Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesdays With Me..

Bon Voyage, Adel...

I seem to have been waiting for the moment when I have to say farewell to my eldest child and only son, Adel Hakim as he prepares to leave us to further his studies in Canada.
Not that I am looking forward to it. Inexplicable, this feeling. This rush of emotions.

Adel came down with fever on Saturday that got me worried. I'm no doctor but I knew it was not the dreaded H1N1 as he had only fever and nothing else -- no runny nose, no aches and pains, no nausea etc. Not wanting to take any chances (for I'm no doctor and I could be wrong), I called his eldest sister, Ana (a doctor) and gave her a rundown on Adel's condition. She asked that Adel be brought to the clinic.

No, Adel did not have the Swine Flu. Just fever and a little wheezing (Adel's asthmatic). Some medication and Adel should be okay.

"This must be the result of all the late nights you've been having, eh?"Ana said, with a wicked smile.
Aah, yes. of course. He had been spending time with his friends, either at the mamak stall for very late supper, watch football or play games. He'd hit the sack about 4 or 5 in the morning.
Now, that's enough to bring down his defences, hale and hearty as he is.

Back at home, I teased Adel.

"Sakit sebab nak pergi jauh, rindu mummy, kan?". He looked up at me and just smiled. I rubbed his head.

I remember what he told me as we were watching "Leverage" on tv, the other night.

"I'll be leaving in about two weeks, mummy." And I felt my heartstrings tugging. I rubbed his head.

Adel has been responding well to medication and is well on the road to recovery. He is still not able to fast because of the medication he has to take.
After a diet of chicken porridge, he is now able to enjoy pasta and chicken rice.

Adel has got to get better for he leaves for Canada early Sunday morning. That's like four days more.
Right now, I am a bag of nerves, though you can't tell because I'm good at hiding it all.

I think mothers go through this aching when their children leave the nest.

Mak was lucky. She had 10 children. One went away, and she had nine left at home. But , of course, that didn't mean that she felt no pain every time her child left home for a faraway land.

I'd be lying if I said that I am not at all worried about how he's going to cope there. I'd wanted him to opt for Australia, because it is nearer. Canada is on the other side of the world, for goodness sake.

"Jauh-lah Canada," I said forlornly.

Surely Australians universities are just as good. But Adel said he preferred what was being offered at the University of Waterloo in Canada.

Ok. I may know a lot of things but it so happened at that point of our conversation, I had not read up about the university. So I said:"Are you sure it's a good university?"

"Well, one of its engineering students was among the team that invented the blackberry," Adel remarked in way of resting his case.

Hmmm. Point taken.

I know I'm not supposed to believe everything the media tells me. There could be some exaggeration and dramatization.

Adel's name is spelt the Arabic way. He was named after an Egyptian journalist I met in Aman, Jordan in1987 (thereabouts) . We were covering the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).
And in case there are pictures in that naughty head of yours, there was no hanky panky. Nothing of the sort.
Adel, the Egyptian journalist was an old man and very fatherly.

I told him that when I had a son, I'd name him Adel. He was deeply flattered.

So, because "Adel" is a common Arab name, could "his name" be in the Canadian terrorist database?

That is so so worrying. Visions of him being singled out are not helping.

And then there are the mundane things like -- how he's going to do the laundry, or who's going to take him to the doctor when he's taken ill.

"Aaah...that's why it's imperative that he gets a girlfriend," my bro-in-law Azmi offered.

Hell, no, I said. He's going there to study, graduate and make us all proud of him. And no girlfriend of his is going to be his maid.

Reality check. Ok. Time out. I'm not going into that. Too stressful.

Adel, however has assured me that he is a big boy and is capable of taking care of himself. It may not seem so at home, but when he is far away from home, he knows just what to do. Trust him, he reassures me.

After the farewell dinner Kak Olin threw for him last Friday night, his aunts, uncles and cousins gave him a huge "bon voyage" card.

Almost everyone signed "take care, study hard and don't forget to come home". More or less.

So, yes, Adel. Don't forget to come home. Alone or otherwise. I'll be okay by then.

(Picture: A painting by Canadian artist, Franklin Carmichael.)


apanama said...

Guess its easier said than done but just try to take it easy.

Kama said...

Gee Aina, I'm the one feeling sebak reading this. What is there to say whatever that has not been said before? Just let him spread his wings; it's time. Adel, go there and do your thing and come home, ok? I'd hate to see your mom 'kerinduan'. My own mother died broken-hearted, pining for her youngest daughter who left for the US in 1993 and has yet to come home..

Anonymous said...

good luck to both you and him...

looks like a golf course?

edelweiss said...

Kak Ena...

Tell him gud luck ya :) He'll be just fine and hey no worries lah kak...i know kejap-2 u'll be in canada :)

Jordan said...

Well, for what it's worth, there are probably as many Adels in Ontario as there are Jordans, haha. He'll be fine.


apanama: you bet...your turn will come..heheheh..

kama (Puteri) ; waaahh....waaah waah... your sister has not come home???
oh dear....oh wow.

anon@2:24PM -- thanks. and you're right, you know. does look like a golf course. i think i'll change the picture.

edelweiss: oh thanks. alaa..canada jauh. tambang pun mahal. ada budget fare, kot.

jordan: thanks, pal.but are there terrorists who go by the name jordan..you think? now i'm really worried. but i'm now remembering that they say Canadians are a lot friendlier and not as paranoid as Americans.. so, i'm a little comforted by that fact. it is a fact, isn't it?

Raden Galoh said...

Sebak pulak baca entri akak ni, macam saya pulak yg nak lepaskan anak bujang pergi belajar jauh... i guess all mothers would share the same feeling kan akak?

You need not worry though, adel is a big guy already and it's not going to be a problem for you to be in canada too, kan?

pesan kat adel, aunty D kirim salam, study smart as always and come back on holidays...

love you kak.

Anonymous said...

My son and daughter graduated from universtities in San Francisco, California. Both are working in California now. They tested working environments in Malaysia and finally concluded that Malaysia is not the place where they want to pursue their careers and life. I will dispense with the reasons why (We are Chinese, by the way).
I also have a close Malay friend with a Chinese wife. The son came back from Canada and was offered a high post in Ministry of Finance. He took one look at the office and the work environment and went back to Canada to work. Again, I will dispense with the reasons why.

Point I am making?

What do you wish for your son and his future? What type of future do you forsee your son having if he were to eventually come back to Malaysia and presumably work, get married, have children and hopes for your grandchildren ? Especially with the current set of national leaders in government and peering into the crystal ball at those in succession, I would ask you a simple question: What would you wish for your son and would he coming back to Malaysia allow your wish for him to be realized?

I don't know you or your family, but I wish your son bon voyage and to both of you 'good luck'

John Cheah said...

Hi Nuranina,

Make sure ADEL doesn't come home after studies thinking he's some MAT SALLEH behaving like what that hooligan name KARTINA DANIELLE did in BSC lately.

Should ADEL sadly adopt the attitude & behaviour of your friend's daughter (Katrina Danielle), I'm afraid ADEL gonna heading for BIG, BIG TROUBLE.

God bless!!!

Kak Teh said...

ena, the last few days that's what I have been doing, rubbing my son's head and pulling him close to me.
A friend commented, nak pi university masih dok berpeluk dengan Mak?
And he is only going to a uni 40 minutes away! I just cant imagine sending off a child so far away like that. But the bright side is that you get to go there, right? So, jangan lupa singgah London.
All the best Adel - when aunty Ah went to ITM where I met your mum, my mother and a load of relatives sent me off at the bus terminal in Alor setar - all tearful as if I was going overseas. Berbekal tikar bantal lagi!

All the best and am sure you'll do your mum proud!


dalila (raden galoh): i will samoai =kan salam. and thank you. We all hope for the best for our kids. Berkat doa kita, Inshallaah.

john : thank you. adel is malaysian thru and thru. he doesnt despise the mat salleh, nor is he overawed by them.

Ah (Kak Teh) : how we forget that they're all grown and it's time for them to "fly the coop", as it were...
so, if i visit adel, i'll fly atlantic and singgah london and we'll meet up at whiteley's (spelling betul, ke, dah tak ingat) you're gonna make me your mee bandung...and then we'll hang out at holiday villa...or picnic at hyde park..



thank you for your "detailed" account.

like any other parent, i'd like adel to come home after he graduates.
does not matter whether it's for good or otherwise.
about your children's experience --really, that's really too bad. what a pity it did not work for them. but then, they are probably happy where they are.

as for adel. well, he will be in canada for a long time because he is taking actuarial science and part of hisd egree requires him to do practical there.

you know, he may like and even love canada. with or without the woman of his dreams. (i hope it's a woman, kalau tidak, complicated... from all sides) he may want to live there, as i know many people settled there after years of being there as a student.

what do i wish for my son? i'm sure you know the answer. i want the best for him. right now i am raving and ranting because i think i am entitled to (do) that. i will be selfish but of course, the reality is that he will decide what and where he wants to be. i only hope and pray that he makes his decision with much wisdom.

meanwhile, as i indulge in my own thoughts, i'd have to settle for c'est la vie!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ms. Nuraina, thanks for your response to my question on what you would wish for your son and his future. You are very right that all parents wish the best for their children. I also wish your son Adel all the best and may he find his calling and may his dreams come true. As the Italian saying goes 'Que sera sera'.

You have a good evening and don't stop hugging Adel until Sunday !!

This comment has been removed by the author.


thank you for visiting me (again). and yes, that's more apt - Que Sera Sera..whatever will be will be.

i am also a believer that man proposes and God disposes. so, let's hope Adel has a good plan when he gets there.

Thank you for your best wishes. And i will heed your suggestion to continue hugging him (until Sunday).

Take care.

sesat said...

Dear Nuraina,

Your rush of emotions is totally understandable; after all, your eldest child is leaving the nest for a faraway land. But I gather being a well balanced and well brought up young man, Adel will thrive in his new environment.

I add my good wishes for Adel’s academic success and wish you strength and fortitude as you bid Bon Voyage to your son.

Take care.

This comment has been removed by the author.

dear sesat,

i certainly hope i've brought adel up well.

i did think about you when i suggested that adel enrol in an australian uni, preferably in new south wales. so that when i visit him, i can visit you as well.

nice seeing you sesat!

take care...

Basree Rakijan said...

entah kenapa bila kak ena tulis kisah yang dekat dengan hati, mesti menarik! dah lama tak ada posting semacam ini. dan, dah lama jugak saya tak meninggalkan komen di sini. best cerita ni. tak lama lagi saya pun ada anak masuk universiti. tapi tak la sampai kanada. shah alam jer. tahniah untuk adel dan kak ena!

norlin said...

I know exactly how you feel and what you are going through. The 'sebak' feeling I felt the last couple of days before Khairil left continued right up to the time he boarded the plane. And when I got home, I headed straight to his room, touched his table and his stuff, opened his cupboard, looked hard at his pictures, sat on his bed and cried. I was already missing him, my ist born and only son. I knew it was going to be hard.

So it will take awhile, Ena. Your 'kerinduan' will not go away. I was luckier, Australia was only 8 hours away. And time flew for us. As it will for you. Dont worry about him - he'll do ok. He'll come back a grown man... but in the meantime, I shall miss my gentle Adel and his bear hugs and "Hello boss" greeting every time he sees me!!

Kak Olin

empty-nest mum said...

Congrats for bringing up a fine young man.
A smart one at that. Wow, actuarial science. A tough course but with great prospects.
Congrats Adel. You made your mum proud.
Take it from me Aina. I know what you are going through. You are now entering the empty-nest syndrome.
My kids left home to study abroad at 18. I cried a week before they leave, cried buckets at the airport and cried one week after that.
But you will get used to it.
And to think that my kids left home at 12 for boarding school.
But at one time or another they will spread their wings and fly.
Our prayers will see them through.

KH Blogger said...

Dear Aina,
Thank you for pouring out the anxieties of every parent. I know my turn will come, probably in 8-9 years time. I'm afraid I'll be a real softie and probably fly over there with my son. Here's a weakling if there's ever one!
As for coming back to Malaysia for good, I will leave it to him. It's his life but I also know that in our eyes, our son will also be a little one. Even when they are 30!

GUiKP said...

Salam Sis Ena,

Heaps of congrats to Adel. If I'm not mistaken, he won a prestigious scholarship, kan?

Guess what I witnessed in the office yesterday. My very good friend was in a soppy mess because her only child left for a 3-month job in Balik Papan without him giving her a proper goodbye due to unavoidable circumstances. And the thought that Balik Papan is a "forest of impenetrable internet access" depresses her even more.

I'm sure Adel will never forget that syurga adalah di bawah tapak kaki ibu.

We are also beginning to have a heavy heart these last few days as we have to be away in Europe shortly for a week, leaving our three children behind in Malaysia. We wonder how they will cope without us, especially the little one.

Have a blessesd Ramadhan.

Anonymous said...


Tahniah untuk anak puan kerana diberikan ruang dan peluang melanjutkan pelajaran di luar negara dalam bidang yang diminatinya.

Sebagai ibu, semestinyalah detik-detik sebegini menimbulkan perasaan yang bercampur baur antara suka, bimbang dan duka.

Suka kerana si anak mendapat peluang untuk menimba ilmu di peringkat yang tinggi dan menerusi peluang berkenaan setidak-tidaknya anak puan dapat melengkapkan diri dengan ilmu pengetahuan serta kemahiran sebelum melangkah ke fasa seterusnya.

Bimbang kerana si anak akan berada berjauhan dan apabila terbayangkan cerita-cerita buruk dan negatif (seperti keganasan, H1N1, kemalangan dsbnya) membuatkan sesiapa saja berasa bimbang untuk melepaskan si anak untuk merantau bersendirian.

Duka kerana terpaksa berpisah untuk satu tempoh yang lama, apatah lagi apabila nanti takbir raya bergema, barulah dapat dirasakan betapa mendalamnya ikatan yang terjalin antara ibu bapa dan si anak. Tanpa sedar air mata bercucuran membasahi pipi si anak mahupun si ibu bapa, di pagi syawal yang tidak seperti di tahun-tahun sebelumnya.

Justeru, apabila si anak akan belajar ke luar negara, pihak ibu bapa akan terlibat sama membuat pelbagai persiapan termasuklah senarai barangan yang perlu disediakan dan yang akan dijadikan bekalan diperantauan.

Adalah difahamkan, kebelakangan ini teramatlah sukar untuk mengirimkan produk makanan menerusi kurier ke mana-mana negara seperti di Amerika Utara atau di Benua Eropah.

Memandangkan sekarang ini adalah bulan puasa dan akan diikuti dengan hari raya, saya percaya pihak puan sudahpun memikirkan tentang jenis makanan yang perlu dibawa oleh anak puan. Mungkinkah satu bagasi akan dikhaskan untuk bahan makanan? Tempoyak? Budu? Belacan?


Roslina said...

Hi Nuraina,
I studied Engineering in Ontario, Canada. It's really "jauh", the flight is too long and Canada seems so far from home. I stayed there for 5 years and enjoyed my time there - the Canadians that I met were warm and friendly. Christmases were spent with the family of the owner of a taxi company who made friends with us when he helped us move house. Lino must have felt sorry for these girls whose parents are so far away.
The winters are cold with lots of snow. Rather than get depressed about it, I took up ice-skating and skiing which I enjoyed tremendously. The Canadian ski resorts are really great. The scenery is superb and it was breath taking to watch the trees changing colors in autumn and the flowers coming out in spring. After the snow falls at night, I remember stepping out and marveling at the "whiteness" and rush to get my camera or have snow fights ! Tell Adel to make good friends because friendships are so important when you live far away. I traveled to Europe during one of the summer holidays and stuck 2 flags on my knapsack - Malaysian and Canadian flags.
My son will be leaving mid September for UK and like you, my stomach is doing flip-flops. I worry about the same things that you do and it's a relief to read your blog because my husband doesn't seem to feel the same way as I do. I'd like to think that I've done my best in preparing him to venture out on his own and that he'll do ok. I'm already planning to visit him in October !
Both of us are going to worry about our sons - we can't help it because we are mothers and we love them so much. My salam to Adel and tell him that to enjoy his time as a student in Canada, I enjoyed mine !

H J Angus said...

Going overseas is the best thing you can do for your child unless you are a selfish parent who wants their kids to forever live under your influence.
It allows them to make life choices as an independent adult but of course as a parent it is only natural to feel that "loss".
I have a daughter who is working in Canada in Newfoundland and that is really remote.
Best of luck to Adel and you should be proud of him. When he returns, he will be a better person for the life experience.

Atat said...

Dear Nuraina,

Engineering is a good field and I am assuming since he mentioned Blacberry, maybe he is pursuing a Degree in Electronics Engineering. I wish him luck and the key to being a great engineer is enjoying every moment of it (the learning to be one and the workings in being one). I hope and I am sure he will be successful.

Am an engineer myself!

wanshana said...

Aaawwwhhh Kak Ena,

You made me teary-eyed reading this... I guess all parents know that the day would come for the kids to leave the nest, but, we never really prepare ourselves for it - maybe because we still pray and hope that they will never ever leave home sampai bila-bila...

Hang in there, Kak Ena. Adel will be fine - and he's just a skype, facebook, blogspot, YM, e-mail, phonecall away from you.


zack said...

My eyes got "watery" lah bila baca. I cant imagine how will l react when my daughters leaves for her higher education. ayooooo....sediah lah. Adli

Jordan said...

Kak Ena,

He may just end up coming back with a spouse. I hear it's what the cool kids are doing. Haha!

And yes, Canadians are awesome people. I might be slightly biased, though.


basree : hah. memang lama tak jengok sini,ya.
nanti giliran basree pulak...shah alam atau kanada...rindu tetap rindu. hanya, kalau shah alam, anak tak ada alasan pulang!
terima kasih, basree atas ucapan tahniah.

kak olin: i'm counting on time flying by fast and swift and before i know it, adel's back!
anyway, it'd be a good experience for him, seeing that he's always had his mummy around.

Anon@10:43PM(empty-nest mum): wow. you're pretty much seasoned and veteran when it comes to this.
thank you for the kind words.
as they say, the time will come when we'll just have to let go.
i think whether they leave for near or far, the feeling is the same.
that's all that i can do -- pray for his well-being and hope he has learnt to be what and how we have brought him up to be!
thank you for visiting.

KH Blogger: how very true...Adel will be that six year-old boy who would never leave my side....
thanks for visiting.

GUiKP: thanks heaps. Yes, Adel received the president's something or other.
oh dear, i think i'll be in that soppy mess Sunday!
hope everything will be ok when you're in Europe. If you're back by Raya, do text me. Open House nanti. last year, we couldnt hold an open house because Bapak passed away during ramadan. Inshallah, we can hold one this year.
take care and salam to the Mrs and kisses to the little ones.

Anon@1:02AM (Sahabat)
Terima kasih. untung nya kita sekarang ia lah di bandara2 utama di luar negeri, termasuk di Canada, ada banyak kedai2 halal. untung juga, anak2 kita sudah jinak dengan makanan barat seperti pizza, pasta, burger dan sebagai nya. Mereka tidak lah kempunan nasi dan sambal.
saya rasa saya tak akan bekalkan Adel tempoyak, budu atau belacan..kena rampas sampai sana nanti! terima kasih kerana sudi ke blog saya.

Roslina: thank you for relating your experience. My advice to Adel is the same. I, myself studied in Boston (and that's not too far from canada). I made some friends, not many, and did not stick to only Malaysians.
You had a fulfilling and worthwhile experience in canada. I hope Adel will too. Thank you for dropping by.

H J Angus : Yes. Indeed. How true. And your daughter is in Newfoundland. Wow...
Thank you.

Atat: actually, engineering was Adel's first choice but along the way he decided on Actuarial Science. I asked him why. He said, "it suits me". Whatever that means. Adel thought deep and hard about this choice, i know. Of course, i wish him well. I do have fears because I've heard how final year actuarial science undergraduates simply snap and became depressed because they could not cope with the course. Adel is well aware of this.

you're an engineer. that's really great!

wanshana: thanks, shana. hehehe.... your turn will come and i will offer you comforting words too...
Indeed, as parents, there is a silver lining, isn't there -- great tools of communication. that's my consolation. i can keep in touch with real time, except that we are in different time zones.
thanks for visiting! salam ramadan!

zack (Adli):your time will come. and memang sedih!

This comment has been removed by the author.


hmm...what else do the cool kids get into?

jordan, kalau dah jodoh adel bersama gadis Canuck -- orang putih atau orang hitam baik orang (kulit) merah (native americans, daa), apa kan daya, saya sebagai ibu nak meratap, nak meraung, bahkkan, nak mengamuk (haha). sudah takdir.
hanya sebagai seorang ibu, saya pinta adel buat pilihan yang baik, demi kebahgiaan diri nya dan si-isteri. DAN KEBAHGIAAN SAYA! hahaha....

Sivaraman said...

Aina, I remember when Aidel was born. I was with BH then and it was a big change for you. Even at assignments later, you would always be describing your baby. Now you tell me he is going to Canada to study. Wow...time flies. Anyway, I wish him all the best and hope some of his Grandpa Samad's streak is in him!


Kata Tak Nak said...

Heck, my son is in KL and when he said he would only come home for raya and not earlier, my heart tore off its string.
Thats parenthood, like it or not. Shit this is sad.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. This is actually one of the main reasons why I decided to stay in the US as I still cannot describe how my dad's heart broke when I left! It is something that I never want my children to feel, the guilt sadness, homesickness, etc. Maybe I am being selfish as well because I am not sure if I can handle seeing my kids leave at 18 and possibly never coming back (with the exception of vacations every 2 years for 2 weeks).

This is such a huge issue for Malaysians and I really hope that emphasis is made in changing the education system so that kids don't all have to leave home to pursue a decent education.

Nuraina, you are a strong woman and I deeply admire your staunch beliefs and have tremendous respect on how you carry yourself. You son will be fine because he was raised well. You pain however, will never go away and please always remeber that your son also has a huge burden like the one I had and still carry all these years even though my dad has passed over 20 years ago. It is really a no win situation that I hope will change by the next generation.

Hope you understand my perspective.

Transplated Msian

Ahmad A Talib said...


Have no fear. Adel knows what he's doing. In any case, like in the old, old days, anak lelaki memang disuruh merantau, untuk mencari bekalan di hari-hari mendatang. He'll be back and make you prouder. The fact that he's done well enough to get to study abroad is proof that you've brought him up well! The tears will flow no doubt, but that's only natural.

You should get him a Blackberry (if not already). Then you can chat and chat..

Take Adel! Way to go...

Atat said...

Dear Nuraina,

Hah! That is so strange, I have always wanted to do Acturial Science and along the way decisions changed because many adviced me against it, for the same reasons you mentioned and did Engineering instead.

Even today I think, I would still rank it number 1 in my wish list to do and also it is one of the most (possibly the most)challenging discipline and I sincerely wish Adel great success.

I am sure he will do well!

Bon Voyage and Selamat Berpuasa di perantauan.

MullahTTDI said...

Dear Puan Nuraina

Love reading your entry...I hope that Adel will make you proud like you, making your father proud too. May ALLH bless you and your family always...Salam Ramadhan from me

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina..I think I can understand how you feel.I too have one child..a lovely daughter who is not only the apple of my eye,she is also my best friend and represents every breath that I take.Last year she took off after Raya to pursue her medical studies in Egypt.Needless to say,I sank into a deep depression for months.My world practicaly collapsed around me.TO ease my loneliness,I took to sleeping on her bed just to get her"smell"I will keep on peering into her facebook and her personal blog to keep tab on her progress coupled with countless phonecalls.Her blog is entitled"Paradise Comes In Little Blessings".She is back for her holidays now..With the advantage of hindsight,despite all the long hours of loneliness,I can now safely say,by her studying overseas,has indeed blessed me in understanding the tagline in her blog.I am sure that u too will be bestowed will the little blessigs that paradise brings.Good Bless

Awang Goneng said...

Adel, what a nice name. Parting is such sweet sorrow, but heck, it has to happen somehow. Our youngest is going to university too, to Mile End, at the other end of town. But it is still a parting of ways. He is on his way to make his own life in this wide, wicked world, and the test is whether in being himself he will still feel he's part of us.

God bless you Adel, God-speed, and may the light of our deen shine on you, wherever you are. And keep your poor suffering Mum posted, occasionally.


siva: goodness. how time flies...thanks for bringing back those memories..

kata tak nak : cik gu!..absolutely! salam ramadhan. i hope you are well. take care.

anon@8:59PM: how sad. i hope things get better for you in time. thank you for sharing.

AhmadTalib: Thank you. I hope to keep in constant touch with him. Tapi..blackberry? Blackberry kan Canadian dan invented in Ontario? Hmmm...necessity, ke? Let me think.

Atat: Thank u. Adel needs all the luck and best wishes...I do worry becos i do not want him to be studying without any time for recreation. i know i shouldn;t fear the worst but the fact that it is such a tough course and many fatalities among students has not mad it easy. I pray for his well-being and success.

mullahTTDI: thank you. you're too kind.

anon@1:40AM: that's a story with a nice ending...i'm glad she's doing fine and you're better. thank you.

Hulaimi (Awang Goneng); hey hey hey....thank u. Inshallah..

lyna ua said...

Dear kak ena...
Oh dear! When I read this, memories of my visit at the hospital after you gave birth to Adel came flooding. How time flies. You have brought up a wonderful boy who will soon become a man. Oh my...we have traveled far in our lives...our childhood thru' our teenage years and then through our children's lives from babies to now.
I can't imagine my Nana or Taufiq leaving my sight yet! Nana is in Upper Six now. Taufiq just went into ASWARA - fine Arts. He may be doing his degree in Europe.
I know they will be leaving sooner or later but I don't think I'll ever be prepared!
Hangin there kakak. Please wish Adel all the best and take care of himself well. He will be missed dearly. Congratulations and good luck dear Adel. You have made your mummy proud.
Miss you kak ena. We are near, yet so far.
Life is a cycle...

Rocky's Bru said...

All the best to Adel, I hope he will continue to blog from there.
Keep the Malaysian flag flying, young man!

Anonymous said...




lina (lynaUS): oh my...Yes...feels like only yesterday. And I remember Ayah's little verse for Adel. He wrote -- more like scribbled --it in my (hospital) room and gave it to me. when Adel got older, i showed him what Tok Tongkat had written for him.

aaah...time flies.


rocky: thanks. and adel would tell you that you were his inspiration to blog...ahem, after me-lah.


anon@11:29PM: adel belajo di Ontario.


anon@11:29PM: adel belajo di Ontario.

chicnchomel said...

Kitchener-Waterloo is my husband's kampung and his 2 sisters went to University of Waterloo. It's such a lovely, peaceful place and away from the parties etc. People are super nice and friendly, and there's a huge non-Caucasian community as well. Your son has made a wise choice, although I must say I dread the long, long flight! Good luck to your son!