Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Letter...

Don't know why they call it a mysterious letter. It is an anonymous letter purportedly written by "pegawai-pegawai SPRM" (MACC officers) .

I'm glad, though that the Coroner's Court today directed the police to conduct investigation into the contents of the letter which contained details relating to Teoh Beng Hock's death.

Some people may describe the letter as "surat layang" or "poison pen letter" because it contained allegations, serious and, unpleasant, in nature, and not signed by any "named" persons.

Still, because as, coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas, said, it clearly had several elements that were closely related to the proccedings of the inquest, police should investigate them.

"As such, I need to direct the investigating officer Ahmad Nazri Zainal to investigate the contents of the letter that are related to the scope of the inquest proceedings to determine the cause of (Teoh's) death," he said.

He also reminded the lawyers involved not reveal any important information regarding the contents of the letter to the media which could hamper police investigation.

Like everyone else, I can't wait to get to the bottom of those allegations in the letter.

Do read MalaysiaToday for details in The Letter.


donplaypuks® said...

Me too!

It's too juicy to be ignored.

Anonymous said...

Somebody emailed PDF form to me this morning told me not to reveal identity, info P& C, less than half a day later Malaysia Today blasted it.

Apparently its an open letter to "whom it may concern",
some parts of it implicitly addressed to TBH RCI panel.
The rest I suppose fodder for opposition to pressure in parliament.
I doubt it was written by SPRM officers.
Unless the facts are investigated and proven its just a poison pen letter-for the moment.
The letter however gives some specifics that can be investigated further.
The question is to what extent will it be investigated ?

Vijay Kumar Murugavell

Anonymous said...

I don't see what's so mysterious about the document. It purports to clarify several 'facts' which can easily be verified through proper police investigations, and everybody should welcome the document, just in case it is authentic..

dheepan said...

hope they investigate the DNA claim~

PutraMerang said...

Daulat Tuanku.
Bubarkan DUN Perak. Melayu sudah naik lemas diperbodohkan Umno. Kembalikan hak demokrasi kepada rakyat. Episod2 penyalahgunaan kuasa pemimpin2 Umno, MCA dan MIC tidakkah menjelakkan tuanku? Atau mungkin kepentingan tuanku juga akan teruntuh akan keruntuhan Umno. Rakyat tidak dapat tidak meneka sebegitu, tuanku.

Anonymous said...

The letter's content can be varified if the Deputy guy pocesses the allege property, 2 petrol stations and house worth million in the name of his loved one. We can expose this culprit.

gedek! said...

Surat layang or no surat layang, investigation is a must!

Anonymous said...

tak cukup evidence,case tutup tuan

Anonymous said...

Bila surat layang dilihat membantu puak ini ia dianggap sebagai bukti sahih!! Tetapi apbila mereka pula yang berada dalam kandang tertuduh, bukti sahih pun dipertikaikan! Bukankah ini hipokrit namanya?


GreenBug said...

Until there is protection of whistle blowers, these letters will not be signed. However, a blogger thinks its surat layang and spinning like hell... lost his conscience I guess. I walked with him (and Jeff Ooi) when NST sued him, now he flipped...

selampit said...

Hmmm, an unsigned letter that carries the letterhead of the MACC.

A blardy flying letter from a blardy anonymous bird.

Say, what if the authority receives an unsigned letter that carries the official PKR letterhead, claiming that Anwar Ibrahim had 'loverboy' affairs with other boys besides Saiful.

I mean the PKR letterhead would surely CARRY considerable weight to the allegation wouldn't it?

Remember folks, letterheads could be stolen and I believe that any nerd with good computer skill COULD EASILY 'doctor' such a sensational document.

Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish.

H J Angus said...

ALLAH works in mysterious ways.
Let's see how the powers that be proceed with this case.
We do have very powerful laws at the disposal of the Home Minister but starting with a properly supervised DNA teat should be a good beginning.
Before we go there, the police should check how "the DNA" was obtained in the first place.

Jamna said...

I personally think the letter is a "trap" to discredit the noble efforts to seek justice for TBH.

The technique is simply, you don't want people to know "A", so you broadcast a "story" of "A + B", in which "B" is purposely made as truly shit. So, when people find out that "B" is real shit, they will make conclusion
that "A" is similarly as shit as "B". So, the "A" would be well covered.

Anonymous said...

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oh..i know who you mean. you know you don't have to agree with him. and just because you don't, doesn't mean he is spinning.

my premise is simple -- the letter was not signed by anybody. it contains serious allegations. should those allegations be investigated? ok. so a decision has been made to do so. without even any attempt to verify who the sender is. but, that is academic now, that a decision has been made. after all, forget the messenger, elt's look at the message.
so, good. we're serious about finding out whether those allegations are true.

now, how different is that from the T4TBH blog?
i'm not even saying that we should (or should not) believe what was written in the blog. but let's not be emotional here.
when the blog "surfaced', "everyone" wanted to know who was behind the blog, never mind the contents. police reports were made etc to smoke out the blogger/bloggers..and damn the contents. "everyone" were swift to condemn the person behind the blog and to, of course, (therefore) rubbish the claims in the blog.

you see the difference. so why should anyone believe the contents of the letter when it was anonymously written/sent?

of course i can answer that. because it contains serious allegations and "explicit" details(which have bearing to the inquest). and whether or not they can be verified. and as you said, by a whistle blower.

me? oh...i'm all for (finding out) the truth.

michael said...

Don't expect anyone to sign the letter unless there is a whistle blower act to protect the whistle blower.

Otherwise the poor bloke can go missing without a trace, just like Bala.



my point,exactly. whistle blower come in many forms.

Anonymous said...

When come to TBH, poison pen letter is used.

When come to Altantuya, false SD is used.

When come to Eli of PKR, a political 'fatwa' is used.

When come to Anwewar 16 September, frogs were used.

Welcome to PR wonderland guys!!!

Pious Chinglot

Anonymous said...

the LORD has said : " vengeance is
MINE !!"

Atat said...

"Surat layang" at times carries the truth and at times are just lies.

I was a victim of “surat layang” sometime back and I can tell you, when someone dislike you, the extent of the spinning can go beyond one’s imagination.
Investigate and Insya Allah the truth will prevail(if not today in the near future or the future).

Fitnah is a major sin and extremely destructive.

While there are many whistle blowers who tell the truth there are as many out there to slander.

Fatimah said...

I got a letter this morning..bunyinya seperti berikut :

To whom it may concern,

I am a mystery writer. I am writing this mystery letter to state the folowing :

1. Salleh Man, the PAS candidate for the Permatang Pasir was involved in a RM60,000 duit haram.

2. Anwar Ibrahim, the cult figure, is involved in a $90K fraud.

3. Husam Musa (the PKR spy in PAS) sacked his assistant because he was afraid his assistant will bocorkan his secret to MACC regarding a sum of RM 64,600.

Yours truly,
Mysterious Writer

Anonymous said...


Banyak dah surat layang berkenaan Pakatan Rakyat yg MACC siasat...jadi kali ni kena siasat la juga surat layang ni...

p/s suka dengar lagu kumpulan Akar...Biar Betul, Baru Betul dan Memang Betul


Anonymous said...


First: Determine whether the letter is truly written by an insider or just another poison-pen letter written by a third party who might have so much interest in the case.

Second: Find out whether the author/s is been paid or just doing it for free; or just doing it for fun or cracking joke? Without the above measures taken into account, more likely than not this fiasco would end up as another series of a "surat layang" circus.

Third, find out whether any of the politically motivated movements, cohorts, thugs or gangsters who lie behind what could be considered as a blatant attempts to discredit a public servant department.

Currently, certain quarters are having so much space to put a negative spin and if this continues as it is, in the end any truth that surfaced would only be perceived as stranger than the fiction.

Finally, it is fairly obvious that this letter frenzy is a just another attempts by certain quarters to save their face for GE13 contest. Nothing else.


Gopal Raj Kumar said...

The not so subtle differences and the actual and perceived differences in interpretation and in cultural definitions and norms between the south east Asian countries is perhaps best explained in this somehwat controversial essay on interpretation, perception and use of words both Malay and Indonesian:

We have to challenge the boundaries of thought and expression of our own before becoming too precious about it. Violence achieves nothing. name calling and the use of invectives come a second close.

In the heat of a tinderbox dry Malaysian political and social landscape, we need a little time for introspection and self examination before becoming absolute judges of the acts and ommissions of others.