Friday, August 22, 2008

And On A Lighter, I Mean, Heavier Note....

Too much of the serious stuff. Pening kepala.

So, here's something for you. Nothing new and it's certainly not exclusive to New's universal-lah.

Out Of Shape Wives Beware! Married Men Going For Younger Look

NEW DELHI, Aug 22 (Bernama) -- Out of shape wives beware! Married men are now spending more on their looks to become trimmer, fitter and more sexy and, at the same time, these men are also attracted to women with similar characteristics.

Health experts in the capital city are of the opinion that there is an increasing concern among married men to look slimmer and smarter, an obsession they attribute to the evolution of MNCs and increasing westernisation of the Indian culture.

On the flip side, there has been ironically a downward shift in the number of beauty-conscious Indian women as they generally get busy with their household affairs, ignoring their physical appearance altogether, resulting in being out of shape.

"Today, the prosperity among Indian men begins at an early age, where they are slightly balding, confident, mature and wealthy. At this prime of their career, they are going for cosmetic surgeries, skin toning, facials and massage, which we have never heard them doing before," says eminent Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr Devansh, Max Healthcare hospital.

"It's natural to be attracted by a young secretary or a female employee in your office who works closely with you, taking care of your business and projects," the Press Trust of India (PTI) quoted another plastic surgeon Dr R Khajanchi, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

However, experts say there are many cosmetic therapies and procedures available through which a woman can regain her looks and shape, which includes botox, fillers, tummy tucks and liposuction.- BERNAMA

So, can wives also get tired of their out-of-shape husbands?


Pi Bani said...

Out of shape? Hey, round is a shape, isn't it? :)

Da Real Deal said...

Nuraina, wives can get tired of their out of shape husbands. In fact most wives are tired of their husbands be it out of shape or even in shape because the in shape ones barely look at them like they should be looked at.

I did a serious observation on my friends and relatives. Most of the men past 40 still look full of vigour and matador-like while the wives after the third year of marriage let themselves go and 70 percent of them look like their husband's eldest sister when walking side by side.

I keep on warning my wife who observed together with me all these years and guess what? She remained looking hot past 40 and I'm looking like a sloppy bum. Heck! I've gotta get back on the jogging track!

Not many women today look fit and younger than their age like you Nuraina.

That is why, my research tells me that a big majority of men have the upper hand because women just give up after scoring on the marriage scene.

One example. I discovered a sister's friend looking as hot as she was before she got married and I said to myself did she managed, I mean I met her a few years after the wedding and she looked haggard....then I was told her hubby left her for a young fanny. That explained it clearly then. When women are alone they work on getting hot again. When they get hooked they let go.

Sad but it's true.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nuraina,
I know you are a regular at the Tmn Kiara aerobics. Im sure you are doin this for your own good health and good feel. The fact that you look trimmer and more attractive is a bonus that comes with being concern with your health. Likewise, I too at my age (48+) do make effort to keep myself trimmer and fitter. The fact that i am now more toned and less bulge does get some attention from the fairer sex la. I take it as a bonus la. The home minister also get worried by this and she too is now working out!! Cheers
Habib RAK

Anonymous said...

Hey I was so tired of all the news and blogs on the by election and I came across your site.
Me thinks you look so yummy and have that kinda look in your eyes...see not all men go for the younger ones :).

Zoe Ragdoll said...

Yes Kak Ena... wives are definitely entitled to get tired of their out-of-shaped hubbies. It takes two to tango too, no? *giggles*

Then maybe the hubs could also consider some nip and tuck, here and there. tee hee.

Anonymous said...

Good evening Nuraina,

Hmmmm.. my hubby is pretty out of shap with a pot-belly now. The first time we met, he has a fit athlete body. He has a collection of medals collected from his wins in 4 by 100 and 4 x 1000 relays during secondary school.

Now after being married for 25 years (already past the seven years' itch 3 times and will be completing the 4th cycle).

Now should I chuck him out? When he gets on my nerve maybe yes.. but really no. I'll keep him.


coco said...

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a malaysian in riyadh said...

Sis Ena
Seriously, kalau tak nak pening kepala, jom pi tukar tiub. Macam-macam ada kat situ, selain dari out-of-shape and faked politicians. And lots of wicked, wicked sense of humour. I tell ya.

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Aiya, I forgot to mention, mee udang Sungai Dua pun ada. Will surely try it soon. In sum, I'm better informed about the comings and goings in PP by reading tukar tiub than staring blankly at Buletin Utama.

Terong said...

Wife also can get tired of their husband... so be it?

Anonymous said...

My wife is out of shape but I will take her over all the shapely models and film stars anytime.The true value of a wife is more than just looks.After all how many of you married a beauty queen?
When you are in hospital for 6 months who do you think would shuttled between home to take care of your kids and sleeping in the hospital to look after you? When nobody else believes in you who do you think would be by your side? Look at Razak's wife, look at Wan Azizah!Are their husband good or bad,only God knows, but look at their display of patience and love.
If looks are the main criteria in your marriage then your wife deserves a better man!

dannalli said...

Literally and physically, my wife and I are as CLOSE as before. We both are already past 50s. I can still see my 'little brother' whereas to some friends of mine, their views have been blocked by their too rounded bellies.

No wonder in the Gent's WC has this notice ..'Please Aim Straight'

Have a Jolly Sunday Morning.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those out-of-shapers, have been all of my adult life. By the way, belated congrats to u on your 1m hits, way to go Nuraina.

dannalli said...

And now on a serious note, speedy recovery Pak Samad.

Conspiracy Theorist said...

Sis Ena,

My prayers for a speedy recovery for ur bapak TS.Samad Ismail..amiin..

Ramli AR said...

24 Sha'ban 1429

Rocky post the news about 'Bapak' 2 hours ago. My prayer for 'Bapak'.

Ramli AR

sesat said...

Hi Nuraina,

I'm anonymous 8.15 pm. I was trying to be tech-savvy posting a comment via my mobile but ended up being "anonymous".

sesat said...

Dear Nuraina,

My prayers for your Bapak. Get well soon Pak Samad.

My Raison D'etre said...

Kak Aina,

Probably, but when feelings run deep, physical shape means very little to both.

But that's no reason to really let go about not keeping one's health, right?

PS: I myself am at the stage where my wife would complain about her having put on weight, while mine is reducing.

Same old dilemma of how to be tactful in your answers and comments :) .

Thankfully we are at the stage where we can both laugh at ourselves.

God bless.

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peacelovekindness said...

On a more serious note, Cik Nuraina, I just rad in Rocky's Bru blog about your Bapak in ICU. My sincere prayers are with you and all your family members... May your Bapak be in His safest care!

puspawaangi said...

My doa for your father and your family too. Be strong.

I got fed up with all the news running up to the by election that i end up not watching news and reading newspaper since the nomination days..guess what happendd to me? nothing. i do not miss anything, my life goes on, rain do falls, ramadhan is coming and so on...

o ya..about chubby hubby...the most irritating part of husband in general is not their belly size or wallet size but their attitude and ego...they want a full time wife to attend to their needs and wants, a full time mother to attend to their kids needs and wants, a full time maid to for round the clock house keeping, a full time cook for the kitchen, the list could go on..but ask to remember wife's birthday, not to buy present just to remember only, seems like a mammoth task...some will be very generous with compliments for his best friend's wife but his own?? cooks like hotel chef but he still go to kedai mamak for his teh tarik...but what can a wife do?? being a women, we tolerate them..he is the husband, the leader etc..etc..pot belly and all, empty wallet and all..right?? some even with his kicks and punches..tendang terajang , maki hamun.
So women what do we do?? teach our son/s to respect all women, their granny, their mother, their sisters, their aunties, their teachers even the cleaning lady from young, then hopefully there will be less "tanggang" or anak derhaka and may save your daughter or my daughter from abusive husband.

the choice is in our hand.
Girls power!!!!

DSAI win in Permatang Pauh. what next?