Friday, August 22, 2008

Are Police Investigating Blogger Sheih For Sedition?

According to Bernama, police are reported to be investigating the blogger who, on Aug 4, suggested in his blog that the people fly the national flag upside down to show that the country was in a state of "emergency".

It seems he is being investigated under the Sedition Act.

I believe Bernama is referring to blogger Sheih who posted his "Nation In Distress" in his blog Kickdefella on Aug 4

Bernama's mention of the police action was in the last paragraph of its report below:

Laws Needed To Protect Country's Symbol

BUKIT MERTAJAM, Aug 22 (Bernama) -- Malaysia should have laws to protect the country's symbols to ensure that they are not toyed with, Deputy Entrepreneur and Cooperative Development Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah said.

"Prior to this, the Negaraku had been toyed with and now there are people suggesting that the Jalur Gemilang be flown upside down. We must take action to teach those intending to fool around with the country's symbols a lesson," he told reporters after launching the "Fly the Jalur Gemilang" campaign at the Butterworth-Kulim highway toll plaza here Thursday.

He said that although it was not the best solution, action must be taken against those who disrespected the country's symbols, like the flag and anthem.

On Aug 4, a blogger suggested in his blog that the people fly the national flag upside down to show that the country was in a state of "emergency".

Prime minister had described the blogger as ill-mannered.

Police are reported to be investigating the blogger under the Sedition Act.

The Sedition Act?

Was it because the PM actually referred to Sheih's posting as "evil"?


endstand said...

i dont think there's need for anybody to turn their flag upside down.we are still cool and ok.we are not at war.we can still go to the places we like.and certainly there's no suicide bombing that happen here unlike some other countries.

to turn the flag down is just like we are already being "defeated".that means our enemies can conquer us anytime they want cus we're no longer in stability.

we must prove that we are strong.we should not make look ourself silly in front of all the people abroad thinking that we're not capable in handling our own matters and affairs.

donplaypuks® said...

Sedition is it?

Yeah, now that I think back, when my friends and I read about Shieh's upsidedown flag, we saw red and wanted to kick de fella.

We dashed out into the streets to overthrow the nearest Govt we could locate, but after even a week, we couldn't find one at work. So, we went home and cooled off.

Old Fart said...

The way the police and ACA moves..its worse than ever. Yesterday PM took a ride in KTM's Commuter and then the LRT. He did not like what he saw. So he said.

So tomorrow you will see big contract given to Scomi to do the necessary.

Hi&Lo said...

Police must be very free. Nothing better to do. I forgot Malaysia is crime free. No rapists, murderers on the loose. It's a paradise.

BN govt is very fair. We are all very happy. Our living standards the envy of the world.

wun said...

people should look at intention instead of how they perceive it should be...i don't agree with flying the flag upside down but i certainly don't see it as evil. What's evil is 51 years of corruption.

telur dua said...

If the cops want to arrest anyone for sedition I suggest they go to PWTC during UMNO's General Assembly.

But before that they should make the lock-ups in police stations larger. Manyak laku oh.

donplaypuks® said...

I really despair when I read comments like those from endstand and feel lik emigrating.

For centuries, an upsidedown flag has been the international signal for distress, whether hoisted on land or sea. It is not a sign of defeat. I wonder where they gotthat from?

Disrespect for the National Flag is when you burn it, spit on it, tear it or abuse it in other ways.

So how can Shieh/Kickdefella's protest be remotely seen as Seditious? His objection is to the incumbent Govt, PM & Ministers, not the People or Nation.

Such expression of dissent is a legitimate exercise of a citizen's inalienable human rights.

When Americans burnt the Stars & Stripes in protest against conscription and the Vietnam War, they were not hauled up before their courts. Why is our PM jumping the gun?

Sedition? My foot!!

telur dua said...

This is an example of how semi-literates try to inteprete the law.

What next? Hang a guy for spitting on the sidewalk?

rocky said...

it is a sign of distress la. Police safe your energy and work on things that matter.No what the PM ask you to are PDRM not PDPM or PDBN. Mesra look afer our safety and be productive.

artchan said...

it is evil how the BN politicians is raping the contry.

ketam said...

Jika Anwar menang di PErmatang Pauh.......maka tergadailah MARUAH dan HAK MELAYU kepada bukan MELAYU terutamanya kaum cina.. dan wahai bangsa MELAYU bersedialah menerima nasib g sama seperti bangsa MELAYU SINGAPURA... kerana didalam PR DAP adalah PARTI INDUK dan DAP adalah PAP(singapura)..


Anonymous said...

It is normal to fly flag upside down as a symbol of sadness and calamity. Whats the big deal?