Thursday, August 28, 2008

If Bapak Had The Strength.....

..he'd get himself discharged from hospital this very minute.

The minute he regained consciousness and was able to open his eyes, he showed his displeasure at being bed-ridden at the ICU (Pantai Medical Centre).

Still weak, but that message he managed to get across to us yesterday.

Dr Ridzwan told us that he's made further progress today. He is still too weak to eat on his own. So, he's still fed nutrition using a stomache tube.

Although his lung and blood infection is under control, it is not cleared yet.

Well, any improvement, no matter how little, is good news.

Dr Ridzwan is still not allowing visitors because Bapak is still weak and sometimes, confused.

When he is not (confused), Bapak shows his absolute exasperation with all the tubes in his arms and neck, and the mask that is helping him with his breathing.
He is still unable to talk but tries very hard to.

So, he uses his hands to express himself.
He is weak but is able to move his hands, though quite slowly. And we can see him mustering all his strength to use his hands to communicate with us. Like telling us that he doesn't like to be in hospital.

"Bapak nak balik rumah?", Kak Olin gently asked him.

He nodded, his eyes glazed. Teary almost.

"So, you must get better...the tubes and the breathing mask will help get you better and Bapak boleh balik...ok?"

He nodded. This time, he smiled, his weak hand firmly gripping Kak Olin's.


Malaccan view said...

Hi sis,
My family and i will always praye speedy recoverly of your dad...Allah will always look after people who contributed to mankind...Take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuraina,
Sorry, i started tearing as I read your posting today. I have refrained from making comments on your earlier postings on the condition of your beloved bapak.

I had wanted to say the following to you before but i told myself that this is a matter for the family members to decide. But after reading this posting especially when Kak Olin asked him if wants to go home....i just couldnt hold back my tears.

You know, my dad was also in the same condition and Dr Ridzuan was also his doctor in PMC then. The way you descibe your dad's condition is deja vu for me.

Without goin into more details, all I want to say is....please take him home and let him find his peace. My dad made a miraculous recovery that allowed him to be discharged...only to peacefully pass on the next day at his own home in his bed in the company of all his loved ones by his side. We all wished him farewell.... infact I was already praying to Allah to please take him.

I mean no disrepect to you and your family... just that he wants to go home...please let It is no longer a logical deliberation for family members...

Just rejoice his life.

Habib RAK

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Ena
I've gone through this with the other half last month. Wishing your father a speedy recovery.

The Devil said...

Hi Nuraina, dont let ur dad stop taking medicine.

My grandpa also has fluid in his lung so he is hospitalised.

Then 1 day he decide to stop taking his medicine and few days later he is no longer eligible to vote for 8th March 2008's general election.

Ravikumar said...

Kakak I strongly think Pak Samad will get well and come home soon. He seems determined to come home again from your post, and he will.

Anonymous said...

Menistis air mata membaca article Puan . My dad was in the same condition . Asyik tanya nak balik when he was in the hospital . He will keep on saying he wants to go upstairs . but we understand what he meant, he want to go home n want to go to his room . I miss him so much .

I wish you dad speed recovery .
And follow what ever he wishes .

Take care

Anonymous said...

semoga pak samad cepat sembuh. jaga diri.

syed syahrul zarizi said...

Tersentuh. Kita sama, saya hanya ibu je yg tinggal. Saya tatang ibu dengan harapan biarlah saya ada disisi dia kalau ada pun terjadi.

sampaikan salam saya pada pak samad. Sampaikan salam merdeka saya.

Semoga kita semua terus cekal

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuraina,
Sorry to read about your dad's situation. I wish Pak Samad a very speedy recovery. He was the man who offered me my first job -- in NST -- in 1972. Best wishes to you too, from Melbourne.
warm regards,
patrick lim