Wednesday, February 11, 2009

O Arumugam, Arumugam, Wherefore Art Thou, Arumugam?

Indeed, Arumugam, why have you gone missing (since Feb 4)?

And where in heaven's name are you?

Everyone's looking for you, man...(HERE)

You've got to come clean. Your friends, colleagues and (former) constituents need an answer.

Don't let people speculate-lah.

Although, we've moved on while you're (still) missing.

Are you really in Chennai?

PKR members harassing you (as claimed)?

Have you been taken by force? Or at your own free will?

You've got serious personal issues?

Oh... demons, demons, demons.

Come on and face the music.


Anonymous said...

Pn Nuraina at this moment I am more curios on our New Perak MB..Is he really a Malayu in the real His gene( DNA) a Malay...? what I mean his father side or the story lah...If the father is not a Malay it is impossible for him to be Malay...I just remind about the requirement in Perak constitution ...MB must be a Malay...Can you enlighten me on this...I have sent a similar message to the other popular blogger but my comments were not posted...I wonder why.In fact I am a regular commenter on his blog ....My other comments on other matters were posted...

AminGL said...

O PI Balasubramaniam, PI Balasubramaniam, Wherefore Art Thou, PI Balasubramaniam?

Anonymous said...

hi noraini, i do not mean to be snarky. but just want to point out a quite common mistake. wherefore means 'why' and not 'where'.

O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?


Literal meaning.


Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo.This is one of Shakespeare's best known lines - from, of course, Romeo and Juliet, 1592.

The 'wherefore' here means why rather than where. What Juliet is asking, in allusion to the feud between her Capulet family and Romeo's Montague clan, is 'Romeo, why are you a Montague?'. Their love is impossible because of their family names and she asks him to change his allegiance, or else she will change hers.

O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name;
Or, if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,
And I'll no longer be a Capulet.

( this is for you to read. not a comment. )

Anonymous said...

Dear Aina,
Mr Aru..Mr Aru…Mr Arumugam, where are you? Still in Malaysia or gone to Chennai !!!

The core of the issue - a girl, a woman, a lady, a wife, an unwedded-wife or a nullified-wife  In short, Mr Aru ‘kaput’ was caused by a woman – the woman he really loved – especially when valentine day is coming!

The core of the issue - some quarters say that Mr Aru were harassed by his own party…(read it somewhere in somenone’s blog) …the PKR generals…just to tarnish BN especially UMNO and MIC….the monetory offer was stated as RM5M. Wow …. Just to match the Perak’s offerings ….I think.

The core of the issue - Mr Aru was nowhere to be seen. He was no in Putrajaya, Lembahjaya or any other places ending with the connotation ‘Jaya” or in homes belonging to ‘Jayas’. May be he has flown to Chennaijaya in Indiajaya.

The core of the issue - Mr Aru could go back to India if something was not right in Malaysia. Mr Lim, his advisor, would do the same thing - he could go back to China if the local Malaysian situation was not favouring him. But, Mr Abdullah was unlucky - he could go no where! He was not accepted in Indonesia - even though he has the same Malay or Melayu-rootings! But, but Mr Anwar - the other Malay guy, was a bit lucky - he could migrate to US or even to other Jewish-controlled-states either in Europe or the Middle East or even the Down-Under colonial states.

The core of the issue – what? I don’t even know what! May be you know better then me 

Anonymous said...

I find it strange that you're only focused with issues regarding Pakatan's 'problems'...and you ignore that of BN's..

Change of tune ala Rocky?

Anonymous said...

Hebat juga you kaki pusing ya.
Never learn from the oldman.
Good luck and take the same path to haven.
Nuraina O Nuraina, what trade art thou, Nuraina?

el said...


Been following yr blog for a while. you are sounding more n more like rocky.

Prince of Denmark said...

You sound like Juliet pinning for her lover Romeo.

Aren't you supposed to be bethrothed already? He He He!

wakmempelam said...

Hi Nuraina,

I guess we should ask our good friend Private Investigator Bala to go look for Mr Arumugam. But I forgot that PI Bala is also missing. So sad!!!


Damansara said...

How could you accuse PR of doing such an undemocratic act!!!???

Only UMNO can do such things!

Remember, PR is PuRe

Anonymous said...

missing hilang missing hilang dulu bala sekarang aru besok siapa takkan
aina sayang .....!!




i know, i mean...i asked "WHY have you gone missing?"
and then I asked where...

but thank you, anyway. very thoughtful.


anon@4:24PM, anon@4:49PM and El,

what can i say...great minds think alike..

thank you for the compliment.

wandererAUS said...

Perhaps, you should consult the missing person specialist...Najeeeb
He will properly give you a clear clue.
Nuraina, thous art being bit#hy!

Banlas said...

what can i say...great minds think alike..

Great words. Can I say that when the next tsunami comes, both nuraina ala rocky will need to be on the next flight to the moon. And it'll be forever.

Goodbye to the pitiful lovers of the same kind.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Altantuya missing, Bala missing and now Arumugam also missing....

Looks like the hand behind this missing persons are the same....

Anonymous said...

oh bala oh bala where are you?

oh aru oh aru where are you?

one for najib one for anwar

on bala oh aru....

Anonymous said...

Hide and seek? These elected goons are really baffling the electorate, aren't they?

This will obviously spur all sorts of allegations and strangely only the hot rumours will be believed.

Has a missing persons report been filed?

Wow, this spy vs spy thriller is getting more and more complex.

And who says a politician's life is easy?


Anonymous said...

In response to 1st commenter Anonymous…

Would I be wrong to say, the originality of Malay in Malaysia disappeared long time ago? Presently most of them are products of inter-marriage. Indians, Arab and Chinese make a major part of Malays today. Taking them away probably would make us wonder how Malays would like. A cousin of my Malayalee Indian friend is still married to a royal member. One of the reasons I find bemusing is when some of these ignorant Malays start condemning other races especially Chinese and Indians.
Our former PM, the present second finance minister, Arif Shah all of them are the products. Go ask them to find the truth. Honestly I think in Malaysia, the only criteria for one to become Malay is to be a Muslim. The truth is many opportunists have prospered through this away. The bottom line folks, stop kidding ourselves, let us grow as Malaysians, and allow our children decide their race and religion. Who knows mine too could be married into one of the Malaysian family.


Anonymous said...

Where IS Bala? Why No one is talking or asking about Bala in the mainstram press? He is so important in a murder caseand, a key witness, Saksi kunci yea! To open up Pandora's box of tricks..

Who cares about Arumugam! Who?

artchan said...

nuraina 812pm

hahaha great minds think alike..give me a break..when you follow is not a mark of great mind....

Where is Aru? Ask Rocky..maybe he knows and you can copy his postings..

Have been following your blog...and was refreshing to see a woman's point of view of malaysian events, until lately. But now you really sound like Rocky...Arrrrghhhh!!!

By the way...when other commenters say you sound like Rocky.....take it from is not a compliment.

Old Fart said...

C4s and Houdinis
Butterflys and Bees
Warlords and wads of cash
Threatening with glee

Who cares for all the mess
Bigamist it seems

Malaysia can so I can,
I might try once again!

(Try singing that like you'd sing "All kinds of everything"!! - Maybe you can add to this as well)

Anak Perelih said...

He already got harassment and offers and there are police reports lodge by him... so PKR got him hiding from UMNO/BN GOONS who want to continue to harass him...

Lee said...

Bala , Oh Bala! Where are you?
In Malaya or in Kerala?
Or is it in Chenai...!
Wherever you are...di mana
You are needed to solve...
To solve a murder case lah!

Anonymous said...

great minds?? ..perhaps..

I'm not gonna judge the final analysis, we'll all have to answer the Man above...

wonder if all the 'great minds' would be able to do that with a clear conscience?

Anonymous said...

Art Chan!

Don't use a nickname and try to sound like Art Haron. Because you don't sound like Art Haron. You sound, whatchacallit? ... stupid.

So what if Nuraina "sounds" like Rocky? I would love to sound like him.


Anonymous said...


PR is PuRe. Ho Ho.


Not PuRe StreeT.

It's PuRe ShiT.

PR - Pro-Rocky

Anonymous said...

lately banyak yang go missing. PI Bala, kemudian 2 ADUN PKR, lepas itu ADUN DAP dan sekarang Arumugam pula. Kesemuanya nampak ada kaitan dengan Najib! Kenapa ya?

Anonymous said...

I pun nak tanya. MB baru itu, Melayu ke atau mamak? Ada siapa yang boleh tolong jawab?

Lee said...

Where, oh where are you, Camry Hee?
Can you serve your constituents
By being incommunicado?
Is co-existing with your constituents
Not possible...incompossible
What you've done is incomprehensible
Inconsiderate and illogical
Can sacrificing the peoples's interests
Solve your personal interests
Or are you motivated by hatred
Cutting your nose to spite your face?
You,ve let everyone down
Kith and kin and all Perakians
Do what Arumugam did and
Presto! you can undo what you,ve done
For godsake, resign, Camry Hee, resign!


old fart,

thanks for the, er, verses.
...ever thought of going bigtime into menulis lirik?

now, i can't stop singing your lyrics...:-)

Anonymous said...

previously, you strongly oppose 'katak' but now??

i guess this probably my last time reading your blog...

pretty obvious you and rocky are in the same boat now. Good luck to your new journey.

Guess even you care to reply, i wouldn't able to read it anymore.



i hope you are not as stupid as you sound.

very obvious that you do not understand what i've been writing.

and obviously you are among the idiots who make judgments without basis and without understanding.

frankly, i do not have time to reply to people like you.

but i thought i'd make an exception here.

i surprise myself sometimes why i let comments like yours through. but aah...i always believe, be nice to idiots and assholes.. even people like you need to be heard. and it doesn't take much to "help" you do that.

artchan said...

pro rocky..138PM

ask kak ena for my email...write to me and I show you my IC.

then you show me whether your IC has "pro rocky. in your name in your IC. Don't know if it is a good idea.

I don't think you will show up.

Anonymous said...


I definitely lost respect for you after seeing the sort of language that you use.

I didn't see any poems when two pkr members went missing... Why ? Because they were jumping into BN ? :-)

Well, i believe you have right to express your opinions but don't be like a chameleon. Changing colour whenever it suits you....You will loose your respect. I know you have lost mine.

This would be my last time here 2...




nothing i can do about the many idiots in the among them.

not my loss at all. in fact. you've just made my day.

bye bye...

Anonymous said...

The rumour is that more PKR MP is defecting.

The rumour why, is because of the looming trial of DSAI ( keep on delaying)

DSAI is obviously using all sorts of issue to delay the trial.

Why? Rumour has it that he has no real alibi.

On the other hand, Saiful is so eager to get on with the real trial, based on his posting in his blogs.

Now, if I'm one of PKR's MP or ADUNS, and your top leader, which they have been defending, trusting, beginning to appear to be a sodomist as alleged, and a compulsive liar ( Sept 16 blah, blah) , I think its high time for an EXIT!!!

How would they answer to their constituencies???


artchan said...

Pro Rocky..wherefore art thou?

Have you joined the bitch of sound from you...

Rocky got nothing...