Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Perak's Political Saga

Perak is so well-represented. Both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat have got their own Menteri Besar.
One became the MB after the other was asked to resign by the Sultan who believed that he no longer commanded the majority of the state assembly (after three reps and another left Pakatan Rakyat).
However, that other (deposed) one is still functioning because he insists that he is still legally the chief minister of Perak.
He had wanted the assembly to be dissolved but the Sultan did not consent to his recommendation.

As you must already know, his supporters came out strong in protest against the Sultan.
Tsk tsk tsk.
I'm no royalist. But that was a big show of "kurang ajar".
I wouldn't do all those things -- shouting profanities, pelting stones and showing the finger -- to any leader or ruler. Even if I thought he/she was deserving of my middle finger.
Oh...maybe his supporters were really really angry. And mad.
Protest all you want. Shout all you want about injustice, democracy and so on...that is so acceptable. But when you go overboard and beyond, that is sheer bad behavior. That is "kurang ajar". Over sangat. Unacceptable.

I'd really like to see how the Perak crisis is going to be resolved.

It is not as complicated as everyone has made it out to be.
You see, it is politics, after all.
But it is not going to be easier for anyone from now.

Two menteris besar! I'll say that's something for our history books.

Then on Monday (Feb 9) Bukit Gantang MP Roslan Shaharom died of a heart attack.
(Al Fatihah).

A by-election will be held within the next two months, as required by law.

Some will say that his death complicates the situation while there are others who will disagree.

What is clear is that a contest will take place.

Perak DAP wants the deposed MB Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin to be fielded.

Nizar is already a state assemblyman, as Pas spiritual leader Tok Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat pointed out.

Nik Aziz disagrees with the DAP's suggestion.

He said as long as Pakatan Rakyat regarded Nizar as the Perak MB, he should not be contesting in the by-election.

Here's what the Tok Guru said today (The Star):

If you ask me, I cannot accept a menteri besar contesting in a by-election. To me, it is not right for the ’Perak MB’ to contest as he is already an elected representative.

“This is just like what the former Pas president (the late) Datuk Asri Muda did when he contested for both the state and parliamentary seats when he was the Kelantan menteri besar


My view is inconsequential.

I took a (short) break from blogging. Things were just moving too fast. My NST alert (thank you Azmi and Zainul) was beeping almost non-stop to give me updates about the political crisis in Perak . Unbelievable.

So, no, my view does not count.

And I'm not sure if the Tok Guru's (view) does.


Anonymous said...

You think the mob cultured by Anwar can see the truth? All they have learned is bad culture, stone throwing, shouting like mad fools,take things to the streets, blame the past, present and future and all things bad. But they view that as justice. Their justice.

You can try to explain any good things but with hatred etched and carved into their skull, only a sledge hammer could break it open.

Don't waste youe ececutive time with these delinquents and misfits of society.

The country needs change. And that is a change in PKR and PR. They have lost all credibility and yet still believe they are in cloud nine.


cucu-cucit Al'Rasuli said...


'kami rakyat 'makan ajar'Kak!

Our education if not the Best but one of the best within the ASEAN Region.
Ample and abudant scholars been born and breed in these beloved land.

The rakyat knows to access between friction and metos.Even my 2 years cucu could recited 'lalillah haillah'

Thus,try not to spin Kak.Be your self.


'Sejentik ikan dilaut dah kenal jantan betinanya'.

Lee said...

Individually one's view may not count. but collectively our views do count.This , in fact is the essence of democracy.When, someone important makes a controversial decision, the raayat's views are of the utmost importance.At the minimum, the collective views may serve as a reminder to the power that be, that in a democracy the raayat is the real "king"!

Bangsa Cina Malaysia said...



Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...


When a person is given the wrong dress
The correct thing to do is to go for a redress
Rather than to prolong the emperor's new dress
Leading to the people's greater distress

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 100209
Tue. 10th Feb. 2009.


cucu-cicit Al-Rasul,

i'm not sure if you've understood what "kurang ajar" is, in this context.

and what "spin" is?

and i'm sure you're well-educated.

thank you.

Anonymous said...


Yang kurang ajar ialah peimpin BN dan Puan tak perlu pertahan tindakan penjenayah kerana kerana yang mempertahankan penjenayah adalah yang bersekongkol dengan mereka.

bujai said...

Remember what Tok Guru said in KB d other day?

"Melompat ke PR - Baik, Melompat ke BN - Hina".

dunno what are the rights and wrongs of malaysian politics now.

just like RPK, once dubbed as anwar's stooge... and now wanting him to step down...

can bloggers 'lompat' also arr?

Pak Tuo said...

You wrote:

I'm no royalist. But that was a big show of "kurang ajar".
is "kurang ajar"........ Over sangat. Unacceptable.

As for spin:


It seems there two camps one For Loyalist and the other The Republican (if you want to call it)
Jes like JJ Roussoue 'Liberta' I suppose.

***Takut jadi macam Cyprus Kak,
Utara Greece control,selatan Turkey control.Tengah2 PBB.

Well read kak dan peka.

Reader said...

The Sultan erred. The State Constitution is very clear that unless the Sultan dissolves the State Assembly as requested by the MB, the MB should tender his resignation if there is a vote of no confidence by the State Assembly.

Mr Nizar went by the book in this regard insofar as the law is concerned. How much more can one expect of him to be proper in th matter?

And if the Court upholds his interpretation of the Law, what then of the standi of the Sultan , the Mr Zambri and his Excos?

As a result of their haste, things could get very difficult for them. Will all decisions made by them become null and invalid ab initio?

It is dangerous for any one or party to enter into any contract or agreement with the yet-to-be-confirmed-legitimate-or-illegitimate government of Perak.

This could be a real, real mess!

The Phoenix Foundation said...

Vularity/Profanity is in any language the lowest form of emotion.
Anger in all cultures/societies is the most negative human emotion.
We are but mere human beings who have to keep evolving to a more sophisticated consciousness.
It is the duty & responsibility {moral & legal} of those to are chosen by us to lead/to set the standards.
We are not perfect all the time,
hence we tend to drop in our evolution ever so often.
It would seem that profanities, name calling & rage are the order of the day, especially in cyberspace!
There is a saying : Once you utter a word {in writing},you cannot erase the etching in the other's soul.
You are absolutely right - BIADAP & KURANG AJAR are two very appropriate words - not profane but very very powerful im its import.
We , in cyberspace , should be able to say what we have to say about each other & our "leaders" in a more evolved,cultured & positive manner, without having to resort to gutter language.
Someone enquired as to whether you have "turned";Someone says you have created a "spin".
Well to all of us out there learn to read & understand the pieces that are posted,
for it is with discussion & free flow of thoughts can we evolve ourselves to a higher state of existence.
Cheers & Godspeed,

Anonymous said...


yes, you are right . it is.
inconsequential, that is.

you further said:
And I'm not sure if the Tok Guru's (view) does.

here you are wrong. his view counts. it counts for a lot .

Anonymous said...

sultan was blackmailed : gamuda affair !

Dr. Kamal Shah said...

Assalamu 'alaikum Kak. Semuga akak sihat dalam peliharaan allah jua Amin.

Siapa sebenarnya 'kurang ajar' dalam hal ini? Orang yang protes atau mereka yang 'merempuh masuk dari pintu belakang' untuk berkuasa di Perak?

Takkan berlaku demikian kalau tiada yang lebih dahulu 'KURANG AJAR' dengan RAKYAT yang telah MEMILIH kerajaan mereka.

Yes, BN may have conquered the state but you must remember that the majority still remains. PR holds more than 45K votes in Perak.

When the three stooges jumped, the RAKYAT did not jump with them. That's for sure. A misjudgement by the King.. Well, he is human too..

Unfortunately for the Perakians including myself is that I AM NOT THE SULTAN. :)

Politik bukan tak bagus tetapi politik menghalalkan cara seperti diamalkan BN tidak Demokratik apatah lagi Islamik. Tak tahulah pulak kalau ianya Islamik (Hadharik). (?)

Dunia nak kiamat Kak... Itulah sebenarnya... Sabar jela...

Allah knows HIS game better than all of us.

The best part?
Saya sokong PR dan Daulat Tuanku. Teman tak derhaka...

michael said...

Street demonstrations, yes.
Out pour of frustrations, yes.
Shouting profanities (at DYMM ?), pelting stones?
Where did you get those from ?
I watched the Malaysiakini video recorded from the protest at Kuala Kangsar and I did not see any of those two which you mentioned.

The crowd was definitely better behaved compare to many of the UMNO protest crowds you see in the country.

One may tend to swallow what the MSM reports, hook, link and sinker.
Pardon me, I don't.

Rin said...

It doesn't matter if those rude gestures were made to the Sultan or an MP or an ordinary citizen. In democracy, one is supposed to present one's dissenting views peacefully, aka with manners.

But to be fair, not all PR supporters are like that, at least the ones I know are saving their fury for the next G.E., or any by-election that may come their way before that.

LeeZ said...

At least the rakyat in Perak DID NOT use the word 'NATANG' to their Sultan!!!!

What did u think of that KAK???

Observer said...

Still, what Najib did in Perak is not only more kurang ajar to Malaysians, but is also very menjijikan and disgusting. Najib and BN have just shown that they don't give a damn what Malaysians and voters think, and Najib's actions in toppling the rightly elected Perak Govt are equivalent to spitting into the faces of the Malaysian electorate.

Anonymous said...

tactik kotor BN-UMNO dah tak boleh dipakai lagi... kenapa mereka ini semua masih degil & suka hebohkan isu jadi hangat...

Kalaulah rampasan kerajaan negeri Perak ini direstui oleh kebanyakan rakyat Perak, tak akan ada demo...

Negara kita ini telah tiba masanya bertukar... sekiranya pemimpin kita yang masih degil lagi dengan perbuatan kotornya akan diadil oleh tuhan... dan dipinggirkan oleh rakyat yang amat inginkan perbaharuan dan kembalikan hak2 rakyat...

Sick and Tired said...

Dear cucu cicit whatever,

Do you know even know what kurang ajar means?

Sorry. Bapak has always taught me to become someone who is berbahasa. But sometimes, you old arrogant people are too much.

So.. here's looking at you "kid".

There are so many ways in confronting the problem in Perak. But to show the middle finger to the Royalty is too much. Even for a westernized KL boy like myself.

Bangsa melayu and Kesultanan Melayu is always related. Bagai aur dengan tebing. Bak Air yang dicencang takkan putus.

If you want the demise of the Melayu Sultanate, then fine.

I am a young malay in a manager position. The youngest in my company. I don't need the Sultanate or DEB. I am the total opposite of whatever stereotype/label given to the Malays i.e pemalas, harap subsidi, harap bantuan kerajaan etc. The chinese in my company are afraid of me.


What about my fellow malays in the kampong. What about the makchik in Kg. Sg durian. What's with her? She has decided to use up her life's savings of RM 50k to open a shop. Without DEB and MARA, would she succeed?

If you are a melayu..What about your 2 month old chuchu? Can he stand up the the competitive bangsa cina in the future?

The Malays are still behind. That's the truth. 66% of the population is Melayu. At the end of the day, it's all about the numbers.

Yes. Top CEOS are malays.
10000 melayu masuk universiti.
20000 tak dapat masok bang oi!
5000 keje kat Kilang NEC and Western tuh haa.

I'm young. I'm not a typical young man yang dudok bawah tempurung bang oi..

I come from a wealthy family, but I have been all over the malay populated regions. Kita masih mundor bang oi. There is just too many of us.

We still need help. The constitution is our best defense... and guess what.. the kesultanan melayu is the consitution best defense.

Don't be selfish O' people of perak. Don't be arrogant.

DSAI has not stated his stand against those bastards who were kurang ajar to the royalty. Does DSAI support these acts of kurang ajar? Fuck him if he does.

Don't be afraid of losing Perak Dato' Seri. You should be afraid of losing the younger malays' vote. You have definitely lost my vote.

I will not tolerate kurang ajar to my Sultan, the saviour of my people.

Skarang, saya nak kurang ajar sket :-

Tell me.. you like tak if I speak like this to you..

Aku betol malas nak layan orang2 tua macam nih. Gi lah jaga chuchu kau tuh. Skarang boleh lah dia berzikir. Karang bila besar, tunjuk2 middle finger kat kubor kau.. sebab, pasal kau, in 2029 dia takde sultan. Dia tunjuk fuck pasal dia tak dapat keje. Dia kalah tender.

I am sorry. But that was kasar. Nak kasar lagi? Boleh je.

Reply lah.

Sorry Aunty Ena... I just cannot tolerate arrogance and ignorance anymore.

Sick and Tired.

p/s - sorry for my bad english. Too angry to edit.

Anonymous said...

Dear Cik Nuraina,

BN Spin Doctors have checkmate you too. You have given them what they wanted silence.

I would say your un-bias words matters.

Anonymous said...

Well it should looked at both sides of the coin. Today only UMNO is shown on both sides. Demonstrations are not all stupid or mad. Should they are Mad then we leave to GOD. If stupid then
why must they be there in the first place. Let us be real and be forward thinking who is responsible for all this I think it is the HRH Himself for not looking at the real other side of the coin. As said the coin has two sides both UMNO.




bukan semua pemimpin BN kurang ajar dan bukan semua pemimpin PKR baik sangat.
Vice versa.

saya bukan seorang yang taksub (pada mana-mana pihak). dan saya tiada rasa benci pada sesiapa.

dan kalau anda bijak (walau sedikit pun) anda akan faham yang saya tidak defend sesiapa.

terima kasih


pak tuo,

sometimes i agree we have to be kurang ajar in order to be heard and to attain something that is precious to us. our freedom, our rights.

protesting is kurang ajar, technically. but i'm sure you know what i'm saying. hurling profanities, showing your middle finger (if indeed that happened) to the Sultan (or any leader/ruler) is out of step, to me. you may think differently but, that's your right...

there are many ways to skin a cat.

thank you,



that's just it. Some people believe the Sultan erred. they say that is so clear. Some people don't think so and believe that the sultan acted within his powers.

that is why we have a problem.

i'm no legal or constitutional expert.

thank you.

Anonymous said...

It is all about GILA DUIT KU otherwise HRH will do as per the state Law. TAX PAYER


jeya (the phoenix foundation),

yours is always a pleasure to be reading.

thank you for visiting.

i do understand the anger (but not the rage) of the people over the "debacle" in Perak.

i do understand the need to be heard -- God knows we all do.

I am a proponent of that democratic right to express oneself -- in the streets if need be. I was in the protests in 2007 -- peace march, penguin march etc -- before the March 8 2008 general election.

so yes..be heard. empower yourself. if we all hadn't, there would not have been change.

just my point of view that tere was no need to go over-the-top and maki hamun the Sultan (in this case, it happens to be the Sultan).

on my "spin": i can't help it if there are people out there who can't understand what i write or refuse to accept my views for what they are.

i haven't even begun spinning. i do need some training in that department. but, i think i'll just blog the way i have been doing.

i'm no spin-doctor. if I were, I'm giving spin-doctors a bad name.

take care and good to hear from you, sir.



yes you are right. The views of the Tok Guru do mater, indeed.

thank you..

First Born said...

Bangsa Cina Malaysia ... hope you are right. Problem is all our top leaders are fighting each other. The sand castle we build are crumbling.

Before we are buried under, how about jumping overboard -- off this burning PR ship.

Never mind whether the sultan is right or wrong.

This comment has been removed by the author.


i agree.

i saw the footages (of the protest). i wasn't there. it was not from the msm that i was reliably informed about the "kurang ajar"-ness of some of the protesters.

actually if they didn't do that...then, that's fine.

you know, people can do what they like...and when they do what they like, they are open and subject to criticisms. so they have to deal with it.



well, i'd say the same thing to those people who said "natang" in Kuala Terengganu -- very very very rude. teruk. kurang ajar.

i'd tell them "back at you!"

what about you?

Rocky's Stew said...

Your view, the "kurang ajar sangat" view, is misplaced.

Remember: the law sits above all, including the sultan.

That YAB Nizar politely "begged to differ" is an exemplary sign of decorum.

No kurang ajar or derhaka there.

In fact, the concept of "derhaka" which is seen as a relevant thing in an absolute monarchy has has little or no relevance in a constitutional monarchy, to begin with.

So what's with UMNO's mad "derhaka" campaign?

If the Sultan has erred, then he has erred. It is up to the rakyat and their elected representatives to show that he has erred, by referring it to the law, and if necessary in the courts.

You may not be a royalist, but you don't understand what a constitutional monarchy is about either.

it's as simple as that, Nuraina.



i'm sorry...but i wouldn't be so quick to be blaming najib.


don't think anyone has checkmated me.


salam kamal,

kak khabar baik. Kamal macam mana?

betul tu, kamal. protes tak salah. tak kurang ajar. maki hamun sesiapa, in my humble opinion, is not right.

kalau sekadar protes dan melaung "Allahuakbar" dan "laillahaillah.." tak apa. tak kurang ajar.

but, you know what i mean-lah!

sama ada "mereka yang merempuh dari belakang" --- i have no comment.

kamal, this is politics. no one is so right and no one is so wrong.

i, for one, have always stood by my belief that i am against defection by any wakil rakyat.
i believe that if any wakil rakyat defect, he/she should vacate his/her seat.

i said that about nasaruddin when he defected (from BN). A lot of idiotic people said i was a BN spin-doctor for saying that.

hai...macam tu-lah kamal.

kita ni boleh berdebat on this issue till the cows come home. you know me, kamal....

anyway...bila nak ke rumah Bapak? minum teh, ke....weekends should be ok. but please sms dulu..to make sure we are there sebab sometimes we all semua keluar. maklum je, since arwah tak de, we make sure we visit nina on weekends.. sebab weekdays, semua ada urusan masing-masing.

take care, and thank you for visiting blog kak.


rocky's stew,

er...nope...don't think it was misplaced.

i don't think you even understand what i'm saying.

but i understand you very well.

thank you...

straycat's strut said...

Hi Kak, I think you learnt by now that it is not easy to say things not in favor of PKR or Anwar or mereka-mereka yang sewaktu dengannya. Normally, you will not be able to even finish your sentence before they start to besiege you with arguments not actually related to the issue. The next thing you know you'll be pelted with stones and profanities and even berguling-guling atas jalan to make their points.

I was sad actually looking at those pictures - MSM or not. Its always the melayu like me who were "over." I do agree with "sick and tired." I am wondering if they really understand what is going on? Heck, I think I am expecting too much. Seems like some people were having difficulty understanding simple things like what "kurang ajar" means.

BTW, would they react the same way if Anwar managed to do the 916?

mad said...

with or without anwar, pr will take over the government come ge13. the tsunami is so huge and mighty strong. the rakyat are just so fed up with the current government, they want alternative party at the helm. it's not about bn or pr. it's about the people against corruption and evil doers at the highest echelon of power. they already see that bn will never change their ways and the only way out is to oust them.

Sheikh said...

Sick and Tired.

'Anak Rimau dah biasa makan daging,macam mana nak di ajar makan ikan? tak mahu dia!'

Bidalan Melayu Lama

Hana said...


Rakyat berhad untuk kurang ajar bila Sultanya tidak berfikiran waras dan mementingkan kebendaan. He has a lot to answer when he dies.

As for your Nuraina...what has happened to you? Macam Rocky jugak...sell your soul to the devil ke? Your father will be very upset if he is still around...

Anonymous said...

dulu 'natang' sekarang patron atau pun penaung !? aiyaya, kelapa....O...O ....sori, kepala pening O ainaku !

Anonymous said...

Sick and Tired,


kau siapa!

The Phoenix Foundation said...


Sick and Tired said...

There is no need to mention Arwah Tok Samad.

Damn it!

Pak Sheikh, I love the bidalan. Thanks!

Aku siapa?

So what if he is chuchu chichit Syeikh Sulaiman. I've got Arab blood also. from the Al-Firdous clan. So? Will it dictate me as a better person? No.

You can be the chuchu chichit of Abraham Lincoln or Parameswara pun.. but if you can't spend a minute being sensible and understanding and you rather be ignorant and arrogant.. you think I would give a rat's ass? Hell No.

You can even be the chuchu chichit of Jack the Ripper, but if you have the heart of Gold, receptive and you have a sound mind.. I'd love to hang out and talk to you.

But don't accuse of Aunty Ena of selling her soul to the devil.
Stop twisting her words. She was not being bias.. you dumbasses.

All of you are so deluded that you guys are missing her points.

PLUS.. that comment about Tok Samad's not being proud of her is so un-called for. You don't know the Arwah.. so shut the fuck up.

How's that for the definition of kurang ajar?

Plus. I voted for PR.. as long as my bangsa in the bloody kampungs are taken care of and my sultan is respected.. I will continue to vote for PR. But if BN can give me a change. IF BN can stop all these corruptions.. I would be happy to vote for BN.

It's not about BN or PR. IT's about making sure that Rakyat is terjaga. Knumbskulls!

Kalau Harimau dah tak boleh diajar makan daging.. anak dia.. kita ajar lah makan ikan. Hendak melentur buloh biar dari rebung.

I didn't vote PR because of DSAI. I remember his DPM days. Bapak and his friends (Bumi contractors) did not get the KLIA tender. You know why? Only given to his KRONI.

I voted for PR to see change. Change for my bangsa and for the other bangsa. (FYI .. I have chinese and Indian blood too.. so I have cousins who are chinese and indians..!!)

Dah lah.. korang nih dah buta. You think only BN practice bad politics... WRONG!

Bak Rusa.. kalau ditambat dengan tali emas pun.. kalau dilepaskan.. akan lari juga balik dalam hutan.

Okay tak Pak Sheikh?

Not bad aah .. for a KL kid..??

Anonymous said...

eeh aaa.....Sick and Tired,

yang kau ni saperti

'anjing menyalak bukit' ini kenapa?.

'rimau tak boleh makan ikan teruntama anak ikan yang penoh tulang halus'.

Dahlah tu.Banyakkan membaca dan kurangkan pengunnaan bahasa yang kesat.Ia mencorakkan keperibadian kita.

'yang indah itu Bahasa,
rosak Bahasa maka Rosaklah Bangsa'

Sick and Tired said...

Wah Aunty Ena,

I love it when Malay proverbs make a comeback!

Yang indah itu bahasa,
kalau rosak bahasa dengan tunjuk jari telunjuk ke raja muda, maka jahanamlah bangsa itu.

Minta maaf atas penggunaan bahasa kesat. I was angry that some people think they know arwah tok samad better than aunty ena herself.

Buang yang keruh ambil yang

Terima kasih daun keladi,
Saya sekarang mengundur diri.


Anonymous said...

Salam, yang sedihnya ye, DAP mana pegi. Orang2 melayu saja, yang terlalak kat tepi jalan tu. Amat memalukan, selepas solat juma'at pulak tu.
Tidak semua yang vote for PR di Perak tu, jangan perasan, tidak semua rakyat disana yang sukakan kome. PR supporters do not speak for all Perakians.