Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Ah Long, Ah Long

I was wondering whether anyone was going to do something about all those stickers and banners put up by Ah Longs.
I remember noticing these stickers suddenly "sprouting" overnight in my neighbourhood. It was some time late last year, when everyone was talking about feeling the squeeze from a weakening world economy.

"What timing," I remember remarking.

Suddenly they were on lamp-posts, tree-trunks, walls and just about everywhere.

It's as though Ah Longs knew that there'd be many desperadoes, and was giving them a line. A quick fix.

I pulled out some of the stickers. Just on impulse. But I stopped when it hit me that some people might be watching me and would not be amused by what i was doing....
Oh... I takut Ah Long.

It was disturbing but I also thought that people should know better than to fall for that.

There must have been complaints because just the other day THIS happened.


Anonymous said...

Oh oh, now there will be another riot in town by DAP for being unfair to the Ah Long machais.

They will cry foul because 'the messenger got shot', not the operator.


Anonymous said...

The alongs are sure daring mah. Know why? Their bapak God father is the in the highest post in law enforcement agencies.He is known as Musang among malaysian.Even loyal polisemen who arrest the along in Tangkak was taken diciplinery action bt this crook face assholl.A long terlepas.

Anonymous said...

Several reasons why Ah Long system of money lending would fail:

1. The intrest rate is very high reaching 100% per month.

2. Profits made by the borrower for a day sale is not even enough to pay for the loan intrest.

3. Let say the initial amount of loan taken is RM 3,500 but after a couple of months, out of nowhere, a borrower may end up owing RM 50,000-100,000!!!

Anonymous said...


what is the difference between Ah Longs and credit cards?

Credit cards are licensed Ah Long.

Old Fart said...

will be good to do a sting on the Ah Longs. always considered it. Maybe one day....if am going to leave the country for good....will probably do it. You know...start with leading them on that you are a good payer..start small and then go big....and finally with like RM10 million from them and just walk away into the sunset!!!!


old fart, devil you..:-)