Saturday, September 24, 2011

Undi Lah! Damn Cool!

What the fish is the fuss about "UndiLah" - Pete Teo's public service announcement video? Not the "good" fussing about it but, oh you know, the "ban".

I missed the launching on Sept 16 (Malaysia Day) for very obvious reasons (kerja-lah).
I like the video!
I'm biased. My friends are in it.

But seriously, it's good. Nothing contentious. Not anti-national.

Not anti-Barisan Nasional -- unless "you" find it not suitable for general viewing because Nurul Izzah, Tony Pua, Nik Nazmi, Khalid Samad (ooh.. check him out with Daphne Iking) and oh..Namawee are in it.
(Namawee, I want to see to rap his knuckles for insulting our Negaraku, Islam, Muslim women, in the name of art or artistic freedom - oh please. Never mind if he has apologised.)

Puteri Umno chief Rosnah Abd Rashid Shirlin and MCA's Wee Ka Siong are also having a good time rapping away.
So sporting.

And man, you have Afdlin Shauki, Yasmin Yusoff, Sharifah Amani, a very pregnant Daphne Iking and yesss...Tony Fernandes.

(To name a few...)

Unless, find Tengku Razaleigh's appearance odious.
Takkan, kot...

(I think he was so cool...)

Or that the part that Ku Li said that our country "ada banyak masaalah".

It can't be that the song sung started out not in Bahasa Malaysia...
Takkan, kot...

Look...the video is for everyone...EVERYONE-lah.

Artistically-speaking...I don't know. Looks good to me those few minutes of it.
Politically? Who cares.

So, I was stumped that there was some "controversy" over the airing of the video which is on Youtube.

Actually, the video, in the first place, was not meant for TV broadcast. Frankly, it doesn't need to be.

So, the issue of it being banned shouldn't even arise.

But, as we know, someone in power through the very powerful Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) issued a directive to not allow it to be aired by TV stations.

No need to issue the directive.

But here's the statement to explain why they did what they did -- issued by Bernama:

Pete Teo who, as everyone else, was surprised by this whole thing, tweeted:

"MCMC: ban ws cos didn't get LPF approval. But we hvnt contact tv stations yet let alone apply 2 LPF. So hw did LPF 'not approve'?"

and then:

"We don't know if LPF wld not approve the present version - cos er... we hvnt applied yet. That's Y mcmc story is nonsense. :)"

Sometimes, you wonder why people keep on tripping and tripping and giving a bad name to the government they serve.

If you haven't watch THE VIDEO, what are you waiting for?

Anyway, my only regret -- Pete doesn't know that's why I wasn't in the video...:-))


Anonymous said...

there are asking us to go out and vote because there are things that have to be changed.

by implication this means vote for the opposition because the present government has been the one responsible for all the things that require changing and therefore will not be capable of making these changes.

something tells me this bn government is very insecure.

something also tells me that there is a subtle message in this video.

Anonymous said...

Ini video-clip mana ada standard punya. Background mural pun ntah apa-apa dgn peeling paint and all, apa malaysia ni kat dlm ghetto ke apa?. Ini org mungkin banyak suka pegi back-lane sbb bnyk gmbr back-lane. Amik gmbr parlimen pun tak ada respect, dari bawah fly-over. Itu sharifah amani pun memalukan wanita melayu dgn aksi yg ntah apa-apa dgn baju kurung melayu. Artisitik lah konon.. Ada pulak rostrum dgn tulisan 'nasi lemak' dgn tong gas. Konon nak ingatkan org tentang nasi lemak 2.0 lah tu. Sign-board 'hospital Tung Shen tu kira nak flash-back incident Bersih Rally lah konon.. Sign-board 'DER' tu plak apa? Perli lah tu.. Dia org sendri pegi hair dressing saloon, tapi letak gmbr bac-lane barber. Degrading M'sia betul lah! Then there is this pregnant lady terkinja-kinja dpn bangunan yg architecture melambangkan seni bina Islam as it looks exactly like a mosque. No respect at all dgn org punya religion. Do that in the church lah!. Umbrellas ( yg memayungi seseorang dr unsur2 yg tak frenly) being taken away from 2 malay/muslim men in front of a mosque. Lu mau imply apa ni??? Best part: trying to degrade the PM at 3:37 secs. Whats that animal in front of our PM's pic? AND putting Ku Li as the 'narrator' or 'main-cast'??? Oh..ho..ho..hoo. U think people stupid ah? Who knows skali Ku Li blakng pusing in the elections..and HE being the main-cast of the UNDIlah clip!! Woi!! Yenggeterima?? Yenna sollei?? Lu ai Cho simmi'?? Mau cari mkn bikin filem, bikin baik2. Mau masuk politik, masuk terang2. jgn main sembunyi2. If the maker of this clip thinks that his job is very 'artisitic'...I think its SHIT !!!.

Anonymous said...

and we want to wrap our knuckles around a lot of you folks too