Saturday, September 24, 2011

Syariah Charge: Teen Mum Who Had Baby Out Of Wedlock

In the name of kindness and humanity, don't charge her!

I know this is falling on deaf ears. You're going to charge her anyway, in the name of Syariah and Islam.

So, why don't you get the boy who fathered the child. Charge him too!

Religious authorities in Tumpat, Kelantan are charging an 18-year-old student for having a child out of wedlock last month at her religious school.

Kelantan Syariah prosecution chief Che Hashim Derahman said (reported in the New Straits Times) that the student is expected to be charged next month under Section 16 of the Syariah Criminal Code 1985 of the Kelantan Syariah Enactment.

Read the NST report HERE.

This girl made a mistake. How did she get to make that mistake?

I think society has failed her. Along with the school, the community. And I can go on.

She needs counselling by professionals to get on with her life.
She does not need to be punished this way.

She is the first to be charged under the Syariah for the "offence".

But you know, she is not the first teenager to have committed the "offence". Will she be the last?


Confused said...

What's the punishment for this transgression under syariah law? Is the punishment uniform in all Muslim (as opposed to Islamic) countries? If it is not, why not? After all, syariah is syariah, the laws of Allah and not the laws of man.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to hukum hudud nik aziz!

vinnan said...

'In the name of kindness and humanity, don't charge her!'

Ketuanan Islam/Melayu. Impossible. Surprisingly, Muslims still wonder why the non-Muslim, non-Western world view Islam with great consternation and suspicion.

parcifal said...

This is UMNO and Mahathir's fault for not allowing Kelantan to practice hudud. Other wise, this poor girl wouldn't have itchy crotch. Don't blame the boy/man. They are muslims, and will go to heaven after a bit of purgatory. kelantan's HIV rate would have gone way down, and the state could have been a true 'serambi mekah' if hudud was allowed. The other nonkelantan malays are lost, they follow the wrong Islam. PAS islam for all!!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately our Syariah law now always pro men.. Something is terribly wrong. If Islam is the divine religion, why is it so unjust to women?

Since I believe that Islam is divine thus not unjust... then it must be the Syariah law that is corrupted.

There are so many smart Islamic scholars around. They shd study the Syariah and start removing all those unjust law.. Ini tak sudah2 lecture orang pasal sembahyang, zakat etc etc.. That one ustaz yg tak belajar tinggi pun boleh buat..

mae1000 said...

Let's tell every girl that if they have baby out of wedlockm they will be charged but the man will NOt be charged. This will make every girl avoid mingling with boys freely and to protect themselve. Is this the idea ?

Yellowrabbit said...

Dear Nuraina,

It is really a sad and unfortunate case for this teen. They are making her the show case,aren't they ? Where is the compassion Tok Guru ? Recently, it seems Tok Guru prayed to God and He forgave one subbordinate of his who was 'tangkap basah' with another man's wife on the train!!! So why can't Tok Guru do the same thing for this much in need of guidance and protection teen ? May Allah have mercy on us....

Anonymous said...

Aswt. I'm wondering. Why, as "Managing Editor" of News Straits Times, you do not publish this comment in your newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to Islam


confused: even the most learned will not be able to answer you.

anon@10:57PM: what can i say?

vinnan: i take exception to your ignorant remarks. a sweeping statement. not all non-muslims believe as you do.i will go no further.

parcifal: haha.


anon@7:57AM: syariah or Islam is not pro-men. whoever gave you that idea?
but i don't blame you for thinking that way.

mae100: i believe that not everyone use their head or heart when they are given the power to act.

yellowrabbit: the thing is, she could have been a victim of rape.i hope they have a change of heart.

anon@9:30PM: I don't know what you mean.

anon@8:46AM: you know that is a very unfair statement.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I meant to say Welcome to the misinterpretation of Islam once again. My apologies.

Anonymous said...

Bila tengah 'tengah hal' tak ingat . Bila dah jadi hal minta kasihan orang!

Anonymous said...

As an Obstetrician, this is nothing new to me. If you go to any antenatal ward in goverment hospitals throughout Malaysia you'll see pregnant girls nearly everyday, some as young as 12, some are lucky to be married but majority are single. It is a social problem which needs to be addressed very seriously will also be very messy. I can only advise these people to practice contraception to prevent them getting pregnant again and make sure mother and baby are healthy.
Oh, another thing is, the so called rape cases that are brought by the police nearly everyday is another story.... I am for sex education, especially on contraception!!!