Sunday, September 11, 2011

And I thought America Has Moved On.....

I thought they don't do this no more. I thought America has wizened up and is paranoid no more. I thought after 10 years, and a hard lesson, America has moved on.

I thought America has come to terms with the fact that Arabs are among its citizens.

Soon after 9/11 when America and Americans were gripped with fear and later, Islamophobia, I told my son that it was not a good idea for him to visit the US, given that he has a very common Arabic name that probably fills the US terrorist database.

My son's name is Adel Hakim. I named him after an Egyptian journalist friend.

It is also a name favoured by Pakistanis.

Sometime in 2004, in a chance meeting with the acting US ambassador to Malaysia, the issue of terrorism and Islam etc was predictably raised. I was reassured (by him) that nothing of the sort (arrest without reason or grounds) that I feared would befall my son if he travelled to the US.
But I was not reassured.
Guantanamo came to mind.

Many times, I have been proven right. US authorities had made many arrests of innocent Muslims.
And now THIS. Shame shame shame.

Read Shoshana Hebshi's ordeal in her blog HERE.


Anonymous said...

Read Marina's blog on her visit to Perth where Muslim clerics were allowed to worship and speak in a Christian Church. Contrast that with the behaviour of JAKIM and others in KL regarding the freedom of Muslims to interact with 'kafirs'.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nuraina,

You thought wrong - as I did!

America has, in fact, regressed. This once 'pillar of democracy' has now transformed itself into an utter fascist state. The nation is willfully being imploded for, believe it or not, fighting England to gain its independence way back in 1776. a seeming arrogance that is scorned for daring to go against an empire that the sun once never set on. This is vendetta for you. Research this aspect and you'll be amazed by the truth. The US Administration (notice I avoided the 'g' word) is not of and for the people anymore and has been infiltrated so deeply and subverted so thoroughly that the American people are being slowly boiled like frogs. By the time they realize the hot water they are in, it will be too late. As you can see as it is now.

You think just bearing an Arabic sounding name or looking like one is bad. Hell, the Patriot Act (a blatant misnomer to lull the American public to think what it is not what it's all about) is far, far worse than our ISA! One can't even grow tomatoes in one's backyard! That's an act of terrorism do you know that if the hapraks choose to intepret it that way? You don't have to believe me, research this - Alex Jones and David Icke are good places to start. (Whilst I applaud our PM's move to repeal this draconian law, I am at the same time very apprehensive of the new ones that will replace it. For I have learned politicians are never sincere nor do they tell the truth. They are also under the thumbs of the controllers of the world, if you get my drift.) The world today is a very different world. No. I would correct myself. The world has never been what we think it is. It's only now that with the advent of the net, the secrecy is now hard to hide. So let us people be awake and be aware and do the right thing. Remember, it's not about us. It's about the generations that are coming on stream. Happy Malaysia Day.

- A Malaysian -

Anonymous said...

Salakah boat profiling? @ tak bole boat profiling kat org Arab? Polis kite pun boat profiling laa beb. U chill laa sikit cik poan


anon@11:28AM:i haven't read marina's posting. i will.
as for JAKIM's "behaviour and others in KL regarding he freedom of Muslims to interact with kafirs" -- I don;t know what you mean.

A Malaysian: thank u

anon@2:41AM:bagus lah tu - pandangan seperti pandangan anda. dunia akan lebih makmur, kan?

Anonymous said...

alah............taliban kat malaysia takde siapa yang heran?

But US means its a cardinal sin?