Friday, August 28, 2009

Dr Chua Soi Lek's Sacking From MCA

This is from Dr Chua Soi Lek's blog.:

"I' am Sacked!

Today, I am partyless. I served MCA as a divisional chairman since 1985. On the 2nd January 2008 when I resigned from all party posts, I was still an MCA member. Today, I don’t even have a party. So, my position today is worst of than when I resigned on 2nd January 2008. I did not realize that MCA disciplinary board led by an aging lawyer have deemed fit to recommend me to be sacked 21 months after I have resigned from all party and government posts for the same reason as when I resigned in January 2008. If there is provision for sentencing of death physically, I am sure that the disciplinary board would have no hesitation in recommending me to face the gallows. The reason is obvious why I need to be sacked. Will my sacking boost up the image of the MCA? I have to assume that the President today is as clean and clear as crystal. Only time will tell.

Since last night, my phone has not stopped ringing. Today, I spend my time trying to read all the sms. Probably, this is to keep me occupied since I am now partyless. The press has not stopped harassing me. It is actually quite funny and fun.

My family and friends will be going away for a short holiday. I need to enjoy this partyless status. So friends, give me a chance to rest. People will be thinking that I will be working very hard, but as usual; I take everything in my stride. Hopefully I can live longer to see another day and another battle."


Anonymous said...

hey, where's your short-haired pretty girl fren !?

Atat said...

Dear Nuraina,

I think Dr. Chua did a fantastic job when he was the Minister of Health.

Unfortunately, the good ones will always have such sad exit.

We are a very forgiving nation...

Do wish him well and hopefully he will find some peace with his family.

Anonymous said...

Was it under his watch that the hologram sticker thing came into being, causing undue hardship to the rakyat?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully, any moral issue affecting Adun of PR would follow suit. Pas must play active role here.

Story Teller

Anonymous said...

Kalau melibatkan rasuah, masih ada badan bebas untuk membanterasinya!

Kalau membabitkan keruntuhan moral mana ada badan yang boleh bertindak seumpama MACC!!

Oleh itu keputusan MCA atau mana-mana parti bersabib kesalahan moral pemimpin sepatutnya di hormati dan disokong.

Keengganan pihak pembangkang bertindak terhadap pesalah moral dalam kalangan PKR, DAP atau Pas tidaklah boleh dijadikan satu contoh yang baik dan perlu diikuti.


khaifikri said...

kepada antihipokrit yg kurang cerdik. cuba beritahu secara spesifik kes moral ahli mana yg dilindungi oleh PKR,PAS MAUPUN DAP. Jangan sedap cakap je. Kalau sikurang cerdik terlupa atau tak nak ambil tau sdr Anwar Ibrahim telah pun dibebaskan oleh mahkamah persekutuan dlm kes sodomi(yg direka-reka) tempoh hari. oh ya nak tanya antihipokrit tau ke bidang tugas mahkamah persekutuan.

Anonymous said...

Judging from his unceasing sarcasm and choice of words Dr Chua is no angel either

As a high ranking politician he really should know it by now - he had his chance - he blew it !

He is quite right though in taking a break now - a long, quiet one please.

At least we'll all have the blessing of one-head less hypocrisy in Malaysian politics


Anonymous said...

"I did not realize that MCA disciplinary board led by an aging lawyer have deemed fit to recommend me to be sacked 21 months after I have resigned from all party and government posts for the same reason as when I resigned in January 2008."

OMG!! Chua Soi Lek sure is super fit that the aging lawyer who's about his age is no match for him. It's sad that not many can do what Chua did.

But then again, many are morally bound by the 10 commandments even though we are mere non politicians.

Moses is a righteous leader. How come we can expect such low standards from Chua Soi Lek? Are we more dumb than those people of long ago?


Anonymous said...

What is so bad about sacrificing one person for the good of the many. Should have been done months ago.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Chua Soi Lek, the moment you are caught having sex with another woman who is not your wife, you should have quit politics once and for all. You are not only a disgrace to your party, but to your wife and children. They are made the laughing stock of your relatives and friends.

Johnny Chua

wishediwaswrong said...

The mistake, nay blunder, that was made by MCA the party was not to have sacked Chua Soi Lek immediately after the sex tape found its way into the nooks and corners of our society.

The tragedy is: Chua is hoping to "..see another day and (to fight) another battle".

The rules of the game could be different had MCA been just a private club and not a flagbearer of an important segment of the ruling political order.

Anonymous said...