Monday, August 11, 2008

Will Anwar Get His Birthday Present?


Come to think of it -- I dare say, in spite of unforeseen circumstances.

As I have said in an earlier posting, Permatang Pauh is already his. But I also remarked -- anything can happen from then (when he announced that he will be contesting the vacated parliamentary seat to the date of the by-election, later fixed on Aug 26).

And, you all have guessed it. Something happened. A day after the date of the by-election was announced, we were told that Anwar will face sodomy charges, the complainant being Saiful Bukhari.

How predictable was that?

This does not mean that Anwar will lose Permatang Pauh. Not at all although we know that Barisan Nasional is not going to make it easy for the de facto Parti Keadilan Rakyat leader.

And I'm sure Anwar is prepared for the tricks and tactics.

But he has admitted that it will be an uphill battle for him because of all kinds of slanders and lies the BN guys are spreading about him.

I doubt he actually believes that.

Anwar turned 61 yesterday (Sunday). His birthday wish, he said, was to have a BIG WIN in Permatang Pauh to send a clear message to the nation that it's time to change Malaysia's political landscape.

He said this to a crowd of some 15,000 at a by-election rally in Penang mainland's Taman Pauh on Saturday before celebrating his 61st birthday at the stroke of midnight. (source:Malaysiakini)

But you know what. I think the more they try to do him in, the more support he will get.

They're just doing him a favour. Really.


Omong said...

You may wish to read more about AN WAR I BRA HIM ...

pua kang kang said...


pua kang kang said...

you are absolutely right. Whatever they say or do, actually favours Anuar. May be thats the price BN is paying now for assuming "rakyat" are nothing but a bunch of idiots

bru9 said...

Salam Nuraina

He will win, that's for sure. And after that , what he does ,will it benefit the country? Only qustions that's I have as my power of bringing down the govt. only comes in a cycle of five years

politicmaniac said...

ANWAR will get the permatang pauh for his birthday present, but if its the government then it is impossible.

koala bear said...

there's a huge possibility that he'll win the Permatang Pauh seat question about it.

but there are some riddles as well.

will the vote at by-election gonna exceed the vote that Wan Azizah go9got during the last general election?.will Permatang Pauh gonna see better days if Anwar were to take the seat?.also who's gonna compete against him at the by-election?

Anwar might win big but who knows that things might turn the other way around.

Nostradamus said...

Nostradamus Quatrains on “Wag the Dog”

In the month named of a Roman King
The year of great games played by Greeks
Malaysie, a land where politikus battle
“Wag the Dog” the game is played

A man defamed twice over
Seeking restitution with Ottoman Kings
A plot being hatched as night awaits
Watch in trepidation by the man defamed

People in Malaysie cry in vain
Great turbulence and strife engulf
Lost is the fable of Mongolian assasins
Forgotten is the hatred of black oil curse

Men in power rule with joy
For winners, gold and lust awaits
Lost are the tales of greed and arrogance
Forgotten are the tales of men in chains

Little Napoleon kings jump in joy
For keeping the turf and rule once more
But alas, such is the game being played
The time to repent is so in vain

Stomach empty, spirit rise in men
Seeking justice for those in pain
A man of honor they seek within
To play a game of which to gain

Across the land, the people rose
Silence and patience is the game being played
Within the halls and corridors of fame
Man of honor win the game


Anonymous said...

Anwar is definitely a master strategist. He doesn't want to rely on his laurels but wants to make sure every available effort is given to ensure victory. We can see 1000% effort from him for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hi hi hiyah,
I does not thinking Anwar will be winning big in this election of his causing. I am thinking that many Malaysians and people of the world are respecting Malaysia because of the stable resepectable great and far thinking Government of the National Front.
To this end, the new leadership is extremely extremely strong , with a next generation headed by YB KJ in charge to help chart a new course for all those who support him.
So the premise of the Anwar winning in this election is flawed, because people will vote X and put KJ next to it.

Anonymous said...

i doubt now he could win bcos his bodyguards are arrogant GANGSTERS & one of the PKR mp for kulim is a fanatic fighter !
the non-mulims have changed our minds man !

johnny cheah said...

No lah. Better tell Anwar to be very extra careful. Don't forget they have tons of cash, many tricks up their sleeves and to top it off, the EC belongs to them. Reasons for Anwar to be on the look out. If any Permatang Pauh residents read this, then give your votes to Anwar. At the end of the day, you will have contributed to a better future for all Malaysians. BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ANWAR AND MAY FORTUNE SMILE ON YOU

en.bajet said...

Hadiah harijadi untuk Anwar setelah dia puas menabur cakap kosong di tepi jalan. Sokonglah 'Bapa Demonstrasi' ni. Semoga budaya samseng menjadi amalan rakyat Malaysia..

2RRUN said...

That's what we (outsider) think about Permatang Pauh by-election, we dunno what the resident's think or might do on that particular day (voting day). You said or he said that it will be an uphill battle for him because of all kinds of slanders and lies the BN guys are spreading about him...wait the minutes, who's telling who's lied here???
He want to send a clear message to the nation that it's time to change Malaysia's political landscape.... for what kind of environment,demonstrates all over the nation, telling the rakyat not to trust the law, the court, the IGP, the AG..everything!! Then how are you going to lead the country without all of the above??? we going back to zaman hang tuah again..ok will be fun to see all of that to happen. Mind you people...don't play-play with orang kampung feeling..buruk padahnya nanti.

Anonymous said...

aina dear, sorri lah, i beg to differ now, since 'the thugs = bodyguards' & fanatic kulim mp & other latent sheep clothing wolves
.....termuncul !!
the non muslims (40%) will vote for NEITHER in protest on the 26th lah !!
among the muslims (60%) BN has the edge.

Anonymous said...

BN 's stragedies : give $$$$$$$$ to the malays for raya;
creat 'FEARS' on agama to the 'indians & chinese' !
full concentration on only malays bcos the non-muslims are lazy or working on hari tuesday, the 26th lah !
components (mca,mic & padi stalk) relate the terror of kulim mp to the non-muslims & BN : " ribuan terima kasih , zul....thanks " !
( but this zul is dreaming of the 70 virgins man !)
anwar, bye-bye to your elusive dreams! (i was PR supportor one !)

Anonymous said...

HEY, i saw him in 'blue baju melayu
on tele lah ! i suka warna biru so i pray he will win on the 26th of ogos...if only if...nothing crops up like : court order's NO WAY for 'sodomy not rela' = serious & unbailable crime, so nomination has to be DISQUALIFIED !!
....the hell break loose &....!?
aina, sweetie, sorilah !!