Thursday, August 28, 2008

PKR's Win In Permatang Pauh Won't Be Repeated Elsewhere...

So, if you people think that the victory of Parti Keadilan Rakyat in Permatang Pauh will set a trend nationwide, you sure have another think coming.

That would pretty much sum up the view of our Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. He said:

The result of the Permatang Pauh by-election, which was won by Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, cannot be interpreted as a trend that can happen in other constituencies.

“What happened in Permatang Pauh was not something so big as to change the situation that exists after the last general election."

The prime minister, who is also BN chairman, told this to reporters after sending off Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah at the Senai Airport in Johor Bahru yesterday.

Here's the rest of his remarks in NST:
"Barisan Nasional (BN) which won 140 parliamentary seats in the March 8 general election still commanded strong support from the people.

“The Permatang Pauh by-election is one by-election that cannot be interpreted as something that can happen in other constituencies. I believe we can still continue the government.”

So looks like you people have to simply banish any illusions of grandeur for PKR's future.

hat sweet victory in Permatang Pauh?
Well, it will remain in Permatang Pauh....

Indeed, indeed. Of course, the PM has a point.

But you know, the "impossible" happened in the March 8 GE. FOUR states fell to the Opposition. And, oh dear, the BN failed to capture Kelantan.

Looks like nothing has changed. Or perhaps, all these remarks are just for the record.

Now, if that's (actually) the BN thinking down the line, I think that's delusional that can be so suicidal.

*In the Aug 26 by-election, Anwar, who is PKR de facto leader, won the parliamentary seat with a 15,671-vote majority, garnering 31,195 votes against the BN’s Datuk Arif Shah Omar Shah, 51, who obtained 15,524 votes.
The other candidate, Hanafi Mamat, 61, of Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (Akim) lost his deposit as he only received 92 votes.


Old Fart said...

Don't you think its a waste of time commenting or analysing this useful idiot's comments? That is giving him honour and respect that he just does not deserve. It's like barking dogs. Only thing you can do is to ignore them.

So let me not dignify Badawi by responding to his comments. This posting is just for you and your readers.

Anonymous said...

What PM said is correct, it will not repeat elsewhere not in Singapore, not in Brunei, not in Thailand, not even in any other country in this world. It will only repeat in Penang, Kedah, Kelantan, Perak and Selangor and may extend to Sabah, Sarawak etc etc.

Oink OInk said...

alamak! bukankah badawi mengatakan 'we do not have to worry'...

first thing came to mind, my teenage favourite magazine ... Mad Magazine where america gives the world the idiot kid named alfred e neuman with his famous liner ... What - me worry?

well, apa kata mana-mana satu wakil UMNO pula yang meletak jawatan supaya by-election dapat diadakan?

nur said...

Pakatan Rakyat's or PR's win will be repeated elsewhere tapi tengok tempat. Probably not in Johor but elsewhere in Malaysia, it is possible. Kalau tak percaya, kosongkan kerusi Kapala Batas, kita tengok siapa yang menang. Sekiranya UMNO/BN masih menggunakan cara berkempen yang sama seperti di Permatang Pauh, (iaitu tuduh peribadi lawan tanpa agenda yang tertentu), kat mana-mana pun BN boleh kalah.

Anonymous said...

On 28th August 1963, Dr Martin Luther King,Jr.made his famous "I have a dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial in Washinton D.C.
" I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
On this historic day, 28th August 2008, DSAI was sworned into Parliment, I too have a dream,
" I have a dream today that my children will one day live in a nation where they will not be called 'bangsa asing' or 'babi' but will be called MALAYSIANS."
Free at last, free at last!

a malaysian in riyadh said...

Why can't some people just accept the stark reality, and get moving? Enough sleeping at the wheel.

Anonymous said...

It's politic and natural human behaviour. PM has to deny it. He can't afford to admit his weak leadership. It's a different story in his heart. The job of a politician is to lie, depend on how much he or she want to lie, depend on how much he or she want to bear the consequences in the later year. The nature law always work comes around goes around. Time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

I share this story with chedet sometime ago and I think it's worth sharing with you and other readers of your blog. Our BN leaders seem to be missing this point for some obvious reasons which I could only call stupidity.

Read the story:-

'A Leader Should Know How to Manage Failure'

(Former President of India APJ Abdul Kalam at Wharton India Economic forum,Philadelphia, United States March 22,2008)

Question: Could you give an example, from your own experience, of how leaders should manage failure?

Kalam: Let me tell you about my experience. In 1973 I became the project director of India's satellite launch vehicle program, commonly called the SLV-3. Our goal was to put India's "Rohini" satellite into orbit by 1980. I was given funds and human resources -- but was told clearly that by 1980 we had to launch the satellite into space. Thousands of people worked together in scientific and technical teams towards that goal.

By 1979 -- I think the month was August -- we thought we were ready. As the project director, I went to the control center for the launch. At four minutes before the satellite launch, the computer began to go through the checklist of items that needed to be checked. One minute later, the computer program put the launch on hold; the display showed that some control components were not in order. My experts -- I had four or five of them with me -- told me not to worry; they had done their calculations and there was enough reserve fuel. So I bypassed the computer, switched to manual mode, and launched the rocket. In the first stage, everything worked fine. In the second stage, a problem developed. Instead of the satellite going into orbit, the whole rocket system plunged into the Bay of Bengal. It was a big failure.

That day, the chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization, Prof. Satish Dhawan, had called a press conference. The launch was at 7:00 am, and the press conference -- where journalists from around the world were present -- was at 7:45 am at ISRO's satellite launch range in Sriharikota [in Andhra Pradesh in southern India]. Prof. Dhawan, the leader of the organization, conducted the press conference himself. He took responsibility for the failure -- he said that the team had worked very hard, but that it needed more technological support. He assured the media that in another year, the team would definitely succeed. Now, I was the project director, and it was my failure, but instead, he took responsibility for the failure as chairman of the organization.

The next year, in July 1980, we tried again to launch the satellite -- and this time we succeeded. The whole nation was jubilant. Again, there was a press conference. Prof. Dhawan called me aside and told me, "You conduct the press conference today."

I learned a very important lesson that day. When failure occurred, the leader of the organization owned that failure. When success came, he gave it to his team.

The best management lesson I have learned did not come to me from reading a book; it came from that experience


Anonymous said...

It's sad, really, that Abdullah chose to see it that way. I don't think he's that deluded - he just refuses to see things as they are.

This is quite the reverse of his pre-GE comment of asking those close to him "to say the truth no matter how it hurts".

Well, it looks like another case of "Cakap tak serupa bikin". Abdullah's comments here are actually an insult to people's intelligence.

BTW this is one of the more wittier post- byelection comments that I had read. It’s by kumon and I found it at a Malaysia Today link to Sin Chew (I think):
[Cut & Paste]

written by KUMON, August 28, 2008 | 10:12:47
PAKATAN RAKYAT Special Edition.

BN is akin to an old bus..

-it is powerfully built in the fifties, so it qualifies as a classic.
-old technology(ideas) - 3 valves only, UMNO, MCA and MIC type
-big horse power
-'petrol' (money) guzzler
-high maintenance costs and high cost of spares, can't find replacement.
-spews black smoke and mars the environment(they use puspakom, no need
-can't go fast, albeit big engine
-frequent breakdown
-noise pollution
-rusty and cracking at seams, fit for junk yard.
-old driver(Badawi) and conductor (Najib)
-noisy and badly behaved passengers, some roudy..especially UMNO, other races
keep to themselves, otherwise they will be thrown out of the bus before they
reach the rainbow's end.
- some passengers already thinking of getting down at next stop (after P44)
- no much value in second hand market, not even recognised by classic car
-price still negotiable, as is where basis.
-no insurance that it will run another year
-old owner(DM) wants change of driver and co-driver, and do remedial work.

Does not make any difference if any remedial work is done. Some of these passengers may want to take another bus who can serve them better.
I heard now they want to scrap the old bus when the new ministry (Pakatan) takes over puspakom.

ANYONE LOOKING TO BUY SCRAP METAL? Cheap and good buy, many extras,Special Edition(Post March smilies/cool.gif , comes with 2 weeks warranty(Till Sept 16) that it will still be road-worthy.

amoker said...

Hemm ... it is like the loud proclaimation that titanic is unsinakable. It is like the proclaimation that US have so many good golfers in Tiger wood etc. that they cannot loose to lowly rated Europe.

UMNO still have not felt the movement on the ground. Even an UMNO MP aspirant was heard saying that he is considering to quit the party cause UMNO cannot win. kekek

Sikembangcina said...

Salam Kak Aina,

Biarkan Umno terjun dengan labu-labunya. Biarkan, biarkan..

Biarkan Pak Lah dan lanun-lanunnya terus bermimpi di siang hari. Biarkan, biarkan..

Usah di kejut dari tidur mereka sehingga Sept 16, 2008. Baru terkejut beruk masa tu. Nak menangis, menjerit, histeria pun tak guna lagi.

Allah swt Maha Kaya, Maha Adil.

Anonymous said...

Continue to think like that, and to me it will be sooner that later that they will be gone. So here's Goodbye to you.- Ex Neutral.

Khairulnizam Bakeri said...

Well, Sis Aina...
Poor BN to have bunch of delusional leaders.
Too proud to lose, perhaps?

Hi&Lo said...

This is a normal reaction of a dying man when given his prognosis by the doctor. He denies and refuses to take remedial medicine. By the time he accepts his condition, the disease has progressed too far beyond redemption.

Anonymous said...

Is Pak Lah so confident that he can table the 2009 budget at 3 pm tomorrow?
wehat will happen if exodus among Sabah adn Sarawak MPs occur just before that?
Can he still stand up and give that long reading at 3 pm?

Malaccan view said...

What do you expect UMNO bustards to change...these evils are just interested to scoop as much money they can while they still clink on the sinking ship...just like the pirates before they abandon their ship,they will scoop as much treasures as they can.
As long as UMNO bustards around,Malaysia is doom..pity our merdeka founders..

just like heavan said...

i think he said that way because he wanted BN supporters to stay calm.a leader should know how to tackle peoples under him/her.perhaps this is just his way.that's just my personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

do we still got any hope left with such goon pm arh ? gosh !

Teh said...

Good afternoon Nuraina,

It is for the same reasons like such stupid denial statement and actions that the rakyat rejected BN. It would be best if PM just don't make any comments but work on delivering his promise to the Rakyat. This would be more face saving.

Well let PM and his BM team sleep on if they want. The Malaysian rakyat have changed positively - they are no longer the herd instinct type of not so long ago. The younger generation have active interest in their own and their country future. The young ones are also instrumental in influencing their elders back home. They are a force to be reckoned with - they don't just follow blindly. They are a thinking lot! It's a great pity the ruling party have no clue on this. They are living in a time warp.

amy said...

i agree, don't bother. As far as I'm concerned, even when the whole government collapses, oops...sorry, I mean UMNO/BN collapses, I can bet my last 1 sen that pm will still say, it's ok!! What do you make of it, eh!!! Still sleeping with eyes wide open!!!!

Malaccan view said...

If UMNO's bustard led BN goverment still thinking that they have strong rakyat support,i dare them to dissolve parliament and push for fresh GE...this time,we will nailed them forever 6' underground...burn all these evils alive!!!

cucu pak sako said...

Dia merapu Kak!

Milo said...

Well, don't think that every division has the same issues and needs as people in PP.
We need to take this point into consideration too.
So the probability for the victory in PP to be followed in other divisions is still up to the people there themselves.

Anonymous said...

For all intentions and purposes UMNO is history. Even Dr. Mahathir believed that the final timeframe is by the next general election. Let us just forget, and have nothing to do whatsoever, with UMNO from this moment onwards.
Let us, from this moment onwards, just give our full support to Anwar Ibrahim (and his Pakatan Rakyat teamates) who is seen by everyone and everybody as the best and most capable democratically elected person to lead us out of the present completely corrupted UMNO leaders.
Did you see the very big smile and very big grin on Lim Kit Siang's face in Parliament this morning when he welcomed Anwar Ibrahim as the real political tsunami ... Wali Kota

Milo said...

Well, don't think that every division has the same issues and needs as people in PP.
We need to take this point into consideration too.
So the probability for the victory in PP to be followed in other divisions is still up to the people there themselves.

Anonymous said...

" see you in court on the 10th, then...hehehe...hahaha...!!"

Jeffripower said...

Kemenangan PKR di Permatang Pauh memberi peluang untuk UMNO dan BN bermuhasabah diri. Mereka harus mengkaji satu-persatu kesilapan yang dilakukan semasa dan sebelum pilihanraya tersebut.. Mereka harus mengembalikan semangat rakyat untuk memberi sokongan tidak berbelah bagi kepada mereka. Yang pastinya UMNO masih kekal memerintah Malaysia walaupun Anwar menang pilihanraya tersebut...

rashid said...

i dont see there's nothing wrong with what all the BN leaders commented on the by-election.there's truth in it.

it has been known that Permatang Pauh is the fortress for Anwar since long,it's easy for Anwar to obtain victorious lead at Permatang Pauh recently.

you all must understand that they have to "defend" BN so that the supporters will not go haywire.same as Pakatan Rakyat.i'm sure Pakatan Rakyat also tries to calm their supporters on certain issues and controversy.

but both party,BN and PR,have to acknowledge that the power is actually in rakyat can't have the mindset that we are forever can be on top of the world.

- taken from a comment in "Cakap tak serupa bikin".

Anonymous said...

@just like heavan
i think he said that way because he wanted BN supporters to stay calm.a leader should know how to tackle peoples under him/her.perhaps this is just his way.

Yes, sadly this is his way!... of not wanting to face the reality.
And Yes too, to that of a leader knowing how to tackle those under him ... Abdullah appears NOT to know how to do this either.

I don't think the BN supporters will be "calm" - not when their leader issues a statement like this. "flabbergasted" would be more like it.

From the results, the implications are obvious enough for most people - there's not too much need for `political analysts' to scrutinise and elaborate what this win and the margin mean. Any humble kampung guy could come up with the correct conclusions with this one. Oh, this is not belittling the "kampung people" here, for I am one too. (in rural Pasir Mas, Kelantan; should anybody be curious to know:-) )

It would be best if PM just don't make any comments but work on delivering his promise to the Rakyat. This would be more face saving.

I agree. Well, he must comment but it should have shown more savvy - something like:

"I agree it's a serious setback, and many of our supporters might be a bit disheartened. But the government is still intact, and we will continue with our efforts to implement the changes that the people want". (Quote things like reforms to the ACA etc)

I feel this would have been a lot more elegant than his comments that smacked of denial and beating around the bush.

Anonymous said...

part of failure for BN is bcos
'sil & kerisman and the WORST is
semivalue' were all there to increase the votes for anwar !

Anonymous said...

the increased votes=2000 are from the bumis lah despite the sodomy
humiliations !!