Friday, August 28, 2009

Safety On The Road! Make a Pledge!

I am concerned about road safety. I'm sure you are too.
Driving on our roads can be a traumatic experience. I kid you not!

I get up in the morning, all set to begin a new day -- at work or at play. I get into my car and make my way out of my neighbourhood, on to the highway. Not a day goes by that I am not faced with unpleasantness and ugliness on the road.

I am appalled to see boys riding motorbikes without crash helmets. Just the other day, along Jalan Maarof in Bangsar (KL), I saw a pillionrider on a 250cc without a helmet!

I am not surprised by the increasing number of fatalities on our roads. According to official statistics, there are 18 fatalities a day on Malaysian roads.

In 1998, there were 211,037 accidents. In 2007, the number increased to 363,319.

In the last two years, two youngsters I know were killed in a road accident.

That's why I'm all for this campaign -- Malaysians Unite For Road Safety (Mufors) that hopes to get Malaysians to pledge for road safety by 09.09.09.
Although that's the target date, the campaign will go on indefinitely.

If you're interested, go to this website, and make a pledge.

So, let's be safe on the road!


Anonymous said...

i see that nst is very silence on the disgusting demo today.ahh..we humans are such hypocrites ,are we not?

Basree Rakijan said...

I will be one of those who will be driving back to home town this Hari Raya. And each year someone will die on the road during this Raya journey. No campaign has been successful enough so far to remind drivers to be careful while driving. I don't know if this will be just another campaign. But at least someone is trying very hard to remind us every festive seasons.

wishediwaswrong said...


You and I and hordes of sensible people out there are concerned about road safety.

The real culprits who allowed this state of lawlessness to dominate our highways, streets, even lorong kampung, were the relevent authorities.

True, they did conduct checks here and there. But these were often spurious and smelled of other insidious intent: revenue collection, not necessarily all for state coffers.

Not too long ago, motorists dared not so much as stop their machines beyond the stop line. Now, the road is there for everyone to ply one's driving/riding skill and to test one's risk threshold and other' patience.

Road manners, road safety? They've been wiped out of our highway culture for good, thanks to the lack of since and serious enforcement of our traffic and road regulations.

SSS said...


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Anonymous said...

Please highlight our difficuty in buying sugar. And the Minister seems to be doing nothing about it!

Anonymous said...

Road safety? New minister, old problem. Same with sugar. Same with haze. Same with potholes. Change govt pun sama jugak la. Kajang, under PR govt, still dirty. Same old, same old.

Sudah muak