Wednesday, August 05, 2009

THE Inquest Today

The inquest into the death of political aide Teoh Beng Hock resumed at the Shah Alam Magistrates Court before coroner Azmil Muntapha Abas this morning.
Some than 100 witnesses are expected to be called in the next 15 or so days of the inquest.
These include Teoh’s family members, colleagues and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers involved in questioning Teoh the day before his death.

Today six witnesses --four security personnel, a technician and a policeman -- testified today.

The inquest, which adjourned at about 1.35pm, resumes at 9am tomorrow.



Anonymous said...

if TBH wanted to mati-sendiri-rela =
sure left a message one somewhere BUT
why hp NOT given back to him ????????

kita anak melayu said...

Guys I am tired of hearign PAS people tellign me that Umno is unIslamic, read a very nicely written alternative viewpoint here..

Umno's Islam is closer to the spirit of the Faith

also ada news tentang Blogger Patriot tawan Selangor

Noh Omar gave some pertinent reminders during the launch - got videos one

Anonymous said...

Pelik nya bangunan SPRM kawasan keselamatan tinggi, apa jadi dengan cctv atau lain2 alat pengawasan ? Macam kisah dari filem-filem hollywood pulak. Eis eis eis...

apanama said...

If it doesn't serve your purpose and appears like a case which might expose your dark side THEN it must be a conspiracy from the 'highest level of the Government' - sounds like Anwar Ibrahim kan?
The question in Teoh's case is - Why would someone want to kill Teoh (if he is killed that is)? Who sets to benefit/escape/hide following his death?

Anonymous said...

sprm should move down to the ground & basement for 0-tragedy !

atanjamilselamat said...

the thing we must understand is the MACC is an independent body under the law. Nobody can tell them what to do. They make their own decisions.

Therefore, whatever the verdict we must accept them as it is.

Malaysian have the tendency of only accepting the court decision when they go their way.


Anonymous said...

The clue may be hidden inside a laptop and the HP. But then, the perpetrators are not that stupid as they could hire any thugs to execute many things.

But no mater how skillful these idiots are, few facts remain unchanged -- thugs are not always smart and cautious.

They have false impression that by brushing off any contact sites, they can get away squeky clean! These thugs are actually careless as they have left behind some DNA profile!!!

Anonymous said...

I sakit tekak, batuk-batuk sudah 3 hari. Mana inkues jerebu? Hello BN, tidur lagi kaaa, mau tunggu berapa ribu mampus dulu baru ada inkues? Tiap-tiap tahun pun ini macam. Indonesia lain cerita laa, sana nyawa murah, 5 juta mampus pun tarak hal punya. Next pilihanraya, BN boleh bungkus sama asap jerebu laaa.

Anti Makan Gaji Buta

Anonymous said...

'To have their days in Court' has taken on a profoundly differently meaning for me

To see these pompous politician lawyers strut in and out of court knowing the cameras are on them ...

Beg the question - who is helping whose cause


Anonymous said...

aina dear, is Nizam reporter from uitm too ?