown popcorn at the loud mouth in the cinema? We should try and rein in our anger,violence begets violence,come on you guys are all educated people,get the staff/security/authorities of the place to deal with it.True our police is "busy" but it need not have to go to that level.The world has so much anger and violence,lets not add to it.Come on Malaysians we can be better than them >

Adam said...

Wow!! Can you believe the discussion has turned from 5 young males attacking 2 girls and a guy in a restaurant, with no one helping, to laying the blame on Katrina?? You people disgust me, no matter how rude someone was (and believe me Katrina is NOT that type of person I have known her since she was 4 years old - and even if she was come on 5 guys attacking them???) I would have stepped in to help, even if it was you John Cheah, you I pity most because I think you should feel ashamed for being able to report the whole thing and not doing a simple thing. Even if your kids were making all the noise and 5 guys started attacking them with a metal chair!!! and stole their bags I would chase them down or intervene or something because it would not have sat well with my conscience that day.

And I quote '....I should have thrown my mug, sppon, fork, knife & the entire table at Katrina & gang that day. They are worse than hoolligans.'
- Are you serious? what kind of a human being are you? Worse than hooligans? You are basically justifying them being attacked?
Why has everyone seemed to think that they deserved it?? I cannot believe how heartless you people are? let me guess most of you still support caning and whipping and archaic forms of punishment. Maybe he did throw the beer at the group of guys first, I doubt it, but sure then he might have been escorted out or something, but beaten in a restaurant full of other people including children? I don't think so..

Cowards and Fools, please try to find that peace and rationality within yourself, don't simply think that what happened is justifiable! I don't care if someone started yelling in a restaurant, there are other ways to handle these issues not with violence!!! Are all the people who saw it telling their children that they deserved it? What kind of message are you sending to your children? 'Shut your mouth and behave accordingly or you will get bashed'? that is a bit extreme.. And who cares if a staff is trained or not? What happened to simply aiding another human being?

And you know what, no matter what you think about the incident, if you were being a prick in a restaurant and some people attacked you I would STILL be there to defend you and your family/friends because thats how my parents raised me. Make fun of me, tell me I think I am some hero who wants to make right every wrong but you know what? what is wrong with thinking like that? What if the attackers had actually killed the guy? He hit him with a metal pole on the back of the neck?! I would not wish that on anybody! Then what would you all be saying? He was a stupid expat who got what was coming to him?? Lordy lordy... COME ON MALAYSIA this is why we can't pull it together. Malaysia has no place for barbaric foreigners?!!! what about barbaric locals you idiot!!

So come on, make your comments about the fool I am trying to defend my friend and how I must be a hooligan too and maybe deserve a bashing myself! But I will NOT EVER believe that kind of behaviour justifies a violent response and I will ALWAYS, if present, step in to aid someone in that situation because it is still someone's child, sister, friend or lover being attacked. And maybe, just maybe it could have taken a turn for the worse. And that does not sit well with me.

Sorry All for being so vocal and angry but thats just how I feel. I wish no ill will towards any of you, only at those who feels violence is the answer.

Peace and Love.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Katrina and didn't see the incident. So, I don't know what really happened.

I do, however, like to make some comments based on my 30 year observation in Malaysia.

1. Talking loudly and boasting in public places in KL is done by people of ALL races.

2. Crime happens to people of ALL races.

3. Crime is commited by people of ALL races.

4. Some exapts do behave a bit proudly. Y? See number 5.

5. Locals give expats more respect. Y? See number 6.

6. Everything we see around us is a product of the forefathers of expacts. Even the language we are writing here. Wouldn't you be a bit proud too if you influenced the rest of the world?

7. Respect in KL, sadly, depends on the colour of money. Have more of it and respect comes no matter what race you are. For that matter, no matter which part of the world you're in.

8. Violence does not solve anything. Nor do you win. Learn from Malaysia's past.The most successful invader of this country did not win through violence but by winning 'The Hearts and Minds of The People'.

9. People have become rude,selfish and untrustworthy. The criminal culture has arrived. No thanks to the media and movies that glorify the gangster culture. Nowadays, its cool to act like a 'gangster'.

10. Karma is going around a lot. Do something bad today and something will happen to you tomorrow. Think before you act.

Anonymous said...

I think what aggravated a lot of people in regards to this 'incident', was the sense of randomness behind it. Speaking for myself here, I felt that it could have very well been me that was sitting there at BSC, with my wife and kids. The picture that was painted was that a group of friends, which included some tourists - were just having a good time and minding their own business, when they were suddenly and ruthlessly, attacked by a group of vicious thugs, for a miserable handbag. The valiant male companion of the group, trying to defend his lady, was beaten mercilessly for his efforts.

This is the story as I first heard it. It really bothered the hell out of me, because I simply could not fit this nasty event, into my picture of my life as it is, in this country. And yes, I live in Bangsar. This wasn't just another statistic to me. It fully had me reconsidering how much longer I want to continue living in Malaysia.

I think a lot of people, might have been having feelings similar to mine, based on this 'story'. The outpouring of irritation in light of the 'other side' of the story is rooted in the idea that, Katrina Danielle's story could have shifted many people's fundamental view of the word they live in, and Malaysian life.

If what John Cheah has said here has any truth to it, then I understand why alot of people are upset at her. Since I live in Bangsar, I plan to go talk to the staff at Chilis myself. I am friendly enough with them, I am sure they will tell me what really went down.

I'd like to find out how much truth there is to the *MESSAGE* that was embedded in Katrina Danielle's story, which a deeper level said to me, "Becareful! No matter how civilised and sensible your environment is, you can suddenly be attacked by a gang of vicious Indian drunks over a lousy handbag". And if her tale is a lie, then it is a pretty shameful one.

Anonymous said...

To Katrina,

I wish you would come out and write something in this blog. I don't believe you or your friends started it. I know quite a few ladies that hang out in BSC. Believe me, BSC chicks are the last to start fights. That also goes for expat chicks. The only ones that start fights are boys from outside the bangsar area. BSC girls just sit pretty, are bought drinks and are asked for thier phone numbers.

Katrina, if you're reading this, us Bangsar Boys believe you and are behind you.

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine was a waiter at chili's during that time, & he can confirm what john cheah witnessed & wrote in this blog..My friend was shock at what happend but they did ask them kindly to lower down their voice after a request form the other patrons(the five men),..after that they just seem to ignore it(drunk i guess...3 foreigners + alcohol= disaster)