Thursday, February 26, 2009

Higher Toll Rates!


Go on. Do this stupid thing like increasing toll rates. And in bad times.

Have you no compassion? Yes, YOU!

Road users will have to pay higher tolls for five major highways beginning March 1.

The highways affected are the North-South Expressway (PLUS), Sprint/Kerinchi/Damansara Link highways, Ampang-Kuala Lumpur Expressway (AKLEH), Sungai Besi Highway and the New Pantai Expressway (NPE).

For the PLUS highway, it will be an increase of 5%.

This means toll charges from Bukit Kayu Hitam in Kedah to Kempas in Johor would increase from RM108 to RM113.40.

A trip from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh would increase from RM26.50 to RM27.90.

For the Sprint/Kerinchi/Damansara Link highways, it will be an increase of between 30sen and 50sen.

The Sungai Besi Highway will see an increase of 10sen, while the AKLEH and NPE will be increased by 50sen and 40sen respectively.


donplaypuks® said...

All those who voted for UMNO/BN in 2008 should be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

This is a Govt that deliberately signed Toll/IPP/Water Privatisations contracts which have clauses that are totally against Public Interest. The kickbacks must have been huge to tempt any human being to act in this fashion against his/her fellow citizens!!!

And what is their response to a belated acknowledgement that we (M'sia) WILL be affected by the gobal economic crissi? Increase toll rates where traffic count is the highest.

You will all allow this plundering and looting at the risk of the total financial and economic collapse of Malaysia. Stop the rot now!!

Dhahran Sea said...

Salam Nuraina,
U r right! These people have NO compassion & NO BRAIN! Making such decision now, when people are losing their jobs, trying to make ends meet, etc. Its not like the toll operators are in the RED! Its about making slightly less, and making money they still do, don't they?! Pak Lah & his menteris really has no *****!

Anonymous said...

Kat UK tambang keretapi nak naik disekat kerajaan walaupun hak swasta sebab zaman meleset tapi kat Malaysia...

Agaknya duit kita banyak sebab tu kerajaan BN sebagai satu lagi projek dia menaikkan tol.

Habis harapan aku nak tengok harga barang turun.


Anonymous said...

Obama is trying his level best to help the US citizen but here they're sucking our blood.Petrol increase,Toll increase,Interest rate for loan increase,Electric tariff increase,food price increase and so on.....everything increase nothing decrease....OOPS SORRY, Interest rate for Fixed Deposit decrease.....What the hell is going on in this country??????????

Anonymous said...

We'll see what those same bright politicians who have been telling the rakyat to change their life styles in these bad times have to say;and of course the government of the day... wait I can guess.. some minister will be the hero and announce a reversal of these tomorrow and bask in the glory..siiigh what did Malaysians do to deserve all these! Methinks these goons have some of their orifices misplaced and their functions interchanged ..

artchan said...

vote BN,,and this is what you get.

Why should Najib Dollah and UMNO dickheads worry about higher toll rates.

Anonymous said...

The increase is so little only what?!
Why want to make a big huu haa?

Congratulations to those BN voters and supporters! welldone!

This is the best gift from you beloved BeeNd govt!

Keep it up! Pls continue to vote for BeeNd in the coming by election/General Election!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! If you can't save it, screw it up for Najib.... PM is finally showing a streak of independence, albeit ill-advised.

vinnan said...

What are you so afraid of? Get Sultan Pangkor II to slap these UMNO bastards into having some compassion for the rakyat. Quick before they pump more projects into Gamuda. Aiya! too late.

vinnan said...

By the way, even if the toll hikes are rescinded, the rakyat will still ahve to pay through the taxes the UMNO government collects from them. The rakyat is royally shafted either way. No pun intended.

Anonymous said...


i) u r (2 me) a supporter of this current fed govt, so go support this 2.

ii) this current govt got itself (and by extension, all of us rakyat) into this shit-hole in the 1st place. toll = easy money, no risk, profits guaranteed, land given, loans guaranteed etc... RAKYAT pays for it. money flow thru 'proxies' into those scumbags that u, blogowner, support.

so shut up, please....


life is ... said...

Baru je terbaca kat suratkhabar kata tol kat mana entah dimansuhkan.... n then tup2 tol lain naik harga?

Satu tol tutup, tol-tol yang lain naik harga?..

Wajar ke?... Gila la (statement yg Johorean selalu guna)

Richguy said...

Nuraini Samad 27-02-09
Dear Nuraini,

What BN and its leaders are doing now is speeding up the process to lose their power to rule as soon as they can possibly before next general election.
If Pak Lah was considered as incapable leader, Najib could become the worst PM this country ever seen.
It's so obvious, like even today when the journalist directed a question at him about the alleged cash offer to assemblymen to cross-over he proved how impatient and intimidating he was by the way he answered.

SangKancil said...

Well, stop supporting UMNO then. You complain about the toll rates, and yet you are sympathetic to UMNO. You get the Govt and Incompetence that you voted for!

Anonymous said...

After the Perak state govt crisis and after all the political chaos, u add the economic downfall, which was denied repeatedly by the present DPM last year, and now with over 100K people jobless, u add the venom.
I guess this will be the sign of the who will govern this country in the future.
Does this also mean the so called Pemuda from United Malays National Organisation will run amok to block all toll booths?
Or these men too busy now thinking of the profits to reap after March 1st???

Que Sera Sera said...

Sigh, I think we are being so 'naive' to really think that THEY do care and have some compassion...:(

shankar~selina said...

You really want to make a point? Stop using the toll roads. But hell you wont.You are addicts. Stop using it for a month. Does not matter if you are late for work. I challenge you Malaysians, you have ZERO guts. If you dummies want to boycott coca-cola you can surely boycott this. Otherwise stop complaining and pay the toll.

biqque said...

yeah, implement it, then they'll know who rakyat will pangkah next election :)

Anonymous said...

tulah kerajaan bee end ni,mesti ada taktik lain kak kaut untung je.harga minyak macam dah terkubur pun.dulu ia ia sanagat nak review 2 minggu sekali - sekarang ???

selampit said...

To the BN leaders I have this to say;


A good start to BUNGKUS the coalition. One hell of a 'people-friendly' decision I tell you.

There are two ways the Malaysian electorate will read this situation;

a. The government is more concerned with the welfare of giant private corporations than the people.

b. The government is more scared of corporate giants than the voting power of the Malaysian people.

And believe me BN, the people WILL RESPOND TO THIS! THEY BLOODY WILL! While a giant corporation like PLUS could hardly determine the survivability of the BN coalition in the near future, angry and frustrated people with voting power very well could.

DS Najib, if you're reading this, please stop this nonsense right away. No more lame excuses such as "use alternative roads lah", "Go buy a kapchai lah" or "PLUS too got to eat you know".

Shortly before the French Revolution in the 17th century, somebody informed Queen Marie Antoinette that the people have no bread to eat, so the blissful queen replied "let them eat bloody tiramsu lah" (or something like that). Soon after, the French Throne was completely removed from the face of history by the people.

Au revoire L'Ancien Regime.

It is hard enough for people with meager income to survive when they have to fork out RM500 a month for a bloody Kancil. Even for people who live in KL, JB or Penang who earn RM2000 a month - it is a life adorned with hardship and stress.

Malaysia is not a wrecked country in the eastern Africa, people here deserve to lead a happy and healthy life.

BN my dear, keep on pulling stunts like this, soon we'll be hearing people say;

Au revoire BN.

Anonymous said...

Khairy was in his room one day. His dad called him. His dad told him he must be someone big and help all the rempits. He must employ them so that they don't need to loiter around without any jobs.

Khairy said ok.

2 days after that, his mom called him to talk. She told him that he needs to help the Mamaks/Indians because times are tough, and most of them are extremely poor. His mom cried. She said Samy Vellu is no good.

Khairy said ok. He will kick Samy out.

So, Khairy took out a paper, and he wrote down both of the wishes of his parents.

For the rempits, it is easy, he can start any business and employ them.

For the Indians, oh thats a tough one. Samy is too strong, he will need a revolution to kick him out. Samy is cemented on the MIC president post.

So he thought hard, no way he can work his way up the MIC. And even if he did, he can't employ any rempits, it won't look nice to his fellow brothers in MIC. It would seem like he is more towards his Malay side, than a red-blooded crooked Tamil businessman.

So he he did a bit more research,and he figured out the best way to get Samy is by joining UMNO. That way, he can employ so many rempits, and no one will say anything.

Then he got started lah, with some help from his cousins. The rest is all history.

Here's a photo from the good times

Old Fart said...

And now they announce it will be deferred till end of the year.

First it was IJN take over by Sime Darby...then no.

Then it was Labu Airport for Air Asia.--- then no.

And all this supposedly approved by cabinet.

And then it was cannot "Allah"..And now can Allah!!

Alamak!!! This word I see still not banned for me yet....So alamak once again.

Looks like headless chicken!!


All because they got no two-thirds control and they lost 5-1 states.

Scarry isn't it? just because got no two-thirds and you got a lot of headles chicken running about.,

Now I wonder, if Mahathir, cited by many as a super leader, what would he have done if he had to lead with a lesss than two- third majority with 3 states lost? Would he have become another headless chicken too?

Naaa..I think, knowing Mahathir, he would not have allowed the loss of two-thirds to have happened....even if he had...he would have done something about it and gotten his sacred two-thirds...then he would lead!!!

Teratak Cahaya said...

Ermmmm....di saat-saat rakyat jelata dan golongan marhaen bergelut dalam keadaan ekonomi dan pekerjaan yang tidak stabil, pengumuman yang dibuat oleh kerajaan yang majoritinya dipilih rakyat begitu memeranjatkan. Topik hangat ini sudah pasti menjadi bualan di warung-warung kopi, kebun getah, ladang kelapa sawit, pangkalan nelayan dan sebagainya. Mereka adalah penerima impak paling besar.

Sedarlah, kenaikan tol ini akan menaikkan harga barangan juga. Rakyat jelata, marhaen dan pertengahan akan merasa susah. Fikirlah elok-elok sebelum membuat suatu keputusan. Jangan keputusan yang kita buat pada hari ini akan menggadaikan kebahagiaan anak cucu bangsa kita Malaysia pada masa hadapan.


Anonymous said...

Good opportunity for the anti-government supporters to hantam the Government of the day.

Conduct a popularity polls today and the results will be ????


Anonymous said...

This is what you get for voting BN. This is how BN fellas show their gratitude to you. As the 13 GE is not far away, please give your vote to PR. With Selangor under the management PR, I am getting free water. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

oldfart Sir, can 'allah' last week, but NOW botak said cannot 'allah' lah !

anyway, what the farting fuss man, cannot 'allah', just 'tuhan' lah !!